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Understanding Guys Who Move Slow In Relationships

Understanding Guys Who Move Slow In Relationships

Unfortunately, guys who move slowly in relationships are most often misunderstood. Most women believe they move slowly only because they want to use them and play with them.

However, that isn’t always the case. Of course, some men are players and they enjoy stringing women along. But there are also others who have honest intentions and simply want to move slowly in relationships because they think it’s for the best.

Today, I’ll give you a reason to think twice about this kind of man. Pay close attention to these things every woman should know about guys who move slowly in relationships. It will change your opinion – guaranteed.

Guys Who Move Slow In Relationships: 14 Things To Know

If you run into a guy who takes things slow, there are some important things you should keep in mind. My relationship advice to you is that you shouldn’t judge him immediately. Give him time to show you why he prefers not to hurry things when it comes to a relationship.

1. They want to get to know their partner inside-out

It’s a good thing to go at a slow pace in the early stages of a new relationship because the couple should get to know one another before they make any big decisions regarding their future together.

So, if a man decides to take things slow, it doesn’t have to mean that he’s stringing you along. Perhaps he just wants to meet the real you and see whether he’ll really like everything he finds out about you and vice versa.

2. They want to be sure it’s true love

Guys who move slowly in relationships simply want to make sure their relationship is based on true love, and that it’s not some short-term infatuation.

Now, how do you know if it’s true love or infatuation? Well, you can check this article and find out 10 Crucial Differences Between Love And Infatuation.

3. Fear of serious relationship

The fact is, most men are afraid of commitment and serious relationships. That’s why most of them struggle with maintaining healthy relationships.

If you know for sure that your man is a commitment-phobe, you should show understanding. Help him to overcome his fears by showing him he can trust you.

4. They want to build up strong foundations first

And this is absolutely okay. Building strong and healthy foundations in the early stages of a relationship would make it easier for the couple to build and maintain a successful, long-term relationship.

So, if your man really tries hard to bond with you, get your trust and make you fall in love with him, it’s a good sign he’s taking things slow only because he wants to make sure your relationship is moving in the right direction.

5. Emotional intimacy also scares them

If a man is afraid of getting attached to a woman and bonding with her emotionally, he might build walls around his heart that won’t allow her to come too close to him. On the other hand, it would allow him to move slowly in the relationship.

Once the woman gets his trust, those walls start collapsing and he immediately starts thinking about taking their relationship to the next, more serious level.

6. They want to check the compatibility

Some people say that opposites attract, however, we all know that it’s important for a couple to be compatible in order to build a healthy relationship.

Compatibility may also be one of the reasons why guys move slow in relationships. They simply want to check whether they really click with their partner or not.

7. They focus on setting strong emotional connection first

Almost every relationship expert would agree that relationships based on friendships succeed almost every time. It’s simply because the couple builds a deep emotional connection even before they indulge in a serious relationship.

They want to know they can trust the other side and vice versa. And it’s actually a good thing because trust and connection are indeed the most important things for building a healthy, loving relationship.

8. Trying to protect their heart from getting hurt

One of the reasons men don’t want to hurry in relationships is because they’re afraid of getting hurt. Taking things slow is simply their way of protecting their heart from being broken.

9. Previous relationship wounds and scars

If your man was hurt in one of his past relationships, that would explain why he wants to take things slow. He’s simply afraid that the same thing would happen again with you and he tries to avoid it.

Falling in love isn’t always easy. Sometimes, you fall in love with the wrong person and end up with a broken heart. That’s why he wants to make sure you’re the right person for him before he takes any serious steps.

10. They want to be sure there are no red flags

Men tend to take things slow with a new partner because they want to make sure their relationship is red flags-free. They want to get to know their partner and see whether they’re able to build a loving relationship.

Once they convince themselves there are no serious red flags, they’re ready to take their relationship to the next level.

11. They still aren’t sure about their feelings

Men are very often confused about their love life, especially the first time they fall in love. Those kinds of strong feelings are unfamiliar to them and it scares them.

That’s why most of them choose to move slowly in a relationship. At least, until they are convinced they are honestly in love with their partner.

12. Or, on the other hand, they aren’t sure about the way the other side feels about them

It can also be that a man is sure about how he feels but isn’t sure about the way his significant other feels about him. Maybe the other side doesn’t prove her love to him and that’s why he’s being so careful and taking things slow.

If you aren’t sure that someone truly loves you, it’s completely normal that you won’t start planning your future together ASAP. You’ll wait and see whether they truly love you and then you’ll make a final decision whether you’ll stay with them or end that relationship forever.

13. They’re being careful about planning your future together

If they’re giving some clear signs and hints that they’re thinking about the future with their partner, it’s clear why they want to move slowly. They’re simply being careful and want to think everything through before they take any serious steps.

If this is the case with your man, then you can rest assured knowing that you’ve found yourself a real man.

14. They simply don’t want to rush things

Perhaps it’s just their wish. They may have their reasons for it but they may also just want to take things slow because they think that, by rushing things, it would only ruin their relationship.

That’s why all you can do is be patient. Give him time. Time will show what his true intentions are.

What To Do When He’s Moving Too Slow?

If it’s a new relationship, it’s completely normal that he wants to move slowly. However, if you’re dating for a while and he still takes things slow, here are some tips that may help you make him move at a faster pace.

• Simply, give him a push

Maybe all your man needs is a little push. You should help him make the next move or, if you’re brave enough, you can make the next move yourself.

If you’re dating a shy guy, he’s probably afraid of how you may react if he takes that next step. That’s why you should make that move and show him that you’re up for taking your relationship to the next level.

• Encourage him to make the next move

Just to be clear, a slow burn is the best way to build a relationship. However, you can’t wait forever for him to make a move and take your relationship to the next level.

You don’t have to be direct with him but be honest. Tell him that you’re thinking about a serious relationship and that you can’t wait to build your future together. Be careful, though, and don’t push it because you may only scare and drive your man away.

Trigger his hero instinct

You need to treat your man with respect because all men, just like women, want to feel loved, appreciated, cherished and respected in a relationship.

Don’t be afraid to seek his help whenever you need it. He needs to feel like you need and, most importantly, want him.

• Talk about your relationship

Maybe your partner isn’t quite sure your relationship is strong enough and that’s why he chooses to take things at a slow pace.

It’s your job to convince him that you really intend to build a serious relationship with him. And don’t leave it at pure words. Prove to your man that you honestly love him and that you plan to stay by his side forever.

• Be patient and have faith in your love

If you love your man, even if you don’t quite understand the reasons why he wants to slow things down, you should be patient and wait for him to explain it himself.

Of course, be careful because you can never be 100% sure. Perhaps your man is indeed stringing you along and if you fall head over heels for him, he’ll break your heart.

What Does Moving Slow In A Relationship Mean?

Going slow means that a partner needs some time before every step they take in a relationship. They don’t make any hasty decisions because they simply want to take things at a slower pace.

Most couples decide to go slow, especially in the early stages of the relationship. They take time to get to know one another and work on some important things, like building trust and respect.

Is He Taking Things Slow Or Stringing Me Along?

Sometimes, it’s hard to understand a guy’s intentions, especially if he’s taking things slow in the relationship. You can’t help but wonder if he just wants to go slow or if he’s stringing you along.

If your man is giving you mixed signals, if he rarely has time for you, if he doesn’t even intend to meet you with his loved one and if he avoids conversations about your future together, you can be sure that he’s only stringing you along.

He doesn’t plan to build a healthy, long-term relationship with you. He will be there until your relationship benefits him and as soon as you start demanding to take it to the next level, he’ll simply back out.

On the other hand, if he clearly shows that he cares about you, makes time for you, and celebrates the milestones you reach together in your relationship, it’s obvious that your guy wants to stay in your life for good.

Maybe he’s taking it all too slow but it’s only because he wants to make your relationship strong, so nothing and nobody can ever affect it.

To Conclude

There are many stereotypes about guys who move slowly in a relationship, but as you can see, the truth is completely different. In most cases, those guys are simply afraid of commitment and want to protect themselves from getting hurt.

After all, it’s always better to take things at a slower pace in a relationship than to hurry. Both partners need to give each other enough time to get to know one another and to build a strong and genuine emotional connection.

From everything mentioned above, you shouldn’t avoid these types of guys. On the contrary, you should consider yourself lucky if you run into one because a guy like this is truly boyfriend material.