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7 Ways Your Toxic Man Is Dragging You Down

7 Ways Your Toxic Man Is Dragging You Down

The unity of a relationship is a sacred thing.

There is a beautiful balance to it that makes the whole thing feel like a dance of two souls who are constantly building each other up and supporting each other through the highs and lows.

A relationship is never supposed to make you feel inferior.

Being with a good man means having a rock-solid foundation that only serves to help pick you up when life knocks you down.

This is why it’s so important to understand the difference between a healthy relationship and a toxic one.

The latter takes away from you, and the former makes you feel like the sky is your limit.

How do you feel when you are by his side?

Does his presence make you want to reach for the stars or is he weighing you down and holding you back from achieving the success you aspire to attain?

Here, I will describe 7 unfortunate signs that point to you being with a toxic man who is dragging you down.

If you recognize any of these symptoms, my suggestion is to seek solace in a place that fulfils you and with a person who genuinely gets you.

Life is too short to let a toxic man drag you down to his level.

Fight him and thrive instead.

Most days you feel unwell and uneasy

There isn’t one particular symptom. You can’t point out to an exact body part that aches.

It’s literally all over your body.

You feel sick, you have trouble focusing on your tasks, and your will to do things you are passionate about is gone.

His presence is making you physically deteriorate, but you’ve not been brave enough to admit the real cause of it.

This is your wake-up call.

Consider this a red flag to be mindful of and react to ASAP.

Anxiety has become your middle name

You never used to be that girl. You were always the happy-go-lucky gal who wore a bright smile on her face and who radiated positivity.

That was simply who you were and people loved that about you!

But now, you’re anxious all the time.

Nothing brings you peace of mind and wherever you go, you’d rather be at home.

The girl you used to be is somewhere deep inside, but she’s too deeply buried to find her way out.

You’d better find your way back to her before it’s too late.

Your communication skills have taken a hit

From a complete chatterbox who could find a mutual interest with a complete stranger within minutes, you’ve become a girl too scared to initiate a conversation.

And not just with strangers – with anyone!

You either fear saying the wrong thing, or you don’t believe what you have to say is interesting enough.

And HE is the cause of that.

He is that perpetual shadow of doubt following you everywhere you go, making you into somebody you don’t want to become.

 You’ve become jealous to a dangerous degree

A relationship is a hiding spot from the world and all of your issues.

It’s your serenity and a moment of genuine truth and solidarity.

But with him, you no longer have any of those.

Now, you observe couples around you and feel unending jealousy toward anyone who appears happy.

You get overwhelmed with the feeling of envy and you hate yourself for it.

But at the same time, you can’t help it.

How did he turn you into this jealous, miserable girl?

And more importantly – are you brave enough to confront him and return to your old self?

After all, a healthy relationship might await just around the corner.

(Be brave enough to look for it!)

You are constantly drained of energy

Some days, you just feel like you have nothing to offer to anyone. You’re empty.

You are on 1% of strength and doing anything feels like such a demanding task.

He has literally rid your soul of its will to live!

Don’t accept this as your reality.

You do know you can turn this around, right?

You can take back your life, restore yourself to your maximum potential, and thrive again.

And the only way you can achieve this is by leaving your toxic guy and ridding yourself from his exhausting energy!

You can’t remember the last time you got a restful night of sleep

Sleep… what is that? You literally haven’t slept peacefully in ages!

Every time you go to bed, you lie there awake, wondering what the hell is wrong with you.

Why can’t you simply doze off and get at least a few hours of rest?

But it never happens.

Being with a toxic man who is slowly dragging you down means having an overwhelmingly substantial amount of negativity around you at all times, which ultimately prohibits you from restfully closing your eyes.

It is affecting your sleep and your health to a scary degree!

Your friends don’t know who you are anymore

You get this a lot. Your closest friends don’t recognize the person you’ve become.

You’re distant, you barely see them, and you don’t even have the strength to explain yourself to them.

It’s easier just to be floating away in the sea of toxicity because you feel trapped with no way out.

But you can fight it. You can find your way back to those who love you.

Let them in. Talk to them!

Don’t let him distance you from those you’ve cherished since forever.

They are your saving grace and they can bring you back.

The only trick is – you need to let them!