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Stop Chasing Him And See What Happens (6 Amazing Things)

Stop Chasing Him And See What Happens (6 Amazing Things)

I’m talking to every woman who’s giving way too much of herself into her relationship and you should listen to me carefully because you’re about to get the most important dating advice ever; stop chasing him, stop waiting for him to text you back, and see what happens.

And trust me, wonderful things will start happening. For starters, your man will start respecting you more and it’ll also be a huge boost for your self-worth.

And, if you decide to follow all other tips & tricks offered in Infatuation Scripts he’ll be the one doing all the work to make the relationship blossom, trust me on this one.

The fact is that the biggest mistake most women make is giving 110% of ourselves into our relationships and coming on too strong to men.

We keep chasing them and keep forgetting that things should actually be the other way around.

You know, the funny thing is, I keep writing how we need to wait for men to chase us, how we deserve to be chased.

And I keep telling myself to stop chasing love, to stop chasing him, but still, there I am busting my ass off to make my relationship work.

And for what? For five minutes of his time? For five minutes of love? To hell with it!

We deserve to be chased, so why are we the ones who do the chasing?

Why are we the ones who are giving all of ourselves, trying so hard to make things happen? To maintain a healthy relationship?

I’ll tell you why we do what we do– because we are raised and taught that we should take care of our relationship.

But it takes two to tango! It takes two for love – it takes two for a healthy relationship. There’s no point in being the only one who tries and fights.

There’s no point in making excuses for him not treating you right just because you’re a good person, nor in waiting forever for him to change.

You must understand that you don’t deserve to be an option to someone whom you’re treating like a priority.

So, this one goes out to those who’ve had enough of busting their asses off for the wrong men!

What Happens When You Stop Chasing A Man?

The most amazing thing happens―your man starts looking at you in a whole different way. He’ll understand that you aren’t a woman without self-respect and that he might actually lose a woman who truly loves him which will capture his interest for sure.

I know you’re now probably wondering things like what happens when you stop chasing him or will he come back, but don’t worry. This tactic will bring him back to you sooner than you think.

He’ll be scared that he might lose you and that will make him chase you for a change. Of course, this is only true if it’s true love… If your man honestly loves you and wants to keep you in his life.

I want to help you by revealing 6 things that will happen for sure after you stop with your chase, but you can also expect many other positive results from this very efficient method.

He’ll miss you

“You never know what you have until it’s gone,” that’s scientifically proven. And there’s a high possibility of this one coming true for him as well!

Once you start putting yourself first and giving all of that energy you wasted on him to yourself, he’ll realize that he misses you!

He enjoyed the attention you were showering him with, he liked being the one who was chased, and now that all of it is gone, he misses it.

Once you stop chasing him, he’ll miss your laugh, your smile, your incredible energy that kept him going.

But take a good hard look at your life before and at your life now.

If you’re enjoying the way you get to take care of yourself, the way you get to treat yourself as a queen, the way you truly deserve to be treated, is he really worthy of giving it all away?

If he still expects you to chase him, after weeks of him paying the bare minimum of attention to you, he must be out of his mind.

And I know how hard it is to walk away from something you put so much effort into, I know it’s hard to stop chasing someone you are truly into.

But it’s high time he starts chasing you! It’s time he gives you that kind of love you deserve. And if he doesn’t do it, you know what you ought to do!

He’ll start chasing you

This is the time when he starts thinking selfishly. He’ll think about how good it is to spend time with you, how much it meant for him to have you by his side.

He’ll recall all those dates when you had a great time together and naturally want to relive them again.

But you’re not there anymore, so the next step is to start chasing you again!

Men are hunters by nature, but basically, they enjoy both chasing and being chased.

The perfect combo then is to give him the opportunity for both!

You had your share of the chasing game. You showed him that you were interested; you showed him that you two are a great match and that there are tons of things you have in common.

You demonstrated to him that spending time with you is great and texting all day long isn’t boring at all. Now it’s time for him to return the favor.

Apply the No Contact rule and stop texting him and calling him, be careful about posting lots of pictures on social media, stop giving him insight into your life, and start acting like the prize and, well, pretend like you two are just acquaintances.

This will turn on the panic button in his brain that he’s losing you and his hunting mode is going to activate.

Unfortunately, I’m not making this shit up. (This is the most valuable dating advice I’ve received last year.)

In this phase of cutting him off and “moving on,” he’ll start texting you and making time for you!

When you decide to stop chasing him, he’ll make the first move and send you the most random stuff there is to send, just to start a conversation with you. He’ll tell you every single event that happened last week.

He might even start talking about zodiac signs, as long as it means establishing communication with you.

He’ll shower you with compliments and every time you take them well, he’ll fill up with pride.

Men want you to notice that they’re working hard because it makes them feel good about themselves and boosts their self-esteem.

So, every time he leaves you speechless with his “seduction skills,” he’ll take it as a reward.

And voilà – you got yourself a chaser just when you stopped chasing him. (Plus, you got yourself a whole bunch of free time in the process).

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You’ll start noticing men who are actually interested in chasing you

There’s no chance you can notice anyone that is actually interested in you while you’re chasing someone else. That’s the way it works.

You have eyes only for him, so you don’t see a man who is utterly in love with you.

You have ears only for him, so you can’t hear love in someone else’s voice.

You’re waiting for his text messages only, so it’s hard to focus on texting with someone else.

Because love for him took over you, you couldn’t see men who would be honored to have you by their side.

You were unable to notice all those good guys who are interested in long-term relationships and healthy relationships, instead of narcissists (disguised as nice guys) who are only interested in playing games with you.

And now it’s time you give yourself a chance to do exactly that. Just because you pulled away, doesn’t mean your love stopped.

But instead of thinking about cutting it off completely, think about simply putting it on hold.

You haven’t given up on him totally, you’re just taking a break (think of it as an imaginary long-distance relationship).

And don’t be afraid to open up to other men while you’re doing so. You don’t have to let them in or look for love, just give someone else a chance to entertain you.

Let someone else have the opportunity to be a part of your life, maybe like a friend or that cute guy at the bar who lifts your mood (who knows, maybe he might even be your soulmate).

You never know what life can bring you and you never will if you close off to it. So, don’t be afraid to take risks.

Don’t be afraid to meet new people. I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised in the end!

Fewer bad dates = more free time

The thing with men who want to be chased is that they’re not really interested in you but simply need an ego boost. And you’re the one who’s giving it to him.

The love you have for him makes it easier for you to make many excuses for his behavior, so many compromises and sacrifices you wouldn’t normally make. But is he worth them all?

Every time you two were together, you had a feeling that it was borrowed time, that it was basically the only time he had in his schedule that was free, instead of him clearing it out for you.

Because that’s what you do when you like someone – that’s what you did for him. And now that you’re no longer going on all those bad dates, you have much more free time for yourself!

All of that time you spent waiting for him, you now have to make your dreams happen.

All of that time you spent obsessing over him, wondering what the hell was going on in his mind, you get to devote to your passions and life.

You have a chance to find what makes you happy, to discover the many benefits of single life.

Once you fall in love with your life, everything else falls into place. Even your love life.

You’ll get to rekindle your relations with your friends

Sometimes we tend to get lost in love so much that we slowly drift away from our people, from our friends and family.

It doesn’t have to be anything huge, but it’s still enough to feel distant when you finally do meet up with them.

It doesn’t even have to be noticeable, but you can still feel it – in the way you can’t open up about struggles you’re going through, the way you fear that they may judge you for it. But they are your people; they’ll never judge you.

They’re the ones who’ve seen you ugly cry and still love you after it.

They’re the ones who held your hair while you were throwing up and they still love you.

Your best friends are the ones who were by your side while you were going through breakups, the same ones who helped you to glue your broken heart back together. And they’ll always be the ones to have your back.

And this is a great opportunity for you to rekindle those relationships!

Plan a getaway weekend and go wine tasting with your best friends or just have a weekend-long sleepover with a bunch of stupid movies and junk food.

Hit the clubs and have new adventures, something you’ll tell your grandkids about.

Think about this time as a perfect opportunity to pretend like there’s no tomorrow and tonight is the last night.

So, make it count. And then every night after it and every morning that follows.

Think of this as a chance to make your life something truly extraordinary.

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You’ll start enjoying your life

This is probably the best outcome of them all. This is the one where you fall in love with your life instead of falling in love with some asshole who doesn’t know how to appreciate you.

This is the outcome where you finally see that it was him who dimmed your light, that it was him who took away your spark.

Not particularly because he is a douchebag, but simply because he just took away parts of you and never gave anything in return.

When you’re giving parts of yourself to someone, when you’re putting in so much effort, so much willpower, and so much love into someone, only for that someone to never give anything back, you’re left hollow.

You’re left empty and drained, just because you never received any of it back.

And it’s simple as that. But once you learn how to be on your own, once you start enjoying spending time with yourself and handling the hard craft of self-love, you’ll be struck by how amazing life can be.

You’ll boost your self-confidence and laugh at your past decision to tolerate other people’s bullshit in the first place. And you’ll enjoy every single second of it!

Do Guys Notice When You Stop Chasing Them?

Of course, they do. If your man is truly in love with you, he’ll notice immediately that you’re pulling away and he’ll react immediately because he doesn’t want to lose you.

Men easily get used to all the attention they get from a woman who deeply loves them. However, it makes them relax a bit and they stop putting effort into their relationship after a while because they think she’ll always be there.

Once all that attention is gone, they immediately get that feeling that something is off.

When you show him that you’re tired of putting so much effort into your relationship, that you’re sick of being in a one-sided relationship and that you’re finally putting yourself in the first place in your life, it’ll make him appreciate and respect you on a whole new level.

Trust me, the most valuable dating advice you’ll ever get is to stop chasing him and see what happens. Not only you’ll make your man interested in you again, but it’ll also make him fall for you even harder.

How Do You Stop Chasing A Guy And Make Him Chase You?

In order to stop chasing a guy, you’ll first need to master the art of understanding men, which isn’t that difficult at all. You just need to give him some space and make him understand that you won’t be there forever, waiting for him to make up his mind.

You need to shift the focus back to yourself. Work on yourself and make a goal to become the best version of yourself.

Surround yourself with positivity and keep company with those who bring you nothing but positive vibes and energy. Those people will know how to keep your mind occupied from thinking about him and your relationship.

Understand that you’re living your best life and that you don’t have time to waste it on chasing people who don’t deserve you at all.

In the beginning, it’ll probably be very difficult for you and you’ll feel a whole range of emotions and it might feel like the weirdest heartbreak you ever had because you must ignore someone you love the most.

However, everything will become so easier the next day (or maybe your man will need a few more days to understand it all) when you get a text message from him asking you to talk, hang out or whatever.

The bottom line is that if a guy wants to keep you in his life, he’ll do everything to make that happen. If he’s the right guy for you, the one who truly loves you, he’ll never let you go.

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How Do You Get A Guy Interested After You Have Chased Him Too Much?

Whether you want to get your ex-boyfriend back or you just want to make the guy you like fall head over heels for you, there’s only one thing you should do; stop chasing him and see what happens.

Simply, show him that you have your own life and that you are sick of chasing someone who is ignoring you. Show him that he isn’t the only priority in your life and that you can continue with your life without him being a part of it.

The reason you chased him so tirelessly is that you’re suffering from low self-worth. That’s why you need to work on your self-esteem and become the best version of yourself.

He probably thinks that he knows everything about you already but you should prove him wrong. A woman with an air of mystery around her is something no man is able to resist.

Maybe you’ve chased him for way too much and you think all of this is hopeless, but this method works like magic, trust me.

First of all, you must understand that you are the one who deserves to be chased! You deserve to be treated with respect and appreciation!

You deserve all the love you keep giving others and you know, deep down, that you truly do!

Use THIS GUIDE and all that and much more will happen in no time.

So, open your eyes and stop chasing him and see what happens. Stop chasing him and, as crazy as it sounds, it’ll make him fall head over heels for you.

Final Thoughts

Keep in mind that whatever the outcome of this may be, it’ll still be better than being stuck in a one-sided relationship.

It’ll still beat being taken for granted and not treated the way you deserve.

Now, I understand that you may be terrified of doing this because he’s the one you love and you still think that he’s the right man for you. He’s actually the only man you decided to let in and he gambled it away.

You may be scared to death of trying to be on your own, now that you are so used to having him around, even though you know that he shouldn’t be there anymore.

But this is a risk that you owe yourself to take.

So, stop chasing him and see what happens – you’ll either lose someone you never really had or gain someone who’ll be worthy of you. Either way, it’s definitely a win-win situation!