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7 Things That A Summer Fling Can Teach You

7 Things That A Summer Fling Can Teach You

1. You do the things that you wouldn’t normally do

You used to overthink things or at least give them a thought. Summertime puts all that thinking aside, and you are driven by your instincts and your desires.

You do what you want when you want it, and it must be the heat that is making you do all sorts of crazy stuff … and having a summer fling is just a huge part of it.

2. You are consciously getting yourself into something that probably won’t have a future

It’s called ‘summer fling’ and not ‘summer love’ for a reason, and you are aware of it. Even though normally you wouldn’t voluntarily sign up for anything casual, you do it anyway.

You rationalize every aspect of it and look at it as an adventure you need to try out. You set some ground rules. You are focused on having fun, and you promise yourself you won’t fall too deep for that person.

What you learn here that sometimes you can lie to yourself, too.

3. Short-term arrangements can hurt as well

You know that the relationship will end when the summer or summer vacation ends, and there’s nothing more to it. However, you can’t control your emotions. You might develop feelings and form an attachment regardless of everything you know.

When it ends, and it will end whether you like it or not, it will hurt like hell. It’s not easy to say goodbye to someone who has gotten so close in such a short period of time.

4. Living every day to the fullest

You are more aware than ever that time flies so fast, so you soak up every moment with that person. You appreciate every little detail, and you make sure you don’t waste time.

You learn you can experience so much in a short period of time with one person that it easily overshadows all your past relationships.

5. You experience a sexual awakening

There is something in the heat of the summer air that makes passions go wild. You are not driven by logic. You rely on your basic instincts only.

You feel freer than ever before to explore your sexual fantasies. You feel like you won’t be judged for being yourself and showing your kinky side.

6. You won’t regret any single moment

All along, you are making memories that will last a lifetime. Whether they are adventurous, romantic or lustful, they will be your fondest ones.

You figured you only live once and being adventurous from time to time does your mind, body, and soul some much-needed recharging.

The important thing is no matter what you do or how it ends, you won’t have to second-guess or regret anything. It was what it was, and it became a beautiful memory.

7. Some places will always remind you of certain people

When all of it is long behind you and that summer fling seems so distant, you will walk the same seaside roads, and for a moment, you will feel like that person is still there.

The calming sound of the waves will recall all those moments by the seaside. All those cocktails, nights spent stargazing, kissing, cuddling, talking about everything and anything, etc.

The memory of those moments won’t leave a bitter taste. You won’t miss that person. You will just feel joy because you got the chance to experience it.