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8 Things That Happen When You Leave An Abusive Relationship

8 Things That Happen When You Leave An Abusive Relationship

Relationships should be something that makes us feel happy and fulfilled. But what happens when your man acts like a jerk?

When all he does is insult you verbally and physically and makes you feel like crap all the time?

The most important thing that you should know is that you are normal—you are completely right. He is the one who has some issues and leaving him is the best thing you can do for yourself.

I know it will be tough at the beginning. I know you will think about getting back to him.

Then you will figure out that he is not the one you deserve. You will work hard every day just not to think of him.

You will do anything just to make your time fly. And suddenly, overnight, you will feel like you are born again.

You will probably experience all these things that every woman goes through after leaving an abusive relationship.

If you want to know what steps you need to pass through to recover, read further.

You finally breathe

What does it feel like to breathe again? Is it good to feel that fresh air in your lungs and enjoy it completely?

Without being scared that he will come and ruin your day?

That he will start to abuse you again, by calling you names and hitting you like you were a boxing bag? I know how you feel now.

You feel like you were born again. And trust me, after all that you have gone through, this is a feeling you truly need to enjoy.

You have a bunch of free time

I know your life with him was like a 24/7 job. He wanted your attention. And unfortunately, he got it by abusing you nonstop.

After you kick him out of your life, you will realize that life is beautiful.

You will see that you were actually dead-by-spirit when you were dating him.

And now, after leaving an abusive relationship, you can finally think about yourself. So go ahead and give yourself a new chance to enjoy life, because you really deserve it.

You have your ups and downs

After you leave an abusive relationship, you will be lost but that is normal. It is not easy to get back on track because during the past years, someone else made decisions instead of you.

Now, when he is not a part of your life anymore, it is time to organize things in the way you feel is right.

Don’t forget that you are the ruler of your destiny, and nobody except you has the right to make decisions about you.

You finally have control over your life

It is a little bit strange to have control over your life again, right?

Even though it was an abusive relationship, you felt some release because you weren’t the one making decisions.

I know it feels like you were pushed down without any warning but this is the moment when you will sink or learn to swim!

Now you understand that the healing process is not a piece of a cake

It takes time for everything but especially for something delicate like this.

Now you will discover that you are stronger than you thought. You will get it that fighting with demons inside of you is a long-term process.

You will sometimes feel alone because your close ones won’t understand the way you feel. But that’s okay.

It is all part of the healing process. So, don’t lose hope—you are much stronger than you think!

You need to find the real you again

Isn’t it strange how you completely lost yourself while dating him? You did things that he liked and you neglected all that makes you happy.

After you leave an abusive relationship, you need to learn to love yourself again. Give yourself another chance to enjoy life.

Finally, you got a new opportunity to tailor your life by your rules, so please—don’t miss it!

You can actually see that people love you

Do you remember those days while being with him? Do you remember all that he said about your friends and family?

He just brainwashed you so you would believe he is the only person you need. And you, totally drunk on love, bought all that shit he said.

So, what do you have now when he left? Nothing!

He was lying to you all the time. Now, it is the right moment to refresh your relationships with your friends and family.

This is a lesson you had to learn in a tough way. But it is something that you will remember forever!

You can finally forgive yourself

I know it was difficult to learn how to forgive yourself but forgiveness is something you need to give to yourself to be completely healed.

Please, bear in mind that it was not your fault. You weren’t guilty of his ugly words and smashing things in front of you.

You need to understand that he is sick. He needs help. But this time, you are not the one who will reach out a hand of salvation!