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Before Falling For An Overthinker With A Sensitive Heart, Know This

Before Falling For An Overthinker With A Sensitive Heart, Know This

The world is already a cruel place but if you are an overthinker it can be really fucked up.

Plus, if you are too emotional and sensitive, then the chances are high that you will get hurt eventually.

You see, unfortunately, we are living in a place where people don’t value emotions anymore.

They are just preoccupied with their own interests and the things they can gain in everyday life.

That’s why people who overthink and who have a sensitive heart are like a blessing and we need to keep them in our life.

They are so rare and I sometimes feel like their place is not in a world like this. They are too clean and pure and they simply can’t fight with the wolves that are around them.

They don’t know how to take care of themselves and they always choose others first.

They believe they are natural healers and that others need their help more than them. And in most cases, they end up hurt.

Even if they are great friends and partners, others somehow don’t see their value and betray them.

That’s why I decided to remind you of a few things you need to know before falling for an overthinker.

They will overanalyze your words over and over again

When you date an overthinker with a sensitive heart, be ready as they will overanalyze everything you say.

If they hear you saying something they don’t like, they will constantly ask themselves why you said that and what you meant by it.

They will be anxious about things that other people wouldn’t even think about.

But they do all of that because they want to make sure that you really love them and only them and with the right person they can get their overthinking under control.

They will ask you a lot of questions

When you are dating an overthinker, they will ask you a lot of questions because they want to get to know you better.

They are not doing that because they are curious about where you were last night or something like that but to see what kind of a person you are.

They will never accuse you without any evidence so don’t freak out because they have so much to say.

They just want to make sure that the person they are giving their heart to is actually worth it.

They will have a hard time trusting you

You see, when an overthinker is in love, they think a lot about some unnecessary things and that is what makes their partner leave them.

They can’t relax and everything they do is something they made a plan for.

That’s how they get to their breaking point, when their relationship falls apart.

And every new relationship has the fear of the unknown and that’s why they won’t be able to trust you immediately.

You will have to show them that you really love them and that you want to take care of them. Only then will they relax enough to let you in.

They want real love

I know that we all want real love but an overthinker with a sensitive heart craves love more than anyone else.

Those people have been hurt so many times in their life and they want to find someone they can settle down with.

They need a person who will accept them just the way they are.

They need someone they can be themselves with and when they find a person like that, they will give themselves all in.

So, if you date an overthinker, just know that it takes so little for them to be happy.

They feel deeply

Every overthinker has the blessing or curse of feeling deeply. They can feel things you feel, even if you are not close to them.

They can see a ton of pain behind your smile and they can see when you are having a rough time, no matter how much you try to cover that up.

And because of that, they are so special. That’s why you should keep them in your life and never do something that could hurt them.

If they are good enough to give you all their love and affection, you should give them something in return.

They don’t want to hurt you

The last thing on their list of priorities is hurting someone, especially a person they are into.

They are good people who don’t want to fight and who always want to handle things in a peaceful way.

They only have trouble expressing their feelings sometimes, so it might look like they are bad but they actually just try to save you from bad things.

They take care of you even if you don’t want them to and there is no way you can convince them to stop doing that.

They are too romantic

When you date an overthinker, just know that they will sweep you off your feet with their romancing.

They are people who give themselves all in to a romantic relationship and they don’t regret doing so.

They will prepare you surprises, take you to candlelit dinners and write you poems.

When they love, they go all in and they don’t know how to act differently.

They can turn your life into the most beautiful story if you treat them like they deserve.