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A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Make Him Ache For You

A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Make Him Ache For You

Mutual love, respect and support are definitely important aspects of any relationship, but secretly, we all just want our guys to still have the hots for us!

After a while, in any serious, committed relationship, there comes a period where you are both just so comfortable with each other that you actually stop making an effort to look good anymore.

You just don’t care because you know he loves you either way.

That’s all true, but when you let it get too far, and you don’t even bother to wash your hair or at least wear something other than sweats for days on end, your partner could lose that sexual drive he once had with you!

It’s not that he won’t love you anymore. It’s just that the sex-factor and the initial desire he felt the minute he saw you when you first started dating could slowly turn into comfort and unwillingness to get off of the couch when you get home.

And it’ll leave you wondering when and how that sexual appetite he once had for you has seemingly perished and what made him lose interest.

But, don’t worry, there’s a solution for your problem.

You need to make an actual effort to reactivate that sexual desire in him and make him crave you like he used to. That spark you once had at the beginning won’t last for too long if you consciously neglect it.

In order to help you make your man want you like never before, and refuel both your sexual appetites, here are 7 fantastic ways how you can drive him absolutely wild and inspire a sexual beast inside him!

Just be careful, this might make him go crazy in lust for you! Consider yourself warned, and good luck.

Say his name as often as you can

Facts are facts. Men LOVE it when you say their names. It makes them feel important and elevates their desire for you.

When they see your lips uttering their name, regardless of the situation, all they can think about is how hot you are at that very moment and how’d they do you right then and there.

It makes him see that he’s the one you’re thinking about and nothing floats his boat more. It’s in their male DNA to need to know and feel that they’ve wiped out the competition and gotten the girl and her undivided attention.

But don’t just utter it out of nowhere; make it count.

For example, if you’re in a public setting, and there are people around you, make sure to throw his name into the conversation as much as you can, and give him a sexy look every time you do.

Make him realize the sexual innuendo as you innocently utter his name around all those people. It will drive him crazy and make him so horny for you.

All he will be able to do is just wait until you get home and passionately take you the moment you open the door, as he won’t be able to wait to get to the bedroom. Bingo!

There’s one other thing you can to with the name… As you’re in the bedroom getting it on, and he seems like he’s lost in his head or something,

Just slowly and quietly moan his name to get his full, undivided attention.

You’ll see how much that will motivate him and make things hot and intense between the sheets.

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Reach into his pocket unexpectedly

Pretend you’re reaching for the keys while you’ll both know the true intention of your move… The whole point of this is for him the experience the power of an unexpected touch.

When you touch your man down there out of the blue, you instantly stimulate his desire and make him crave your touch when you’re not around.

It’s going to be a short moment of excitement for him, and it will for sure leave him wanting more, which will pay off when you finally get together that day and take it into the bedroom.

He will be more than ready to show you his appreciation, and you’ll be happy with yourself because you still got it, girl!

Here are some other ways you can grant him an unexpected touch and rile him up a little:

If you’re at a bar and you need him to move so that you can excuse yourself to the lady’s room, don’t ask him to move. Get up and walk past him.

Make sure you brush him with your derriere on your way there. Trust me, he’ll love it, and you’ll be more than able to tell.

If you’re sitting at lunch with a bunch of people (be that friends, family, coworkers), sit right next to him.

And when you need to reach for something to your left or right (depending on where he’s seated), make sure to turn around as much as you can, brushing him with your breasts nice and slowly, on your way to getting the salt.

When you actually do need the keys or a phone from his pocket, don’t ask him to give it to you, but just reach inside, and take it yourself.

I know you get the idea where I’m going with this… Any unexpected touch, and especially those particular spots… he won’t be able to hide his excitement.

When you’re all touchy-feely with your man, he’ll slowly get hooked on your unexpected touch, and he will crave it every time you’re not around. So don’t wait for the next opportunity to touch him unexpectedly. Create it!

You’ll both enjoy it in the end.

Tell him less, and it will make him want you more

The awesome thing about guys is that the less you share with them, the more they’ll want you!

So next time you want to tell him all about the new drama between two of your mutual friends or the recap of the latest show you’ve watched – don’t.

Men are not capable of receiving that much information as they see it as irrelevant and ultimately boring.

Have you ever wondered why you always have to extract information out of him about his day, or anything really? Well, now you know.

This is the main reason they aren’t as forthcoming as we are. They just don’t find it interesting or worth sharing, so they won’t bother us with it.

Now that you know, stop sharing every single detail of your life with him (that’s what you’ve got your girls for anyway), and watch him slowly long for you more and more.

The less you tell him about anything, the more he’ll start coming to you and asking questions. He won’t even know this was all your carefully thought-out master plan.

When you’re a little less chatty and forthcoming, he’ll be so much more interested in what you have to say!

For example, when he asks you about work and you just reply: ‘“Nothing much, the usual…’’, he’ll ask you for more information, and he’ll be genuinely interested in hearing it.

When you’re out with your girls and you just tell him that in a quick text, without specifying where and with whom exactly, he’ll want to hear more, and there you go!

Keep him on the hook by limiting your story-telling, and you’ll have him eating out of your hand. He’ll die to know the ending of every story, just keep it short and sweet and enjoy his full attention.

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Switch up your routine and make a little change in your appearance

You know how you get your hair cut and then come home to your man, only for him to totally not even notice? Well, it’s because guys don’t notice these small changes that us ladies do! They’re not wired that way.

So next time, be a little more daring, and do something noticeably different. Have you ever thought about changing hair colors? That could do the trick!

If you’re a brunette, maybe try and go for that fiery-red, and make him really notice you this time! (But never do it just for the sole purpose of his attention. Only do it if it’s something you want as well!)

Adding something new will surely add to his desire toward you! It doesn’t have to be hair, though. You can change it up in the wardrobe department as well!

For example, if you’re always in jeans, maybe go for a skirt every now and again, or if you’re always in a cute dress, change it up and invest in some fancy, high-waist jeans and a cute crop top!

Trust me, he’ll notice. He’ll be intrigued by your change in style, and he’ll be very interested in this sudden novelty, as he’s not used to seeing you that way.

One other change that could have the biggest impact is ditching the bra! One day of the week, give yourself a break from your bra, and just enjoy feeling untamed and hot. Oh, and make sure to make your walk as bouncy as possible that day.

Learn to compliment him in the right way

Guys aren’t like us ladies. You’ll never hear a man ask his girlfriend if his muscles look small in that shirt or if his butt looks cute. They just don’t work that way.

BUT, just because they don’t fish for compliments, doesn’t mean they don’t like hearing one every now and again. (They really, really do.)

More than anything, men love to know that they are desired.

And when they hear it from their partner, they get the reinforcement needed to know that their girl is still sexually attracted to them. Basically knowing they still got it, only further deepens their existing feelings for their partners.

Keep in mind, men aren’t as lovey-dovey and affectionate as we are, so just telling him how cute and amazing he is won’t necessarily do the trick.

Be specific!

You know your man better than anyone else, so make sure to do it right. You know what he’s self-conscious about the most, so mention something with that in mind.

Or if he’s really good in the kitchen, make sure to tell him how fantastic the meal was and how much you loved it.

He won’t be jumping for joy. He may just nod his head, but deep down, he’ll love hearing it. Sometimes you just need to watch his body language, and it will tell you everything you need to know—even the things he’s not saying.

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Remind him of the time when you first fell for each other

Think back on that amazing time when you first started dating. Remember the rush you felt every time the phone rang and you hoped it was him? And how seeing him was the cherry on top of your every day?

Remind him of the place where you usually spent time for the first few months of the relationship. Take a walk down memory lane, and revisit that place again!

It will trigger all of your memories of the beginnings of your relationship, and you will be in a love bubble as you reminisce of falling in love all those years ago.

When he is instantly reminded of something that is associated with him falling in love with you, he will be overwhelmed with emotion.

He will feel nostalgic and long for those times. It will be a really special moment to revisit your old grounds, and it can only bring out the most romantic sentiment in both of you.

If there was a perfume you used to wear all the time when you would meet him, go purchase it again, and give him an instant flashback!

You don’t even have to say anything… just wear that perfume next time you see him, and the minute a small breeze runs over you, he will be reminded of all your first dates.

It will bring him so much happiness to know that after all this time, you’re still by his side, making him happier than ever.

The connection he will feel toward your past will be so strong that no words will be necessary. He will be transported back instantly, and you’ll know by the smile on his face that he just knows.

Capture the attention of another guy on the sly

Men become really attentive when they see another guy checking out their girl. Lust really does work wonders!

If you want your man to want you more, make sure you turn a few heads when you’re on your date next time.

Don’t do anything crazy and most certainly don’t engage. Just catch the attention of a few random guys at the bar/restaurant/street and then look away, checking out how your man is  being all jealous on the down low.

When he sees that other guys want you, he’ll feel secretly proud and pleased with himself, knowing he’s the one who gets to take you home!

Sometimes, it’s necessary to stroke his ego a little, just so that he realizes how lucky he really is to be with you.

When you know you’ll be in a situation where there’ll be a lot of people, especially men, take a few extra moments when getting ready, and make sure his jaw is on the floor when he sees you.

Then, when you get to the place, be very friendly and flirtatious with some guys there (but don’t overdo it—keep it in all within normal, innocent limits).

He’ll cling to you like white on rice as soon as he sees the competition there pining after you. And that’s exactly what you want.

So when you see that he’s noticed the attention you’re getting, you can stop at that time, and enjoy having your man’s eyes on you, more than ever.

He will realize that out of all those guys there who could potentially win you over if you weren’t taken, he’s the lucky one who gets to be with you. And that will make him appreciate you and your relationship more than ever.

Guys really are peculiar that way, but sometimes, you just need to remind him of what he’s got, and he’ll be appreciative more than you know.

You don’t have to play games too much, just use some of these tips to get him to really see what he’s got, and once he does, you’ll have all your needs met.

All men need is to be stimulated, and once they are, you’re good to go.