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8 Signs That Tell How Much Of A HOT MESS You Are

8 Signs That Tell How Much Of A HOT MESS You Are

There is at least one hot mess in each group, and if you can’t recognize it in any of your friends, then you’re most likely to find this kind of person each time you look at yourself in the mirror.

When you hear the word ‘mess’, it usually has a negative connotation. It’s probably linked to some bad experience you had in life, and it’s the word we use to describe something completely out of order.

When you add the adjective ‘hot’ to that word, this syntagma gets a whole new meaning. Ok, maybe not a whole new meaning, but it changes a lot of things.

A ‘hot mess’ kind of person is, in fact, the person that’s almost totally out of order but in a somehow cute or attractive way.

A hot mess looks just as messy on the outside.

If you’re a hot mess type of a person, there is a high probability that your personality will be projected on your outer appearance as well.

You probably tie your hair in a messy bun, you feel most comfortable wearing oversized plaid shirts, and Converses are your best friends.

The craziest part of this all syntagma, you’re able to pull this look! You look hot even when you’re a mess.

A hot mess is never on time.

If you’re a hot mess type of person, there is a high probability you’ll always be late.

You get lost in scrolling the newsfeed, watching YouTube videos or you procrastinate ‘till the last minute thinking you can get ready and leave the house all in fifteen minutes.

You might even get ready on time, but there will always be this one last thing that you forget to do. The funny thing is you’re able to pull this out as well.

Your friends are now so used to you being late that they pin this as a part of who you are.

At first, they were pissed, some of them found it cute, and eventually, everybody got used to it.

Nobody is stressing about it anymore, and if they want to meet you at some place at the same time, they just reschedule in their head and come half an hour later.

A hot mess constantly loses things or misplaces them.

I’m sure you know what this one is about.

You keep losing your socks, you have a hard time pairing them up so you just go with two different ones—because life is too short to wear matching socks anyway, right?!

You only have one headband, and if it’s not on your hand, you’ve probably lost it and you’ll have to find another way to make your bun.

And you can’t even remember how many hairpins you have bought by now, but when you need them, they’re not in sight.

Because your place is a mess, it can sometimes be hard to find things—especially at the times when you need those things the most.

The remote controller is forever on the run, and that favorite shirt of yours is always in a different pile of clean clothes.

Also, those earrings you always wear are never where you leave them—as if they get legs over night!

A hot mess keeps forgetting things.

You don’t forget things on purpose, but sometimes it’s hard to believe this because it happens all the time.

You’re one of those people that’s always down for everything, and sometimes you overrate yourself thinking you can be at two places in once.

You also keep forgetting your appointments, the deadlines, promises you made to somebody, important dates, names of people etc.

A hot mess has trouble staying in contact.

There is nothing unusual for you to leave people on read. You’re just oblivious when it comes to answering your messages or calls.

When someone texts you, you mentally answer them, but it happens that you’re too lazy to write it down.

Also, when you text somebody, you exchange a few texts with that person, and then, your attention drifts away, and you forget to answer until it doesn’t make sense to write anything back anymore.

When it comes to phone calls, somehow you never seem to hear your phone ringing, and when you see a missed call, you don’t have a habit of calling back because you live by the mantra: If it was urgent, they would’ve called twice, and if they really need me, they’ll call again.

The funny thing is people don’t consider it rude or anything like that because they’re aware you’re not doing it on purpose.

These things just keep happening to you, and your friends already accepted that reaching you on your phone is harder than winning the lottery.

A hot mess fails in life a bit more often than others.

…but you fail with style. You’re one of those passionate people that just don’t take settling as an option.

You’re willing to try new things, and you’re constantly pushing yourself to your limits. You keep believing that the next time things will end up in your favor.

You might be a mess, but you’re a fearless piece of a mess, and you don’t allow other people to drag your spirit down.

A hot mess sometimes enjoys lounging around.

Eating nachos in bed while watching Netflix and chill and the seventh episode of your favorite show while you’re wearing the same shirt two days in a row is something you just get yourself lost into.

Sometimes, you get carried away with this feeling of not having to do anything, and you refuse to get in touch with the rest of the world.

A hot mess is constantly juggling through life but manages to have everything under the control.

You have no idea how you make it, but you do. At some moments, there is nothing going on in your life and sometimes, there is everything happening at once.

You’re different, and you’re not even trying. Being different just comes so naturally to you.There is nothing normal about you, and that’s why you stand out in a crowd of people.

You laugh a lot, and you’re always in the center of the attention when you tell people all the funny things that often happen in your messy life.

Everybody notices you, and you don’t even notice that they notice.

To some people, you’re confusing, odd, and complex—and to others, you’re simple, funny, and easy to talk to.

A hot mess is the kind of person that can get away with everything in life. This is the kind of person that’s going to be late for her own wedding, will constantly be running after a bus, and forget even her own birthday.

But this is also the kind of person that people enjoy being around, the type of person that is easy-going, that’s funny without even trying, and that handles a huge amount of stress without you even noticing it.

And you either like her or not. There is nothing in-between with her.

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