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Being Single Beats Being In An Almost Relationship Any Day

Being Single Beats Being In An Almost Relationship Any Day

Let’s face it. Even though being single rocks, sometimes it might get lonely.

Sometimes you wish nothing for else but to have someone to cuddle with, someone to ask you how your day was and someone to be there by your side when you need him the most.

Sometimes, you get tired of having to do everything on your own, and you wish to have a man you can count on.

There are moments when you miss feeling butterflies in your stomach and when you think you would give anything for a little bit of passion.

Moments when you crave intimacy on all levels and times when you miss having a bit of romance in your life.

And feeling like this from time to time is completely natural.

But when these moments come, it’s crucial for you to remember that a relationship is not a cure for loneliness—especially an almost relationship.

When these thoughts come running through your head, you need to remember that not having anyone by your side always beats having someone who walks in and out of your life as he pleases.

It is better than putting your life on hold, waiting for some guy to come to his senses and finally get his shit together.

Not getting a good morning and a good night text always beats desperately waiting and hoping to receive them. It is better than spending a few days texting a guy who ghosts you the very next week, without saying a word.

Sitting at home alone on a Saturday night beats falling asleep all dressed up with your phone in your hand, just because this asshole didn’t even bother to cancel plans you guys had and chose to leave you hanging—without a proper explanation.

It is better than turning down your friends’ invites to hang out because you hope that he will call you at the last minute.

Flirting or even dating guys until you find the right one is always way better than acting like you are taken, even though you are not certain about your relationship status.

It is better than being the only one committed, while deep down, you know that your almost boyfriend lives the life of a bachelor.

Not having any sex at all beats being someone’s booty call. It beats lying to yourself that he wants more than sex, when you know the truth very well.

Being horny all the time is better than loving someone who just loves sleeping with you.

Being bored is always better than wasting all of your energy and time on trying to decode someone’s mixed signals and trying to read between the lines. It is better than having someone play with your heart and mind.

Sleeping peacefully at night is better than receiving his drunk phone call in which he tells you everything you want to hear.

It is better than being aware that he remembered you just because he couldn’t pick up anyone that night and because he ran out of all other options.

Not getting any attention beats having to beg for breadcrumbs of a man’s love and affection. It is better than chasing someone who clearly doesn’t want to be yours completely.

Not having a boyfriend is always better than having an almost boyfriend. Not being in a relationship beats being in a relationship in which you feel like you are alone.

Loving yourself wholeheartedly beats having a man who loves you with just half of his heart. Putting effort into improving yourself is better than trying to keep a guy who will never give you anything in return.

Putting yourself first beats prioritizing a man who treats you like a second choice.

So please, don’t ever even think of settling for an almost relationship and almost love. Don’t waste your life on a man who will never date you but will end up breaking your heart.

For a man who will cage you with his mixed signals and inconsistency but will never choose you for real. For a man who will lead you on for years just because he loves the way you love him.

For a man who will treat you like a back up plan and a last resort and who will keep you around until he gets tired of you.

Because you deserve much more. And you should wait for that more. Until that comes, please respect yourself enough to remain single.