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Be Good To People, Even When They Don’t Deserve It

Be Good To People, Even When They Don’t Deserve It

We have all gotten to know life by now and we can say, with confidence, that it has its ups and downs.

Sometimes those ups and downs are caused by other people in our life, no matter whether we want them to affect us or not.

In one moment, you are at your highest, higher than you have ever been before. You smile, you laugh, you become so fearless.

That person who makes you feel this way means the world to you, don’t they?

These people are so rare! The ones who would do anything needed just to make you feel fulfilled and welcome. It’s the worst when these people decide to put you down.

When you least expect it, the people who meant the most to you deceive you, they disappear out of your life and in the end, the only thing that is left is you wondering what you did wrong.

Let me tell you: nothing!

Life is a constant battle and sometimes you are going to fight alongside someone but other times you will end up alone, fighting for yourself.

But no matter what happens, no matter how many times they say something insulting, no matter if they break you or show you how dishonest they are: continue to be kind.

Of course, you should be kind to yourself first. When you see that there is no way you can make your friendship/relationship work, there is nothing better to do than to walk away completely.

But they will come back. People who can’t get enough of the tears and agony of other people, they always come back.

You can fight them with kindness. Your words can be bullets and can hurt everyone around you or they can be the softest sound in the world.

Why not choose to do something good for someone else, even when they are not able to do the same for you!

Be good to the people around you, even when they don’t deserve it, because maybe they need it more than you do.

You probably know about all those stories that the bullies at school are actually insecure, little children who need affection?

Grown-up people aren’t any different. The people who hurt you and make you feel all this pain need your kind words .

You might be asking yourself, why give them that pleasure?

Because they will know that they cannot break you. They will know that you are strong enough to handle anything they throw at you because you will stand strong through all of it.

A kind word or gesture can change someone’s day. It can even make someone think about their actions and maybe even change.

Just think about what you can do. You can influence someone into never hurting another human being again. Just by being a good person.

But never forget that the most important aspect of it all is to be good to yourself!

When times get tough and when you wake up feeling worthless and undeserving of love, remember to be kind to yourself.

Look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are OK just the way you are, tell yourself that everything will be fine as long as you continue to love yourself.

Look at your whole body and say that you love every inch of it. Close your eyes and think about your heart and how much it has endured, be thankful and tell your heart that you are proud.

You really can’t find an excuse to not be good to other people. You can’t tell me that there is a reason for you to hurt someone, because that way all you’re actually doing is poisoning your own soul.

Even though firing back at someone makes you feel relieved, you know that deep down inside, you have that little itch telling you that you did something extremely wrong.

It keeps on poisoning you from the inside and one day you will become one of those toxic people you were so afraid of.

That is why you should be kind to everyone . Days get harder, hours get longer, people are more and more exhausted and angry.

Don’t let them think that everyone’s life is miserable, let them know that you can be happy and kind to everyone. Show them how it’s done!