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35 Easy-To-Miss Signs He Caught Feelings For You

35 Easy-To-Miss Signs He Caught Feelings For You

Decoding male behavior has never been easy. You expect there would be a great difference between signs he has caught feelings for you, signs he just wants to sleep with you, and signs he sees you as a friend.

But hey, things wouldn’t be interesting if everything is out in the open. Sometimes, you have to wonder what’s going on.

You have to look for hidden clues and signals before you figure out a man’s true intentions. Luckily, I’m here to help you and give you all the common signs he has fallen for you hard.

How do you know if a guy has caught feelings for you?

If you look at these signs separately, they don’t necessarily mean a lot. Nevertheless, if you can relate your guy’s behavior to most of them – you’re onto something.

1. His body language does all the talking

Whenever you’re wondering if a guy likes you, pay attention to the non-verbal signals he keeps on sending you. Most guys are not that skilled in talking about their feelings so he might hide his love for you.

That’s why you should observe his body language signs. This is something he can’t control as much as he wants to.

Does he try to maintain eye contact and look at you like he wants to kiss you? Does he blush around you? Is he using every chance to touch you?

These are all giveaway signs that this man has fallen for you hard. Or, even more – signs that he’s fighting his feelings for you.

2. You have a way of making him smile

When you like someone, you can’t help but smile when you see them. That’s exactly what happens with this guy: you brighten his day, and your presence causes that cute grin on his face.

The moment you walk into the room, his facial expression changes. You have a way of changing his mood for the better no matter what he’s going through.

3. Being close to you is an imperative

Wherever you look around, this guy will somehow be near. Is this a mere coincidence or a clear sign that he’s trying to approach you?

He will make excuses to be around you. He will accidentally bump into you. You will see him much more than you ever did before.

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4. You catch his eye all the time

I can’t clarify this enough: eye contact is crucial! You can’t help but stare at the person you’re into. Well, this guy is no exception.

When you are at the same place, he is always somewhere where he can see you. He checks you out from head to toe and looks you deeply in the eyes.

But, if he looks away every time your eyes lock, it’s just because he is fighting his feelings for you. You’re his secret crush so he doesn’t want to make his emotions too obvious.

5. Random text messages

He’ll text without any reason just to stay in touch. He’ll send you good morning and good night texts, and come up with different excuses to reach out.

If texts become more and more frequent, there is a good chance he is into you. Maybe he is still not ready to admit it, but these texting giveaways speak louder than words.

He’s just much braver over text than he is in person. Don’t worry – I’m sure that he’ll talk to you about his true feelings some time soon.

6. It’s important to him that your friends like him

One thing is clear: this man wants to be a part of your life. And, there is nothing strange about the fact that he wants your friends to like him.

He’s perfectly aware that you value their opinion. Basically, he hopes that they’ll tell you what a great guy he is and that you two would be perfect for each other.

7. Remembering little things

Another telltale sign he has caught feelings is the fact that this guy remembers every single detail about you. It’s enough for you to tell him the name of your favorite TV show or to mention your best friend’s name – he’ll never forget it.

He remembers the exact date and time when you two met, doesn’t forget exactly what you want for your birthday, and even knows some random things about you such as the name of your first pet.

8. There is no true love without jealousy

As much as he tries to hide it, this man is jealous. He probably won’t tell you how much he freaks out whenever he sees you talking to some other guy, but his facial expressions say it all.

He has strong feelings for you and is threatened by everyone close to you. This is one of the sure signs he is falling deeply in love with you.

9. He’d even settle for a friend zone

Your presence in his life is everything this man asks for. Even if he knows he doesn’t stand a chance with you, he’ll patiently wait for you to let him all in.

And, until then, he’ll settle for being your friend. After all, it’s better than losing you for good.

If this sounds familiar, I’ll just give you a piece of relationship advice: don’t drag such a nice guy along. Don’t use his kindness, and don’t take him for granted because you might regret it.

10. Visioning your future together

Here is one of the most definite signs a guy is growing to love you. He doesn’t talk about your presence only – he includes you in his future as well.

He is making short- and long-term plans with you. This man obviously wants you to be his girlfriend, and he isn’t ready to let you go as easily.

I’m not saying that he is determined to grow old with you just yet, but one thing is clear: he plans to take your relationship to the next level.

11. Holding your hand in public makes him proud

Do you ever feel like he’s eager to show you off to everyone? It’s like he’s saying: World, look at this woman! She’s all mine!

Well, that’s an obvious sign of how much you mean to him. He’s more than proud to kiss you and hold your hand in public so everyone sees you two as a couple.

Besides, he has absolutely nothing to hide since you’re clearly the only woman he’s dating. You’re his babe.

12. Small tokens of affection

Love is not about diamond necklaces and expensive perfumes. It’s about someone knowing you to the core of your being and thinking about you in the most random moments.

That’s exactly how this guy shows you his strong feelings. He is constantly giving you his undivided attention.

It doesn’t matter if he calls you just to ask if you’re tired, or if he buys you something small just because it reminded him of you. The important thing is that he’s always there.

13. “Accidental” touches

This man’s body has the need to be close to yours. Even though he respects your boundaries and personal space, he can’t help but touch you whenever he gets the chance to.

When the two of you are talking, he puts his arm over your shoulder. When he’s laughing, he touches your knee.

And, you know what’s the best part? It’s the fact that he does it without even being aware. He is so attracted to you that he can’t control his urge to touch you.

14. He has eyes for you only

This man could be in a room full of supermodels, but he’ll still look at you and only you. It’s like he doesn’t even notice any other female around him because you take the first place in his heart.

That’s because he’s simply infatuated by you. Your presence triggers all of his senses, and he can’t take his eyes off you.

You know everything about his love life, and none of his exes intimidate you. This gentleman makes it clear that you’re the only one for him.

15. Labeling things is mandatory

Fwb? Casual fling? Not knowing where you stand? With this guy, these are all things of the past.

From the first time you two kiss, he makes things official. In fact, he’s the one who insists on labeling things right away. He is without a doubt serious about you.

He refers to you as his girlfriend, doesn’t hide you on social media, and shows no signs of commitment-phobia. What more could a girl wish for?

16. He can’t stay mad for too long

Whenever you two get into a fight, he’s the one who wants to make up as soon as possible. He doesn’t mind saying he’s sorry when he knows he’s wrong.

But, what matters is that his apologies aren’t empty words only he actually makes an effort to make things right.

Even when you make a mistake, he can’t stay mad at you for too long. He has the need to talk to you and to see you, and that’s always stronger than his anger.

17. Welcoming you into his world

Remember how I told you that this guy wants to be a part of your life? Well, he welcomes you into his world as well.

He introduces you to all of his friends, and even invites you to family gatherings. You’re not something temporary for him and he wants the whole world to know that.

It’s not like he’ll force you to become best friends with his friends and family, but he sure wants them to like you. You’re a part of him from now on, and that means being a part of every aspect of his life.

18. He’s faithful even if you’re not official

It doesn’t matter if you’ve upgraded your relationship to the next level. Even if you haven’t made things official and agreed on being exclusive, he doesn’t think of dating other women.

This man deleted all of his dating apps, he’s not hitting on other women, and he doesn’t have a back-up plan in case you two don’t work out.

But, he’s not doing it because he’s afraid you’ll find out about other women in his life. He is acting this way because he has zero interest in any other female in this world besides you.

19. Getting emotionally naked

You know how guys have a habit of acting all tough in front of the girl they like? They want to impress you, and they assume that their macho side will help them do that.

Well, if you’re looking for a sure sign that he has caught feelings for you, pay close attention to the way he shows you his vulnerable side.

When a man starts catching feelings, he gets emotionally naked in front of you. It’s a clear sign he trusts you and feels safe around you.

20. He starts missing you the moment you part ways

Another common sign that a guy is catching feelings for you is the fact that he never gets tired of spending time with you.

You two hang out all day, but as soon as you part ways, he sends you a random text or calls you to tell you he misses you. There is no doubt about one thing: this man is head over heels for you.

21. Intimacy is not purely physical

When a guy just wants to sleep with you, that’s exactly what he’ll do. He won’t waste his time cuddling, holding hands, and spooning. He’ll use you for physical satisfaction and nothing more.

On the other hand, when a guy is catching feelings, he’ll understand that intimacy is much more than some under-the-sheet activity. He’ll put an effort into creating a strong bond with you in all possible ways.

Sometimes, just looking at you deeply in the eyes will be an intimate act for him. And, if you’ve got yourself a guy like this, I promise you: he’s a keeper.

22. You trigger his hero instinct

He sees himself as your Prince Charming. At the same time, you’re a damsel in distress who needs his rescuing.

Look, he actually knows you’re a strong woman who can handle life on her own. But, he wants to help you out.

You trigger his hero instinct, and he enjoys taking care of you. He feels more powerful when he does you little favors and when he has the chance to treat you like the Princess you are.

23. Respect is one of the greatest expressions of his love

There is no love without respect, and the way this guy treats you is the best sign of that. He treats you like a real lady, and he will always remain a gentleman no matter what happens between you two.

This guy respects the woman you are: he respects your boundaries, your choices, your family and friends, your time, your opinion… he never does anything to belittle you, and he always puts you on a pedestal.

24. He engages in a lot of self-improvement

Not all signs he has caught feelings are connected to you only. This one is all about him.

We’re talking about a man who is aware of your worth. Therefore, he wants to match your qualities in every way possible.

He is dying for you to see him as boyfriend material, so he starts working on himself. He invests a lot of time and energy in self-improvement, and he hopes you’ll notice his progress.

25. Losing you is his worst nightmare

If a man doesn’t love you, he doesn’t care about whether he’ll lose you or not. On the other hand, when he is catching feelings, the possibility of losing you becomes his worst nightmare.

I’m not telling you to use this knowledge against him, but if you’re not sure about a guy’s feelings, just see how he’d act if he was about to lose you. After this little experiment, everything will be crystal clear.

26. He does his best to get to know you

Your looks are not the only thing he’s interested in. One of the great signs he’s catching feelings is the fact that he puts effort into getting to know the real you.

Whenever you two hang out, he asks you all the deep questions and uncovers your personality layer by layer. He wants to become your best friend and life companion besides just being your boyfriend.

27. He has no interest in changing you

A man who loves you will accept you for who you are. He will love even the things he doesn’t like about you.

Yes, you got it right. He’ll be perfectly aware of all of your flaws, but he’ll also love even those imperfect parts of you.

This guy has no interest in changing you. He gives you all the freedom in the world to be yourself, and that’s what true love is all about.

28. He’d trust you with his life

You’re “his person”. You are the one he can share all of his darkest secrets with, and the one he believes would never betray him.

Even if you hadn’t done much to earn this man’s trust, somehow, he really would trust you with his life.

Not only that: he is also trying hard to earn your trust as well. He wants you to know you can always rely on him. He has your back no matter what!

29. You’re the first person he shares everything with

Who is the first person you call when you have good and bad news? I bet it’s someone you love dearly.

Well, for him – you’re this person.

When he’s happy, he wants to share his joy with you. When he’s sad, you’re the only one who can wipe his tears away.

When he’s angry, you’re the one who calms him down. When he gets some bad news, he expects you to comfort him.

Trust me – if a guy treats you this way, it means that your relationship is a big deal for him.

30. He stalks you on social media

Girls aren’t the only ones who stalk their crushes on social media. I’ll tell you a little secret: guys do it, too.

This young fellow is the first one to watch all of your Instagram and Snapchat stories, he likes all of your posts and photos, and he pays close attention to all of your new followers.

If this isn’t one of the signs he has caught feelings, I don’t know what is.

31. He doesn’t avoid deep conversations

What you two have is much more than small talk and shallow conversations. He works on his communication skills, and always comes up with new, interesting topics to talk about.

He doesn’t run away from deep conversations, and he is more than ready to talk about all the serious stuff.

Want to talk about your past love life? Childhood traumas? Bring it on because this one can handle it.

32. Making you happy gives him joy

There is nothing in the world that could make this guy happier than being the one who makes you happy. Making you smile or seeing you laugh at his jokes fills his heart with joy. When your happiness becomes his priority, then you know he loves you and deeply cares about you.

Your problems are his problems, and if you’re going through a rough patch, he won’t be at ease until he helps you resolve it.

33. He treats you differently

You see it and everyone else sees it. He makes it clear that you’re very special to him.

He doesn’t compare you to any other woman in the world because you’re the best of the best. Even his friends will tell you that they’ve never seen him fall in love that much. What better compliment do you need?

34. He can’t get his hands off of you

The tension between you two is so thick that you could cut it with a knife. Yes, I’m talking about the good kind of tension.

I’m talking about passion, butterflies, and fireworks. I’m talking about the fact that he is so strongly attracted to you that he can’t get his hands off of you.

Of course, this alone isn’t a sign that he’s catching feelings for you. But, combined with all these other signs? It’s more than enough!

35. Ultimately, he does the confession

Sometimes, a guy is scared of how much he likes you, and he needs time to process his emotions.

When he’s done fighting his feelings for you and sees that he can’t resist the love he feels, he’ll confess his emotions. Maybe he’ll throw you a big romantic gesture or just tell you he loves you. Either way, you should appreciate his bravery.

To Wrap Up:

Now that you’ve read all the signs he has caught feelings, there is no more room for doubt. It’s quite obvious that this man is crazy for you.

I promise you one thing: his feelings for you are genuine. You’re lucky because you’ve run into a guy who really cares for you. Don’t miss out on him because he really is one of a kind.