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7 Signs His Mind Is Too Dirty For You

7 Signs His Mind Is Too Dirty For You

Having a dirty mind is a cliché these days but there are some boundaries it would be amazing to set. Relationships don’t really work out because of a dirty mind.

Or am I wrong? Most of the time, men are the ones with the dirtiest minds but women can get pretty dirty-minded themselves.

But no matter how dirty your female mind is, there is nothing worse than being on a date with a man whose mind isn’t getting out of the gutter.

There are warning signs that show your relationship will only be completely about sex, so to help you not fall for his trap, here are a few signs his mind is too dirty for you.

1. He touches you right away

I know that some women love this, so do not get me wrong, this sign does not apply to every woman.

It applies to the ones who hate when a man gets too touchy right on the first date.

You will know that his mind is too dirty by the way he touches you and the place where he touches you.

If he is just playing around with your hand then everything is fine but if he starts touching the inner part of your thigh, maybe it’s time to slap him?

2. “That’s what she said”

I don’t know about you but this isn’t funny anymore. If a man continues to end every single one of your sentences with, “That’s what she said!” then you know that you’re dealing with a child.

He is way too immature for you and he isn’t listening to what you’re actually saying but rather he is just trying to find ways to put this sentence into use.

“That’s what she said,” is a classic example of a man whose mind is obsessed with sex and he has nothing better on his mind.

3. He throws in rude comments

A man whose mind is constantly in the gutter can’t help but throw in rude comments that he finds to be compliments (or overdo it with dirty questions and similar). 

He might be complimenting your cleavage or the way your dress shows your body but none of those things are meant as compliments.

The only thing he is thinking about is how your body is going to be perfect on top of his, if he is really just giving you compliments on your appearance.

Ask him to tell you what his favorite qualities are of you and you will see for yourself.

4. They buy their friends weird gifts and brag about it

I mean, it’s one thing to help a friend out and buy him condoms but if he is doing that and bragging to you about it, there is no way he is genuine—he just wanted a dirty story to tell.

Also, what happens if it’s for the birthday of his female friend? I believe he told you about that, too. Right? What a pervert.

These things should be private. Even if someone is giving you these presents, no one should know about them except the two of you, so why does he have to say that to everyone?

5. He asks you about your sexual experience right away

OK, “What was your best sexual experience,” isn’t really a question you ask on your first date, right? But this guy simply can’t help it.

Most of his questions are about sex and his dirty mind. There is no way you can maintain a healthy relationship with a man like this.

6. He sends you ‘pictures’

You know for sure that he is a dirty-minded pervert the moment when he sends you a picture of his private parts, or a photo of him half-naked in a sexy pose.

Sometimes it’s flattering and cute when they send you a picture of them flexing in the mirror but if he sends you an uncensored dick pic, I don’t think that it’s a good icebreaker, sorry.

7. He knows all the porn stars

Being into porn isn’t a crime these days but if he is all about that life and knows all the biggest porn stars out there, his mind is cluttered with trash.

Also, dating a man who watches too much porn makes him have unrealistic fantasies that he will try to fulfill with you. Is that really something you want?