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8 Things I Would Like To Ask My Older Self

8 Things I Would Like To Ask My Older Self

When I think of my future, to be honest, I never know how good or bad it will turn out.

I don’t know if I’ll be the person I want to become and I don’t know if the present me will love the future me. And that is why there are some things I would like to ask my older self.

1. Have you made your dreams come true?

Did all of your dreams stay the same or have you given up on some things? Do you even remember what you dreamed your life would be like when you were my age?

Were you brave enough to take risks or were you too scared to step out of your comfort zone?

2. Did you cut some people off?

Did you finally learn to put yourself first? Did you finally cut off everyone who didn’t deserve you? Or are you still the same person you used to be?

Are you still surrounded by toxic people who drain your energy and are you still trying to find excuses for them?

Do you still blame yourself for their mistakes and the way they treat you?

3. Have you done all of the things you wanted to do?

Did you visit all the places you always wanted to go to? Have you ever traveled alone, the way you planned?

Have you finally taken those few exams you should have taken? Did you manage to get that job you wanted?

Did you go to all the concerts you wanted to go to? Did you ever spend a week in your pajamas, watching all of your favorite TV shows?

Did you change your hair color or are you still scared of how it would look on you? Did you buy that car you dreamed of having?

Did you finally find the time and energy to pursue all the hobbies you wanted? Did you finally find time for yourself?

4. Are you still sensitive?

Do you still cry over every little thing? Do you still think of all the things you could have done differently and better?

Do you still love the same people you loved, although they clearly didn’t deserve it?
Do you still fall in love easily?

Are you the same person who opens her heart to just about anyone? Do you still believe people unconditionally, even if they’ve proven to you that they are not trustworthy?

Do you still allow everyone’s problems to get to you?

Do you still think you can save everyone who comes your way, including the people who clearly don’t want to be saved?

5. What happened to your friends?

Are you still best friends with that one girl who was your best friend ever since high school? How is she? If not, did the two of you at least stay in touch?

Have you found new friends? Did you become more outgoing or are you still an introvert who sticks to small groups of people?

6. Do you still follow your heart?

Do you still do whatever your heart tells you, even when you know it will get you into trouble?
Do you still love the people you shouldn’t love and the people who don’t deserve your love?

Or did you finally realize that, sadly, being guided by your emotions has brought you nowhere?

Have you finally learned to control your feelings? Have you finally become wiser when it comes to the matters of the heart?

7. Have you found your forever person?

Are you still the same romantic fool you’ve always been? Do you still believe that love is an omnipotent force and that it is the only thing worth living for?

Did you finally find your soulmate? Someone who makes you happy? Someone who deserves you and someone who won’t break your heart?

Did you finally find your other half?

Or do you still get yourself involved with guys you have no future with? Have you gotten over everyone who hurt you in the past?

Or are you single but killing it? Or have you finally realized that you don’t need a man to complete you?

8. Are you happy?

And last but definitely not least—are you happy? But I mean really, genuinely happy?

Are you satisfied with your life so far? Do you really live it or do you just spend your days surviving?

Do you enjoy every breath you take? If not, what is stopping you from being happy? And what are you waiting for to make your life better?