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7 Things You Should Know About Cheaters (According To Science)

7 Things You Should Know About Cheaters (According To Science)

Cheating is, undoubtedly, one of the most cowardly things to do to someone.

Sadly, more and more people choose to cheat in their relationships which has brought us to an epidemic of unfaithfulness.

Even though we have pretty much evolved in every aspect of our lives, we still haven’t found the way to healing cheaters and treat such behavior.

But, we have found some answers to important questions (to be exact, science did)!

Now that we’ve acknowledged the already-known truth, the real question is why do people cheat, at what time are they more likely to cheat, and with whom do they usually choose to cheat?

Given that there are many potential cheaters out there (and all you can do is hope that they will stay away from you), it is wise to learn more about them.

Learning why cheaters usually cheat and other details about them is of utmost importance if you want to dive deeper into “cheating” matters which will certainly help you understand things better!


1. Cheaters are often happy in their relationships

Many people think that cheaters decide to betray their partners because they are miserable in their relationships and because things are not as they should be.

But, according to a Rutgers University study, 56% of men and 34% of women who cheated on their partners were actually happy in their relationships.

Evidently, cheaters are often happy in their relationships which means they are not doing it solely because they are looking for a way out or because they are not happy.

They are probably doing it because they didn’t learn to appreciate what they have which is in close connection with always wanting more.

2. Cheaters become more playful when they’re cheating

Intimacy expert Mary Jo Rapini claims that once sex drive levels rise in cheaters, they instantly become more playful with their spouses as well.

It works like an awakening (especially if partners weren’t that much intimate before).

So, if your partner becomes a little bit more playful in the bedroom all of a sudden, you might want to question the cause of it (without attacking them of course because sometimes sex drive levels naturally increase).

3. Women are more likely to cheat when they’re ovulating

UCLA researcher Dr. Martie Haselton claims the following: “We found that women were most attracted to men other than their primary partners when they were in the high fertility phase of the menstrual cycle.

That’s the day of ovulation and several days beforehand.”

Women also feel sexier when they are in their high fertility phase because it is the law of nature.

When a woman is at the ideal time of getting pregnant, she instantly starts feeling sexier because her body is looking for a potential mate to reproduce with, and sometimes the potential mate happens to be someone else instead of her partner.

4. Men cheat to “fix” their marriage

Doesn’t this sound like the most absurd thing you’ve heard in a while (because to me it does)?

Believe it or not, according to marriage and family therapist Susan Mandel, men who are in love with their wives still choose to cheat in order to save their marriages.

Now, how in the world do they hope to save their marriages when cheating is a pure act of betrayal?

Well, they use the concept of cheating to prevent themselves from wanting more and yearning for other women.

Summarized, they cheat so that they don’t have the urge to be with others.

Instead, they just choose to cheat on their partners in the hope that this will fix their marriage. Creepy, right?

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5. Women cheat to fulfill emotional needs

On the contrary to men who are most likely to cheat only for physical pleasure, studies have found that women indulge in cheating to fulfill their emotional needs.

For example, if their spouse is not giving them enough attention or is not treating them right, they will start looking for those things in other men.

It is kind of an act of rebellion that works on the principle: “If you don’t give me what I need, I will look for it somewhere else.”

When a woman decides to cheat, it is much more complex and serious than when men are unfaithful.

6. Cheaters usually cheat with someone they know

When we think of cheating, we usually think that cheaters choose strangers, one-night-stands, etc. for their sinful acts of betrayal.

But, the research has found that 85% of cheating occurs among coworkers, between friends, and with neighbors.

Finally all of those betrayal scenes at the work place and affairs amongst coworkers in the movies make sense.

I guess the main reason why it is so is because people spend great amounts of time at their work place, and sometimes they get too bored, I suppose.

7. Cheaters want to get caught

Another shocking truth, right!

A clinical professor at Brown University, Scott Haltzman, MD, claims that cheaters subconsciously leave traces of their infidelity in hope that their partners will connect the dots.

So, cheaters want to get caught, but they don’t want to be the ones who will tell you about it.

That is why they sometimes leave lipstick on their collars (as you’ve probably seen in movies again), They leave their computers unprotected and things like that.

They do this because they feel guilty about what they are doing, but they don’t have the courage to admit their sinful actions.

So, their subconscious kind of forces them to reveal the truth by leaving traces that are linked with cheating. I guess karma is a bitch, right?

7 Things You Should Know About Cheaters (According To Science)