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Why Do Men Like Big Boobs? 8 Astonishing Reasons

Why Do Men Like Big Boobs? 8 Astonishing Reasons

Speaking as someone who wasn’t lucky enough to be given such a gift, I really, really wanted to know the answer to this never-dying question: Why do men like big boobs ?  

Now I do know the answer. Men like big boobs primarily because they are a strong visual turn-on but there are also other scientific reasons as well which we will discuss below.

Okay, they look nice, those girls are very attractive, but one thing is not that clear to me.

And that is, sometimes it’s a deal-breaker. Sometimes when a guy sees a girl, he won’t give her the time of day because she’s flat. Okay, guys, it’s not like we had a choice!

Let me share a little secret with you. If you learn to get his attention the smart way, nothing will be a deal-breaker. Lucky for you I’ll let you in on one of the best kept secrets of getting and keeping a man called Make Him Worship You. 

It’s not like any of us were standing in a line when God was blessing women with a large chest but somehow we got distracted and ended up one cup size too short. Fortunately, not everything is lost.

We did get a best friend in this whole small boobs situation, actually more than just one best friend, and their names are push-ups. Thank you, God, for not bailing on us, after all.

But, let’s get back to guys and big boobs. What’s the deal, men?

I get that you can’t help it, that you’re attracted to girls with big breasts, but do you have to stare like idiots as though you’ve never before in your life seen a pair of nice, well-rounded, big boobs ? God forbid if you by any chance, glance at a d-cup, a girl in a crop top, or even better – a nice and sexy v-neck.

I’ve seen this so many times and all I can think of at that moment is comparing you to Homer Simpson drooling over doughnuts. Yeah, that is exactly what you look like.

There are proven ways to get men to drool which have nothing to do with the way you look. If you’re ready to master these techniques, CLICK HERE.

Anyway, this issue has been on my mind for quite some time, and as I’ve already said, as a flat-chested girl, I’ve decided to do some research to finally get the answer to my question.

So, I assembled all my guy friends, the Homers I was talking about, and I asked them what’s the reason?

You know what the first answer was? They look nice. I get it. They are nice. I can totally understand that. 

I dug into this matter a bit deeper and here I am bringing you enlightening answers to the never-dying question!

Why Do Men Like Big Boobs 

Strong visual turn-on

Boobs are feminine and that’s a fact. Actually, boobs, butts, waist-to- hip ratio and an hourglass figure function as important features when it comes to attractiveness

Breasts have been a symbol of fertility and sexiness throughout the centuries. 

Heck, even da Vinci drew boobs in his time. So the conclusion is that men, from the beginning of time, have been obsessed with boobs.

They’ve sung about them, they’ve drawn them, they’ve worshipped them. Actually, they really worshipped them. 

There were small figures of women with big boobs and big butts which were worshipped and prayed to centuries ago.

They are an indication of health

According to science, big boobs need fat, which men see as a sign of good health.

They assume that if a woman is eating right and enough, she is healthy and instinctively that is one of the most important things men look for in women.

Their primary instinct is to look for women who are healthy enough to bear and raise children. They subconsciously associate big boobs with breastfeeding and child-rearing.

They are nice to touch

Let’s face it, it’s a sensational experience for both of you, a guy and a girl. He enjoys touching them and you enjoy a sexual and passionate massage.

Breast touching gives you sexual pleasure and it’s actually scientifically proven, along with my guy crew, that it stimulates the same part of the brain as the clitoris and it’s perfect for foreplay.

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They look good in everything

Boobs are actually fat-filled mammary glands that produce milk and somehow manage to look good in EVERYTHING. Boobs are gorgeous in all profiles—in baggy clothes, in lingerie, naked, covered with food, boobs always look great. If you don’t trust me, ask any guy out there. 

They are fun to play with

If you’ve ever tried it, you probably know what I’m talking about. Men have always been obsessed with boob action—actually, that’s probably the first thing they imagine when they see a girl with big boobs.

That and the question: “I wonder how they look naked?” I mean, I know, they’ve told me. Anyway, playing with boobs is not only fun but also pleasurable.

They are bouncy

Just think of Pamela Anderson in Baywatch. A gorgeous blonde in a red swimsuit with huge, bouncing boobs. 

A hot, big-boobed blonde running to rescue a drowning person, and yet all you can see and think about is boobs bouncing up and down.

Probably the main (or only) reason why people watched Baywatch in the first place was because of her. Yup.

They are great pillows

Pretty much the same as butts. They serve as a snuggly pillow that fits your head perfectly. You can try any position you like, and none of them are going to be wrong.

Plus, on a more serious note, laying your head on a woman’s breast gives you a feeling of security that only a mother can provide.

Double the fun!

One boob – fun, two boobs – a party! Actually, I’m not done yet.

I still have so many things to say regarding the busty girl issue. When men see big boobs they basically turn into cavemen.

Okay, not just when they see big boobs, as some turn into cavemen and forget to speak when they see a girl with a big butt (BTW I also have a theory why that is so).


Why Does Touching Breasts Feel Good? 

The main reason why touching breasts feel good is that its stimulation, caressing, or holding breasts sends nerve signals to the brain. This triggers the release of the “happy hormone” known as oxytocin. 

This happy chemical (oxytocin) encourages comfort and social bonding as seen between a mother and child during breastfeeding or partners during making love or cuddling sessions that include caressing and stimulating of breasts.  

Recent studies have discovered that nipple stimulation boosts sexual arousal in the majority of women, and it triggers the same brain areas as clitoral and vaginal stimulation. (Another reason why men like touching boobs). 

Also, different breast sizes   (not just large breasts ) may have various effects on the male brain. The happy hormone ( oxytocin ) may affect every single man differently. Apart from that, touching boobs affects men in a different way than it does women. 

Did you know that you can trigger the release of oxytocin even during self-snuggling? 

Yup, by touching your own boobs, you release the feel-good hormone and increase positive emotions, comfort, and warmth. 

So, yes, next time you ask yourself Why do men like big boobs, know that they like boobs because they provide feel-good sensations when being caressed and stimulated. 

Is It Healthy For A Man To Look At Breasts? 

Apparently, looking at women’s breasts improves blood circulation, lowers blood pressure, and extends a man’s life by 4 or 5 years. So, yes, it’s healthy for a man to look at female breasts.

The research published in the New England Journal of Medicine states that only 10 minutes of staring at women’s breasts is an alternative for a 30-minute intense workout.

The scientists claim that looking at women’s curves improves blood circulation, gets the heart pumping and lowers blood pressure. Staring at boobs also leads to fewer episodes of coronary artery disease.

Looking at breasts can lower the risk of heart attack and stroke in HALF and it could extend a man’s life by 4 or 5 years. 

Therefore, the scientists recommend that men who are over 40 should look at full- breasted women for more than 10 minutes daily in order to achieve the best results.

So, ladies, next time you notice some male is staring at your boobs, don’t get offended because you’re doing a good thing. You’re helping men stay healthy and prolonging their lifespan.

Men’s Preferences For Breast Size Vary By Culture 

There’s a theory that female breasts evolved as a way to indicate to men that the woman attached to them was a promising mate (healthy and youthful). Even if there are some biological reasons regarding why do men like big boobs, their preferences for breast size might vary by culture.

A 2011 study compared men’s breast size preferences, symmetry, and areola size and color in Samoa, Papua New Guinea, and New Zealand.

They discovered that men from Papua New Guinea preferred larger breasts than men from Samoa and New Zealand. The reason why this is so is that the men surveyed from Papua New Guinea came from a more subsistence culture than the men in New Zealand or Samoa.

These results show that in places of scarcity, bigger breasts could indicate a healthy and well-fed woman who is capable of childbearing and taking care of her child(ren). Regarding areola size and color preferences, they were unique between cultures. 

Even though this might sound a little bit insulting, we have another hypothesis which is: Poorer men like bigger breasts. 

According to a study Resource Security Impacts Men’s Female Breast Size Presences by British researchers Martin Tovée and Viren Swami, men’s preferences for breast size depend on how comfortable they feel about their survival.

They found 266 Malaysian men from different social circumstances. They discovered that the richer men (and those who had just eaten) were more attracted to smaller breasts.

In other words, when a man’s living standard worsens, he becomes more likely to be attracted to things that give him a sense of security such as big breasts given that they are an indicator of fertility and are one of those feminine traits that men find irresistible

This might be confusing to some of you (including me) because it seems like only richer men are attracted to women with small breasts (which I find really flattering). 

OR things are not that simple?

Here’s another interesting theory. According to a study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior (2013), the female breast size most desired by the majority of men is “medium.” The study also accentuated that “medium” is a relative term and that all breast size preferences are totally “normal.” 

Maybe this will help clarify things: According to research published in Psychology Today, breasts (no matter the size) are the most popular body part searched for on porn sites worldwide. 

Here’s another potential hypothesis: Men prefer women with breasts no matter the size. Period.

10 Things Every Guy Should Know Before Dating A Girl With Big Boobs 

So, in order to help men act like civilized human beings, here is the list of things you should know before you start dating a girl with big boobs:

Boobs are not the only part of the female body you can play with

Just because they are big and sensual doesn’t mean that girls with big boobs only get turned on when you focus on that part of the body during foreplay. There are different parts you can focus on, you know?

Try going a bit south, explore a little bit to find places they like to be touched even more. My point is, don’t focus on just one part because there are plenty of other female body parts you can play with.

Get used to people staring

As I’ve already said, men completely lose their minds while in the presence of a big-chested girl.

Get used to crazy drooling looks from all around, especially if she has put on a tight dress before a night out.

Keep your male urges to kill other predators under control because unnecessary outbursts of jealousy won’t get you extra points with your girl.

She’ll think of you the same as she thinks about everyone else who stares—that you are a lusty idiot not worthy of her time.

When they touch them themselves, it’s not what you think

Of course, every guy’s dirty mind will automatically assume that the reason you’re ‘touching’ yourself is purely sexual. What they don’t know is that you’re just adjusting yourself.

It’s impossible to spend the whole day in an underwired bra without making a few adjustments and a few grabs, even in public. A woman’s gotta do what a woman’s gotta do.

They will be pissed because of them every now and then

There will be situations in which your girl will feel huge because of her ‘gift from God’. There will be moments when she won’t be able to find clothes that fit her.

Tears will be coming, so prepare yourself to say the right thing when that moment comes—just don’t say that they are nice.

You’re going to play with the bra

At some point, you’re going to use a bra as a hat. Heck, you might even use it as a mask. Don’t ask any questions, just know that you will and when you do, remember my words. 

She’s going to have good and bad days

On her good days, she will feel sexy and powerful like she is on top of the world.

On the other hand, on her bad days, she will be ready to go for a breast reduction, not thinking twice about it. She will feel hideous and unattractive because of her big boobs.

She’ll be embarrassed because of her big boobs and she will go on and on about how she’ll have to throw them over her shoulder when she turns sixty so they don’t drag on the floor.  

You’ll just have to deal with it and choose your words carefully when those days come. To make her feel better and avoid looking like a chauvinist pig, think twice before you start comforting her.

Don’t go shopping for lingerie without her

You’ll get it wrong, so don’t even bother trying. There are millions of different boob sizes in millions of different shops which means that a double D is not the size you think it is. 

Silky underwear is a completely different issue that cannot be explained. The point is, take your girl shopping with you and you won’t go wrong.

If you do it differently, you’ll just make things worse or even offend her.

Plan your activities with her wisely

If you’re planning on surprising her by taking her to jump on a trampoline at the beach while she’s wearing a bikini, don’t expect her to be joyful.

Expect her to put on a sour face and make up an excuse as to why she can’t go.

Jumping and big boobs don’t go well together. They can slip right out of the bikini, giving everyone else around her a pretty good time—you and her both excluded.

Big boobs can be fun and deadly at the same time

I mean, a huge boob weighs a lot. So, imagine it running toward you and hitting you in the face. That will definitely hurt, you can count on that.

To avoid this from happening, make sure you don’t make the ‘ big boob ’ angry because it won’t be all fun and games. The soft bundle of joy can turn into a lethal weapon.

You’ll have to be on constant boob watch

Usually, her friends are in charge of making sure her boobs don’t pop out when they are out clubbing. Now, boob watching has become your task. Carry that burden responsibly. 

Guys, Having Big Boobs Is Not All That Fun

Remember the answer they gave me the first time I asked them Why do men like big boobs and that is, to refresh your memory, They look nice?!

Dear guys, do you know what never crossed your mind? Since you’re men, it doesn’t really have to cross your mind but I want to put it out there anyway after we learned the details of why do men like big boobs

You can’t even begin to imagine the struggle of girls with big boobs:

  • Inability to wear button-down shirts (It’s impossible to keep the girls tamed).
  • Big breasts come with boob sweat – yeah, it’s a thing.
  • Wearing bathing suits causes the possibility of nip slips.
  • Running is not their friend.
  • Back pain is horrible.
  • Finding your bra size is the same as finding a real-life unicorn.
  • Strapless bras are history.

Do you get it now? Having big boobs is not all that fun. I mean, it is to you, but ask the women who have big boobs. They will tell you differently. 

Those women are probably craving smaller breasts and the ones with small breasts probably desire to have larger breasts (hence the increasing demand for breast augmentation ). 

It’s always been so and it always will (the same thing goes with curly/straight and short/long hair). 

Anyway, I know that the least of a man’s cares in this world is how a woman with big boobs feels and what her struggles are, but, dear men, now you know that things are not that simple. So, there you go.

I’ve listed everything you need to know about men in relation to girls with big boobs, how men have to act before dating them, what they need to look out for, and the biggest mystery of all: Why do men like big boobs ? You’re welcome.