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7 Types Of Men You Should Date At Least Once

7 Types Of Men You Should Date At Least Once

It is all about experience, ladies! The more guys you date (different characters) the more you will know how the dating world functions.

Unfortunately, you need to kiss 100 frogs until you find the right one. And here is a list of the guys you need to date at least once in your life before you find your Prince Charming!

1. The bad-to-the-bone guy

There is something alluring in all those bad guys, right? You know that he won’t treat you like you deserve. You know that he will check out other girls even if the two of you date, but you still can’t resist having him at least once in your life.

And just so you know, it is a good idea. You know why? Because the bad boy will show you how guys can be bad and how they can mistreat women.

So, once you find a guy who just wants to love you, you will cherish him because you already saw the worst a man can do to a woman. I know this is a bad experience but one worth taking though.

2. The Geek

You don’t want to listen to him talk on and on about quantum physics and similar stuff you are not interested in? It doesn’t matter. Date the geek guy anyway.

He will teach you things that you never thought you would learn. He will show you how his special world looks and why he is so passionate about the things other people are not. He will show you that if you love something, then you should stick to it.

Maybe he won’t be the best lover or a man who will be able to sweep you off your feet, but he will surely be someone who will teach you to always believe in yourself and your capabilities.

3. Your coworker

You know that saying that work and pleasure shouldn’t be mixed? Yeah? Fuck that shit! If you want to live your life to the fullest, date whomever you want. You can find a new job, but you will never be able to feel the way you feel when the two of you hide at work to steal a kiss from each other.

Life is short, and you should do everything that makes you happy. Of course, make sure that you don’t hurt anyone because doing something like this if you already have a partner or you know your coworker has someone is not really so nice.

4. The older guy

Maybe you are a bit skeptical about dating an older guy, but just think about all the positive things that can happen to you if you try this.

You will have someone who is experienced in all fields of life and who can teach you so many things. You will have someone who will give you advice for free and be proud of you if you learn to use ir in your everyday life.

You will learn that age is not important and that if being young in spirit is the most precious thing in the world. The older guy will teach you that not everything is as it looks and that you shouldn’t give your trust to people you’ve just met.

You will probably find someone of your age and marry them, but you will always remember everything your older ex boyfriend has taught you.

5. A friend

When you think a bit more deeply you will see that actually, your best friend would be your perfect match. He already knows what you like and what you dislike. He knows all your darkest secrets, and he is the one who can make you smile in a second.

But wait! This is slippery territory because if things don’t go right, you will risk losing a friend. But on the other hand, if things go in the right way, you have might found your true soulmate.

Whatever happens, you will have experience with a situation like this, and you will know what to do if something like this happens to you again.

6. The always-horny guy

This guy likes sex more than his mother. Period. He would do anything to make you stay in bed the whole day and try every single position from the Kama Sutra.

But the catch is that you won’t let him do it. He is the kind of a guy who sees something sexual in everything you say, and he just wants to get laid as much as possible. Now, you are probably thinking why the hell am I telling you to date a guy like this, right?

Well, he can be of use as well. He can teach you more about your body and the things you enjoy most during sex. He can teach you to actually see where your boundaries are and show you another perspective of making love.

Maybe he is not hubby material, but you need to give him credit for making you feel great in your skin!

7. The good boy

And last but not least—the good boy. He is everything your mother ever wanted for you. He is someone who loves you just the way you are, who respects you and works hard for the two of you to make it work, but the catch is that there is no chemistry at all.

You don’t feel that crazy connection with him like with the horny or bad guy. Whatever he does is simply not good enough for you. But no matter if you feel that way or not, date him anyway.

Date him, but be open about your feelings from the start because you don’t want to break the poor man’s heart. With him, you will learn what a normal relationship should look like. He can teach you how a man in love loves and respects his partner.

And if you feel that there can be something between the two of you, never let him go!