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A Guy Worth Crying Over Will Never Make You Cry

A Guy Worth Crying Over Will Never Make You Cry

Somebody who makes you miserable on a daily basis is not someone who belongs in your life. It’s as simple as that.

If you are spending nights alone in bed, crying yourself to sleep, trying to come up with valid excuses as to why he would hurt you like that, stop.

A person who belongs in your life is never going to allow himself to become the main reason for your tears.

Your partner is the person who is supposed to lift you up.

He is the person who is supposed to make you feel better when you are feeling at your lowest. He is the person who is supposed to be your strength when you are weak and the shoulder you cry on when you are sad.

If you need somebody else’s shoulder to cry on and he is the main reason for that, you are not with a person who is worthy of calling himself your boyfriend.

sad woman lying in bed and thinking

When you are happy, he is just as happy for you. He is going to burst with pride and happiness whenever something magical happens in your life.

He is the only person who is going to be happier for you than yourself, remember that.

If you’re dating an asshole, he is going to start fights in order to see how much you care .

He will want to see your tears, because the more he can make you cry, the more he knows you care.

But the right guy would rather cut his arm off than be the cause of the tears streaming down your face. You are too precious to him and your emotions are of the utmost importance.

It would make him especially despondent to see you cry due to his actions .

young woman crying on the couch

He holds you too close to his heart to allow that to happen.

He wants you two to last a long time. A guy who sees a future with you will never intentionally make you sad. You are a part of his life and seeing you sad is the last thing on his agenda. The happier you are, the happier he is! Nobody who cares for you will enjoy your tears.

Naturally, there will be arguments, you won’t always see eye to eye. It is perfectly normal to feel annoyed with each other at times. That is what happens when you get so close to somebody.

You only fight with those you care enough to fight for! If he didn’t care, he would just let you have your way every time.

You will feel sad at times. He will make you sad at times. But if he is the right guy for you, he is not going to let you dwell in sorrow alone for too long. No. He is going to console you.

He is going to apologize and you two will find a way to work it out.

man apologizing to crying woman

This is how you know it’s right. Because if he can leave the house knowing you are drowning in tears, he is not your man. He is a leech feeding off your tears, knowing he can affect you that deeply.

That is someone you should run away from. Nobody in their right mind will be able to leave you feeling that desperate and not come back within minutes.

He is always going to be careful about what he says during arguments. The whole point is to find a mutual compromise and NOT to hurt each other.

He will be delicate and find the gentlest way to explain his point of view and under no circumstances is he going to want to disturb your peace, just for the sake of it.

The right guy will always fight for you. Life without you will be unbearable to him, so whenever you are facing an obstacle, he will be right by your side, trying to find a solution to your problem and not make you feel miserable in the process.

man trying to comfort sad woman

Because you are his future. And the only person worth fighting for when it gets tough.

If you have a guy who makes you feel like he is enjoying your tears, leave. Understand that you are worthy of a guy taking your emotions into consideration and never intentionally hurting you.

When you feel that with someone, hold on to him and be by each other’s side through life’s unpredictable storms.

He will be your anchor and you will always find a way ahead.

A Guy Worth Crying Over Will Never Make You Cry