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If You Saw Her Worth In Time, Maybe She Would Still Be There

If You Saw Her Worth In Time, Maybe She Would Still Be There

After everything you’ve done to this girl, you still have the audacity to wonder how you deserved her leaving you, just like that, out of the blue?

After all the shit you’ve put her through and after making her existence a living hell for years, you are still convinced that you have the right to blame her for dumping you?

You still have the courage to call her and show up at the places you could meet her, thinking that her decision wasn’t serious and that she’d change her mind the moment she heard your voice or saw your face.

You still have the bravery to try to go crawling back to her, expecting to get another chance and expecting her to take you back one more time, as if nothing had happened?

Expecting her to believe your empty promises and to waste some more years on the man who never deserved to have her in the first place.

If you do, I have to tell you that you must be crazy because the last thing this girl plans on doing is going back to you.

The last thing she thinks about doing is giving you another opportunity to hurt her and to break her heart all over again.

No, she doesn’t regret the choice she made and she most certainly doesn’t feel guilty for walking away from you. She doesn’t question her decision, wondering if she did the right thing.

And you know why that is so?

Because she didn’t actually leave you—you were the one who let her go, thinking you could play with her until you got bored.

The one who chased her away and the one who never gave her a reason to stay, convinced that she’d put up with you for as long as she breathed.

When I come to think about it, you never appreciated or loved this girl enough. You never put her first and you never gave her the place she deserved in your life.

Yes, I know you are convinced that you would do everything differently this time.

That you want her to believe you that you’ve learned your lesson and that you are ready to turn over a new page of your life, as a changed man.

Well, guess what? This girl grew tired of all of your false promises and this time, she isn’t coming back and you couldn’t be more wrong if you believe that she is.

You would probably do everything in your power just to get one more chance to make things right.

To show her you’ve realized your mistakes and that you’ve changed to this enlightened man who is finally ready to take responsibility for his actions.

I am sure that now that you’ve lost her, you see this girl was more than enough.

Now you finally realize everything people around you kept telling you—that she was one of a kind and that you’d never find a girl similar to her.

Yes, you finally get it. You finally see all of the sacrifices she was making for your relationship and all the effort she put into making things between you two work out.

Nonetheless, not one of these realizations has any point now. It is nice if you really came to your senses but is also completely useless and pointless when it comes to this girl.

Because she isn’t coming back. And there is nothing you can do about it.

However, there is something even worse than this—you are the one who is sentenced to spending the rest of your life dreaming about a girl you had but whose true value you didn’t see.

The one who made himself miserable and the one who lost a girl he will never meet again.

Don’t get me wrong—I am in no way trying to sympathize with you’re here.

Instead, I’m pretty glad that all of this is happening to you because repenting for what you did is exactly what you deserve to go through.