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9 Heart Melting Signs Of True Commitment In A Relationship

9 Heart Melting Signs Of True Commitment In A Relationship

Commitment is not when you make things official or you put a ring on it. It’s the way your relationship dynamics work. It’s the mutual respect and love you share. It’s what makes you achieve your relationship goals. And even if you haven’t hit any large milestones in your relationship, commitment is a feeling and it never really fades. To see if there is a true commitment in your relationship, look for these heart-melting signs.

1. You enjoy spending time together

Even when the honeymoon stage is over, you can’t get enough of each other. You truly enjoy the time you get to spend together and every day is an opportunity for the two of you to make memories.

2. You lose track of time when you’re together

Conversations you share are always interesting and you lose track of time when you’re talking. Whether it’s just about your day, your family or your future, fears or memories, you two are never bored.

3. You enjoy sharing silence

Even silences you share are filled with emotions. You respect each other’s need for silence when a tough period comes rolling in. More than once it happened to you to fall asleep together, just listening to your heartbeats beating in sync. Your bodies and hearts did all the talking and that’s all the comfort you need in each other. That’s a connection beyond this world and you’re truly lucky if you have it.

4. You are honest and loyal

There are no games in your relationship, unless they involve pranks or marshmallow guns. You two are honest with each other and you value truth above everything. Everything you do just feels so natural that you don’t even stop for a second to think before you speak. You are open to each other and know that you’ll be accepted. And you never worry that someone else could possibly interfere with your relationship because you have eyes only for each other.

5. You still have your personal life

Weak relationships are often the ones where partners lose themselves in order to make the other one happy. In a healthy relationship, partners enhance each other’s lives instead of draining them. If you still have great connections with your friends and family the same as your partner does, you are in a healthy, committed relationship.

6. You take each other into consideration when making decisions

No matter how small the decision might be, you are always thinking about the other one first. It’s a sign that your heart already decided it wants to stick around for a long, long time and your mind just follows. When something happens and a decision crosses your path, your partner is the first person that pops into your mind to call. And this goes the other way around, too.

7. You share the same future goals

So many relationships failed because the partners didn’t have the same idea of future. While one of them dreamed of a big house with a white fence and a bunch of children running around, the other one dreamed about a penthouse in a busy, crowded area, living their lives like celebrities. There is nothing wrong with either one of those dreams, except they just don’t match. But, if you and your partner have matching plans and future goals, you two are truly committed to each other.

8. There is no ego in your relationship

In a committed relationship, there is no sign of an ego. Sure, there is pride, but that’s completely different from ego. Ego means that you think first of yourself, that you’re always putting yourself above your partner. If you two are respecting and treating each other as equals, that is one of the most beautiful signs of commitment. You two have decided put your egos aside and love each other truly, madly, deeply.

9. You are each other’s greatest adventure

You two enjoy whatever it is that you’re doing together—travelling together, hitting the bars, making plans. You even turn cooking dinner into a dancing adventure around the kitchen. You feel completely transparent with each other and you just feel good together. Everything you do feels like the right thing to do and it’s as easy as breathing. There are rough patches, there are fights and challenges, but they are also just another adventure for the two of you. What the two of you have is that movie kind of love and true commitment.