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If You Love Her, There Are No Excuses For Treating Her Like Shit

If You Love Her, There Are No Excuses For Treating Her Like Shit

When you love a girl, you do it wholeheartedly and all the way, without holding any parts of yourself back.

You don’t manipulate her into thinking you are the man you are not, you don’t lie to her, you don’t cheat on her and you don’t neglect her emotionally.

When you love a girl, you treat her accordingly. You don’t give her any promises you have no intention of fulfilling and you don’t make her beg for your attention.

You don’t deceive her with empty words and you don’t give her false hope that things will be better any time now.

You don’t play mind games, you don’t send mixed signals and you don’t make her question your feelings or doubt your intentions.

You don’t leave her hanging when she needs you the most and you never make her cry intentionally.

You don’t invest halfway, while waiting for a better opportunity to arise. You don’t take advantage of her loving and caring heart and you don’t use the fact that she’ll forgive you for whatever you do.

You don’t apologize for the things you plan on repeating and you don’t blow every second chance you get. You don’t treat her as your second choice and you don’t take her for granted.

When you love a girl for real, you make sure she feels the depth of your love. You become her best friend, her lover, her protector and her partner in every sense of that word.

a man and a woman walk holding hands

You try around her and you always put her first. You support her and make her feel safe, making sure she knows she can always count on you.

You give her back everything you’ve been getting from her and more. You treat her with the respect and appreciation she deserves and you value all the sacrifices she’s making.

When you love a girl, you fight for her. You don’t do everything in your power to push her away from you and you never let her go.

Yes, it’s that simple. When you love someone for real, there is no excuse to make them suffer and you never become the cause of their pain, no matter the circumstances.

However, this is not how you treat your girlfriend, despite knowing how much she loves you, is it now?

Even though you are aware that you mean the world to this girl, you still act like you don’t give a damn about her.

You keep her by your side and you keep on stringing her along, knowing that she deserves much more than this half-assed love you are giving her.

So, why exactly are you with her? Why do you keep lying that you love her when you obviously don’t and why do you keep on hurting her when that is the last thing she deserves?

Why do you keep on breaking her heart without the intention of ever allowing her to move on with her life? Why do you keep on leaving her and going back to her, expecting that she’d always be there, patiently waiting for you to make up your mind and to get your shit together?

a man and a woman standing holding hands

So no—you don’t love her, no matter how you try to convince yourself of that.

Maybe you love the idea of having someone like her around you, maybe you love the fact that she loves you or maybe you are just using her as your safety net.

It is also possible that you are very well aware that you’ll never find someone like her again or you need her to fix your broken ego and to make you feel better about yourself.

But the truth is that you don’t love her. Because you don’t hurt the one you love.

You don’t cause their sleepless nights, you don’t make their life a living hell and you most certainly don’t make them wonder why they aren’t enough. You never make them cry and you don’t break their heart over and over again.

So, why do you keep on convincing yourself that you love this girl, when you clearly don’t and never will?

Why can’t you be the bigger man and let her find her the happiness which you obviously can’t give her?

Why don’t you give her the opportunity to wait for a guy who will treat you the way you never did? A guy who will love her the way she deserves to be loved?

If You Love Her, There Are No Excuses For Treating Her Like Shit