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All Men Out There Listen Up: This Is How You Treat A Woman Right

All Men Out There Listen Up: This Is How You Treat A Woman Right

Men today think that women are there to serve them in one way or another, never being taught that treating a woman right can benefit them as well. They look at us crying, breaking into little pieces and never putting themselves out there in order to make us happy.

Their parents never taught them how to be a gentleman and how to treat a woman right. They watched them argue and split up, thinking that that’s the only way you can treat a woman and still be loved. But it’s so much more than that.

Treating a woman right isn’t difficult at all. We don’t want you to take the stars down from the sky for us and we don’t want you to go to the other side of the world to please us. We want to be treated with respect, kindness and care. Are we asking for too much?

Give her a gift once in a while. Believe she’s not asking you to spend your entire paycheck on a ring, even a flower from the side of the road is fine, as long as you remember to do something cute for her. You think that women take your hoodies for no reason? We take them to have a little piece of you with ourself, as we want to have you around.

But keep in mind, the best gifts you can give us are your time and efforts. We would get bored of you if we were together 24/7 because we have our own life to run after as well. But devoting a couple of hours a day to be there for us shouldn’t be that big of a deal, right?

You need to understand our emotions. It’s well-known that women are emotional roller coasters with no end to the ride. We’re not asking you to understand everything, because sometimes we don’t understand ourself either. We feel everything so deeply that it starts to hurt and we want you to understand that it’s just the way it is. It’s nothing bad, it’s just part of our nature.

Treat her like you’re still trying to get her. Imagine that she’s not madly in love with you and what you would do to make her happy. Imagine all those things you did to obtain her heart. You treated her way better back then than you are doing right now and you can’t deny it. Just give her enough reason to be hooked forever while always putting in the effort. Effort doesn’t kill, you know?

And don’t forget to listen. We know how to solve every problem in our life all by ourself. It’s just that we want to know if you care enough to listen to what we have to say. I want to know if you are trying to fix the problem or fix me. I know that it’s bad to play such games but to a woman it’s very important to know that you’re there for us.

Build up trust and don’t destroy it. I thought that this one would go without saying but I still think that it’s crucial, so here it is: don’t deceive her! She deserves way better than that. Show her that she can trust you and show her that you will forever be hers. Because, believe me, if you deceive her once, you won’t get another chance.

Quick reminder: Don’t hide anything from us. We will either find it out or we’ll have known all along. You’re not doing yourself any favors by keeping a secret.

Take care of yourself. No matter how much we want you to be there for us we still want you to take care of yourself. Take care of your own responsibilities and know when you’ve had enough. Do everything that’s needed to keep you confident as long as it’s not hurting us. For sure, we wouldn’t want a man whose life revolves around us. Do something good for yourself each day, because you’re doing us a favor too. Just be kind to yourself.

Love her. Love her unconditionally, fully, truly, full-heartedly. Because if you really do love her, you will never treat her with disrespect and you will never make her feel miserable. Love her and don’t hold back. No matter what anyone around you says, she’s yours and you need to prove to her that you care. So love her.