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9 Ways To Make Him Stick To You Like Glue

9 Ways To Make Him Stick To You Like Glue

Getting into a relationship is just a part of the puzzle. Making it last and keeping the man you are with interested is a whole different thing.

No, you don’t have to change yourself completely (unless you feel the need to do so), pretend you are someone you are not, or bend over backward to please him.

There is no need for tactics and mind games. That might just do more harm than good.

There are some far simpler and more effective things that will make your man stick to you like glue.

If you want to know more, just keep on reading.

We have some secrets up our sleeve that just might come in handy and shed some light on the way men think, because no matter how many times we hear they are simple creatures, they have a knack for complicating things.

So, let’s start:

Make him want to be a part of your life

The first relationship rule should be: Have a life outside of your relationship!

More often than not, women in love leave their desires, dreams, hobbies, friends, and aspirations, making a man the center of their universe.

That in itself is recipe for disaster.

By neglecting yourself, you will make a man do exactly the same.

If you are constantly at his beck and call and live your life to accommodate him, he will take this for granted and ultimately take you for granted.

You should take out a lot of time to spend with your significant other, but that doesn’t mean dedicating your life to him.

Create a life for yourself that you are proud of. Make time for your friends, try something new, and nurture the old things you love.

It will make him appreciate you more and he will put in effort to be a part of your amazing life.

Be confident (or work hard on getting there)

Yes, I know it’s a cliché, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

Confidence and self-love are keys to turning your life into heaven on earth and making him stick to you like glue.

Men have a sixth sense when it comes to confidence. They can sense it and they find it to be one of the top female virtues.

Seeing a woman who stands with her feet firmly on the ground, knows her worth, and isn’t afraid to flaunt it is extremely attractive.

Confident women are cocky, playful, flirty, and easy to be around, so confidence becomes their primary seduction tool.

So if you are lacking in that area, do something to improve your confidence to ensure a better relationship.

If you kick back a little on making efforts, you will have better results

It’s like something is incorporated in our female DNA that makes us work hard to get the attention of another person.

We give too much, care too much, and try too hard, and sooner or later it backfires on us.

What we need to do is to meet somebody halfway.

Make equal efforts. Stop pushing, pulling, and forcing; rather allow things to evolve naturally. Simple, right?

Cut him some slack every now and then

Understand that a male brain works differently than a female one and that you are bound to have some disagreements.

Your logic is different and you won’t be able to see eye to eye at all times.

Remember that not every wrong has to be made right. Choose your battles wisely and stand up for the things that are important to you.

Don’t allow fights to erupt because of some petty things like leaving the toilet seat up or not taking out the garbage; it’s not worth the energy.

Be playful (literally)

The truth is – and no offense to some men who accidentally stumble upon this – men are sometimes twelve-year boys wrapped up in grown men’s bodies.

They play online video games, get caught up in some activity or start a brand new hobby that holds absolutely no sense to you, out of the blue, and you just stand there not knowing how to act.

The best thing to do is play along, find some common interests in all of it, or some things to occupy you while they are chasing their childhood dreams.

Nagging will just spoil everything – playing along is so much better.

Compliment away

Even though most men would never admit it, they adore compliments. They want to know what you think and how you perceive them.

They want to know they can sweep you off your feet with just a smile, no matter how much time has passed.

So compliment away, tell them they are cute, sweet, sexy, and whatever you’re really thinking in the moment. Don’t hold it back.

Contrary to popular belief, men need affection and attention as much as women do.

One more useful advice that will work charms for both of you is to be grateful and let him know that you appreciate something he has done.

It doesn’t matter if he simply took out the garbage, it means you don’t have to do it!

Tell him he is great; it doesn’t cost you a thing, but it will mean a lot to him.

Kiss, hug, and cuddle

Physical proximity is important, even on the days when you are not in the mood for making love.

It creates closeness alongside the feeling of safety and belonging.

It’s intimacy on a higher level and it’s important to maintain it.

So don’t allow your everyday obligations to stop you from kissing each other often, hugging a lot, and cuddling until you fall asleep in front of the TV after an exhausting day.

Shake things up a bit

The rut is great – it is known and comfortable – but it can easily become super boring and drive you apart.

So make sure you shake things up a bit by introducing something new.

Arrange a date night, pull a prank, buy some sexy lingerie. Be imaginative; surprise him with something unexpected.

Every now and then, change will be like a breath of fresh air that will make your relationship fun again and remind you why you fell in love in the first place.

Make sure he knows you believe in him and have his back

Be his support system. Tell him to try and take a risk if you believe he is on a good path.

Make sure he knows that even if he fails at something, you will be there.

He will never ask for your support, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t need it. He just thinks it’s not manly for him to do so.

By doing these 9 simple things, you are building your friendship and creating a more intimate relationship with your partner.

You are getting physically and mentally closer to him.

He will naturally want to be with you more often, confide in you, and spend quality time with you.

He will never want to leave your side for too long because he enjoys your company so much.

More often than not, we forget the little things in life that make a big difference.