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8 Things Alpha Females Don’t Tolerate In A Relationship

8 Things Alpha Females Don’t Tolerate In A Relationship

If you have ever met an alpha female, you could surely have seen that they are way different from the rest of women.

They have their own rules and they live by them.

If someone doesn’t like them, they actually don’t give a damn about that and that is what makes them so perfect.

So, if you want to change your lifestyle and to become a badass alpha woman that everyone will respect, here are some things that you shouldn’t tolerate in a relationship.


This is a big no-no. No alpha female will tolerate her man cheating on her and making a fool out of her.

She respects herself enough to break up with any guy who tries to do something like this to her and she would be more happy on her own than being with a jerk who doesn’t respect her enough.


If an alpha female is in love, she will want her man to have eyes only for her.

She definitely won’t tolerate her man giving attention to a girl in their company and getting away with it.

She wants to feel loved and she wants her man to respect her and treat her like she deserves.

That’s why neglecting her is one of the things she hates and if that ever happens in the relationship, she will end it without any excuses.

Lack of love

Maybe you can’t see the lack of love at the beginning when everything is so sweet and nice but once things get serious, you will see if your man really cares about you.

If a woman like this feels at any time that she is not a priority but instead just an option or worse, a booty call, she will end it without giving her man the right to explain things.

But that is what makes her so appealing and desirable to men.

Toxic and narcissistic partners

Okay, a guy can pretend that he is someone other than he actually is, but that will happen only for a short period.

If a strong woman like her finds out that he is toxic and that he wants to control her by manipulation or gaslighting, she will immediately dump him.

She doesn’t want to spend her life with someone who is not worthy and who will not give her the love she deserves.

Instead, she wants a man who will be fully hers for better or worse.


After love comes respect. If you love someone for a long time, that kind of love will turn into respect and caring for each other.

But if a relationship lacks respect, you can be sure that it is already doomed.

You see, you can’t say that you love someone and not give him any respect.

Love and respect go hand in hand and if one is missing, that is not the relationship you deserve.

Emotional and physical abuse

Any strong woman will definitely not stand for the thought of any kind of abuse. That is something that she would never forgive her partner.

She couldn’t stand it if someone who she loved hit her and broke her emotionally.

That is not love, that is a living hell and she knows her worth to be able to cut out that behavior before it even begins.

If any man tries this with her, she will teach him a lesson he will never forget. And yes, it will hurt him.

Lack of support

Every woman needs a man who will give her some kind of support. If she is trying so hard to organize her life and to be more successful in everything that she does, then she needs a man to give her support.

She just needs a man who will say that he is proud of her and that he really appreciates everything that she is doing to make their lives better.

But in case she doesn’t get what she craves, she will leave a man like that because he is definitely not the man of her dreams.


A woman like this is smart enough to understand what is happening around her.

That’s why she will never let any man brainwash her or to convince her of things that are not true.

So, if any guy tries to fool her and to lead her on, she will shut him out of her life.

She will see that a man like that is toxic and that she really doesn’t need someone like him in her life.