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21 Best Excuses To Leave The House (With Examples)

21 Best Excuses To Leave The House (With Examples)

Oh no, you need to leave the house, but for some reason, you can’t share the details of where you’re ACTUALLY going. You can barely stand that anxious feeling when you think about telling your parents, your partner, or someone else the truth.

Worry not, I won’t dive deeper into it because you have your own reasons you’re doing something (or not).

I’m not here to judge but help you find the best excuses to leave the house because I myself have been in the same situation multiple times.

I’m a terrible liar by nature, but somehow, I’ve managed to convince others that I’m telling the truth. Do you know how I did it? I paid special attention to every single detail of my carefully devised story.

I would go through it over and over in my head until I myself started to believe that I was telling the truth. ? (That’s how you know you’re doing it right.)

Follow me for more tips on sneaking out! Just kidding. The best excuses to leave the house + examples are waiting for you below!

Best Excuses To Leave The House

Medical appointments, group projects, going to the gym… The list of perfect excuses to leave your home has never been more convincing. ? Choose the best one(s) in accordance with your situation:

1. Going for a walk

Do you know what the most famous sentence in movies is? It’s definitely this one: “Honey, I need to get some fresh air.” And it works every single time!

No one would ever dare suspect a person who is in need of fresh air. That’s why it’s one of the most famous excuses to leave the house.

Example: “Hey, I’m going for a walk. I really need to get some fresh air.”

2. “I’ve lost my wallet”

Oh, no, you’ve lost your wallet?! This is one of the best excuses to get out of the house, but it’s also one of the most challenging. Why? Because you need to be convincing!

You can’t just say “I’ve lost my wallet” in a plain tone. You need to create some drama so that others truly believe it! ? Do you think you can do that?

Example: “OMG, I’ve lost my wallet! It must be (the place you last visited).”

3. Going to the store

This is a tricky one. Remember that you can’t just tell your parents or partner that you’re going to the store without returning home with something you bought.

So, your best bet is to buy some necessary things like tampons or a razor that you really need at the moment. Make it quick, and then go to your real destination while pretending that you’re still in the queue.

Example for when you leave:Hey, I’m going to the store. Do you need anything?”

Example for when you come back:I was stuck in rush hour, and the queue at the grocery store was too long.”

4. Medical appointment

Is there any better excuse than a doctor or dentist appointment? I bet there isn’t. This can also be a great excuse to leave work early, or you can simply take a sick day.

Example: “I have an appointment with the dentist/doctor. This toothache (or some other ache) has been killing me for days.”

5. Team building

If you work at a company where they usually organize team-building activities for their workers, you can use this to your advantage.

Tell your partner that your company is organizing team-building activities, and you simply can’t miss it. Make sure that a coworker who is also your friend confirms this.

Example: “Our boss/project manager informed us about an upcoming team-building activity. We’ll probably spend the entire day doing (the activities you’ll be doing).”

6. A friend has an emergency situation

Emergency situations work every single time because you can’t abandon a friend in trouble, right? No one would ever question you if your friend has an emergency situation.

Here are a few examples:

• A friend’s car broke down.

• A friend needs medical help.

• A friend got arrested.

• A friend got locked in the bathroom.

• A friend’s family member needs medical help.

7. The dog is in need of a LONG walk

If you have a dog, then you’re a perfect candidate for this brilliant excuse. If your dog looks bored, then the situation couldn’t be more ideal.

Example: “I’m taking (the name of the dog) out for a walk. Just look at how bored he/she is.”

8. Group project

If you need a valid excuse to go out with friends, group projects are your best bet! It’s one of the most valid reasons for sneaking out if you’re a high-school or college student.

Group projects require the whole group to contribute. You cannot cancel or let others do your part of the project.

Example: “I’ll need to work on a group project today with the rest of my colleagues. The project is about (think of something smart).”

9. Going to the gym

It’s time for a mental health day and some sweating! Pretending that you don’t feel good and need an endorphin boost is always a great excuse to leave the house. However, keep in mind that you’ll need to dress like you’re actually going to the gym.

PRO TIP: On your way back (from wherever you were), sprinkle some water on your T-shirt and head so that it looks like you’ve been sweating.

Example: “Yo, gotta hit the gym because I ain’t feeling well today. I need my exercise boost.”

10. Going to the beauty salon

The great thing about the beauty salon is that they don’t only do hair there. You can go for a massage, wax, facial, you name it.

What I’m trying to say is that you don’t need to come home with a new haircut to prove that you’ve been to the beauty salon.

A wax, massage, or other things won’t even be seen, right? That’s why it’s one of the best excuses to leave the house.

Example: “I’m going to the beauty salon. Got an appointment for a facial.”

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11. Going to the cinema

Extra advice: Make sure that you watch at least the movie trailer so that you can recount the plot if they ask you about the movie.

Example: “OMG, we’re finally going to the cinema on Friday. I’m so excited about seeing (the name of the movie).”

12. Your friend’s family needs a helping hand

Yup, this excuse is also on the list of good excuses to leave the house because it’s totally valid. If your friend’s family needs a helping hand, who are you to say no to them, right? ?

Tomorrow maybe you’ll be the one who needs help, and that’s why friends are there (not only for that, of course).

Example: “My friend’s mom needs help lifting heavy boxes of (something).”

13. “I’ve lost my phone”

Oops, you lost your phone! Make sure that your facial expressions are in tune with the situation. If you lose your phone, you’ll clearly be annoyed and worried about it. Practice in front of the mirror (if needed).

And yes, putting your phone on silent is recommended (in case they start calling you). So, when you find your phone, make sure to make a phone call. Call your parents or partner so that they know “you found it.”

Example: “Have you seen my phone? I can’t believe I’ve lost it. I’ll go see if it’s (someplace far away from home).”

14. “I’ve left something at the park”

To use this excuse, you need to go to the park beforehand. So, when you come back, you can tell your partner or your parents that you’ve left something at the park. That something could be anything. It could be some notes for work, your phone, you name it.

If you’re a high school or college student, you can tell your parents that you left your notebook at the park. Just make sure you come back with one. ?

Example: “Oh no, I’ve left my (something) at the park. Be right back!”

15. Hearing a strange noise outside

If you thought this only works in movies, then you have no idea how wrong you are. Hearing a strange noise outside is a brilliant excuse to leave the house.

However, keep in mind that just hearing a strange noise outside will not guarantee you a fun night out. But if you need to quickly leave the house, then it will work.

Example: “Did you hear that? (*worried face*) Did you hear that strange noise outside? Gotta see what’s going on there! You stay here.”

16. Double shift at work

If you need easy excuses to leave the house at night, then working a double shift is your best friend. Just make sure your coworker confirms it (in case your partner mentions it in front of them).

Example: “Honey, I won’t be home tonight. Gotta work a double shift today because (one of your colleagues) is sick.”

17. Studying at a friend’s house

If you need one of the best excuses to leave the house for a few hours, then studying at a friend’s house will do the job. Also, it would be great if your friend’s parents could confirm it just in case your parents are suspicious about it.

Example: “Mom/dad, I’m going to study at (your friend’s name) house. We have a lot of material to go through, so don’t expect me back anytime soon.”

18. Becoming a volunteer

Tell your loved one or your parents that you decided to become a volunteer. I’m sure they’ll support your decision. A problem might arise if your partner or your parents ask to join you. Well, let’s hope they don’t.

Example: “I’ve become a volunteer at (the place of volunteering), and today, we have a lot of work to do.”

19. Attending a birthday party

You simply cannot miss a birthday party, right? Here’s an idea. It would be great if you had some photos from past birthdays to show your partner or parents the next day.

Posting a story on social media for only them to see is also a good idea. A sleepover is, of course, inevitable because you got drunk, and it’s not safe to drive like that. ?‍♀️

Example: “Hey, I’m going to a birthday party tomorrow. My best friend’s sister is throwing a party, and we’re all invited.”

20. Going to a concert

Good old concerts! Before using this excuse, make sure that the event “you’re going to” actually exists. Find out about upcoming concerts in your area.

It’s totally okay if it’s something you don’t usually listen to. You can always say that this one singer or band is your best friend’s favorite of all time. So, he or she has already bought tickets for the two of you.

Example: “I’m going to a concert next week. My friend just told me that he/she already got tickets, but if you don’t agree, I can tell him/her to sell mine to someone else.”

Of course, they won’t tell you to sell your ticket.

21. Need to go to the library

If you’re a student looking for excuses for sneaking out, the library is your best friend. No one will ever tell you: “No, you can’t go to the library.” Going to the library means being productive and doing something useful, right? That’s why it always works.

Example: “Hey, I need to go to the library today. I need to do some research on (a certain topic).”

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5 Extra Tips For Sneaking Out

These extra tips will make your sneaking out experience go as smooth as possible, so make sure to memorize them all:

1. Plan your time of absence

If you’re “going to a concert,” make sure to go at the appropriate time and day of that concert. If you’re going to the library or store, don’t go when they’re closed. Make it all seem natural, and make sure that you don’t spend half the day “at the store.”

2. The importance of perfect timing

If your parents are strict, make sure you tell them that you’re going somewhere when they’re in a good mood. The best time would probably be around dinner when they’re relaxing. Also, don’t say your excuse in the middle of an argument with your partner.

3. Implement the “anger method” if they don’t trust you

I don’t know if you’ve ever tried it, but acting angry at those who don’t believe that you’re “telling the truth” works perfectly. You have every right to feel offended if they question the validity of your statements. Let’s say that you’re doing it for the greater good.

4. Leave a note (if needed)

If your parents or partner aren’t at home and you need to leave ASAP, just leave a note on the fridge or somewhere else for them to see. Write down “where you’ll be” and also write when they can expect you home.

5. Always present proof

I agree that it’s not always possible to have proof of your whereabouts, but whenever you can, make sure to present it. For example, if “you’ve lost your phone,” make sure to call them once you find it.

Or if “you’ve gone to the library,” make sure to come back with a book or a few of them. (Your friends can always lend you some.)

Practice Makes Perfect!

You could learn this list of excuses to leave the house by heart, but if you’re not convincing enough, you might not succeed. As always, practice makes perfect.

The more you use these excuses for sneaking out, the better you’ll get at it. I’m neither supporting you nor judging you. Sometimes a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.

Additionally, the American Counseling Association reminds us that “we live in a world where lying has become a fairly common occurrence.” So, who are we to contradict them, right? Cheers! ?