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7 Signs He Is Just Using You (And You Are Not Even Aware Of It)

7 Signs He Is Just Using You (And You Are Not Even Aware Of It)

When you meet a guy and you start something serious with him, you are not aware of the bad things that could happen down the road.

Maybe the man you have just met is a narcissist in disguise or even a compulsive liar and maybe he is really good at getting what he wants without putting in a lot of effort.

There are different things that guys want from girls, like sex, money, status or something else. It depends from guy to guy. But if you are not sure if your man is with you just because he loves you, check these signs and find out whether what he feels is real love or something else.

1. He won’t commit to you

If you have been dating a man for a long time and he still doesn’t want to commit to you, it is a sign that he doesn’t respect you and that he is just using you in the cruelest way.

He is with you because of the girlfriend benefits that you give him, while he is quite selfish about his boyfriend benefits. If you don’t feel good about the relationship you are involved in, you should talk to your partner about that.

Tell him about your needs and wishes. If he loves you enough it won’t be a big problem for him to put a label on your relationship.

2. He always asks you for money

Do you sometimes feel that you are the only one paying for everything? It is understandable if your man doesn’t have a job so you need to support him financially for some time but if he is too lazy to go out and find a way to pay the bills and buy food, he is just using you.

You probably feel sorry for him and you give him the money thinking that he just had some bad luck and that things will change for the better. Listen to me, if he sees that you will always be there to support him financially, he will never find a job.

So, if you see something like this in your relationship, you should react before it is too late.

3. He doesn’t talk about the future

For a man like this, you are good for him whenever he needs your help but that doesn’t mean that he plans anything serious with you. You are just his backup plan and you are good until another one comes into his life.

If you want to know where the two of you stand but he refuses to talk about that, it is a sign that he is just using you and he pretends that he loves you but time will show if you are meant to be.

Please, don’t buy into this shit and move away from a man like that because he is nothing but a manipulator who is damn good at what he does. He will never be hubby material and he just pretends that he loves you and cares about you just to get what he wants.

4. He is nice to you only when he needs something

Have you caught your partner being all sweet to you only when he needs something? If your answer is ‘yes’ that means that he is just using you and that he will never commit to you.

This is a characteristic of a manipulator and a liar who gets what he wants in an easy way and doesn’t feel any remorse about it. If he talks to you only when it is convenient for him, it is a sign that he doesn’t care about you as he says and that he will continue doing that as long as you let him.

5. He hasn’t introduced you to his family

When you love someone and when you want something serious with that person, it is quite normal that you introduce them to your parents, right? But if your man has never spoken about anything like that and if he doesn’t want to talk about it even if you insist, you should think twice about why you are still with him.

He is just using you but he is really good at what he does so you are actually not aware of it. You should know that a man like this will never be someone you can lean on and he will always find a way to escape anything serious.

6. He shows his ‘love’ for you only in bed

A guy like this will say whatever you want to hear just to take you to bed. He will say that you are the most beautiful woman he has ever seen and that he is so damn lucky to have you in his life. He will use the same method when he needs money from you as well.

He knows that he will get things easily if he is kind, so that is what he will do. Also, if you see that he just tends to satisfy his needs in bed and doesn’t care about yours, it is a big, red flag that he doesn’t love you enough.

He is just using you for the things that you can help him with and doesn’t feel any remorse about it.

7. He has a pretty bad reputation

Maybe your man had a bad reputation before you but you believe that for some reason you can change him. Sorry to burst your bubble but he is never going to change. He will always be the same manipulator and a liar who will always get what he wants using his sick methods.

He will go from girl to girl and use all the methods on them until it works on one of them. So, whatever you do, don’t let him treat you like shit and fight for your rights. If he doesn’t want to have an official relationship with you, don’t let him have anything with you.

Respect yourself because it is obvious that he doesn’t know what that means.

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