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To The Boy Who Made Me Feel Like I Was Worth Nothing…

To The Boy Who Made Me Feel Like I Was Worth Nothing…

When I first met you I was captivated by your charm; you knew just what to say to make me fall for you.

I was crazy about you from the moment I laid eyes on you and I couldn’t get enough of you, thinking about you every second and constantly wanting to be in your presence.

Everything about you was all I had ever looked for, but none of it was true, was it?

You lied to me about every single thing about yourself and it took me so long to understand why – why I wasn’t worth the truth, why you didn’t feel like I was worthy of your trust… but it had nothing to do with me.

You are so insecure in yourself to believe that anyone could love the real you so you hid behind all those lies.

I thought that I could fix you and I really believed that the real you was someone I could love, which is why I put up with all of it.

sad woman sitting on the bed

I spent most nights crying or fighting with you, and everyone told me to leave but I stayed.

I stayed because I thought it was worth it, that all the pain you put me through would be worth it in the end, once I had saved you from the demons in your head.

But that wasn’t my job. The only person who can save you is yourself.

I loved you unconditionally but that wasn’t enough for you.

Through all the problems you had, I never stopped loving you or fighting for you. But you woke up one day and didn’t want me anymore; you left me like I meant nothing.

You left me without closure or an explanation, just with a broken heart. You flaunted your newfound happiness in my face like I was the one who had made you so miserable.

sad woman crying in hands

You made me feel worthless and it hurt. I thought you loved me but you never really did. I put all of my value into you and our relationship, so when you left, my worth left, too.

But I learned something; you do not define my worth. If you cannot see how special and valuable I am, then that’s your loss.

I am beautiful and I will never let any boy make me question that again. I am worth so much more than being lied to and crying myself to sleep every night. You missed out on an amazing girl and I feel sorry for you.

I forgive you for what you did to me. I will no longer hold onto the anger and hurt I have towards you, because that gives you power over me.

I’m letting go of you and everything we had and moving on with my life. I hope someday you find the love for yourself that you’re looking for and that it will finally fill that void in your heart.

As for me, I now know my worth and will never settle for anything less than it.

To The Boy Who Made Me Feel Like I Was Worth Nothing…