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7 Consequences Of Being Sneaky In A Relationship (+ How To Cope)

7 Consequences Of Being Sneaky In A Relationship (+ How To Cope)

It’s a fact that being sneaky in a relationship can really harm the bond between partners beyond repairable. It damages trust between them, which leads to completely destroying their connection.

Some people are sneaky because of their shy natures; however, in most cases, there is a good reason for a partner’s sneaky behavior. Either they’ve made a mistake that could endanger their relationship, or they’ve done something they think their partner can’t forgive them for.

I think the last thing we all want is a sneaky partner. It can really put a person in a very complicated situation… You love someone, but, on the other hand, you also can’t put up with their sneaky behavior. In this article, you’re going to find out how to cope with it and save your relationship.

7 Consequences Of Being Sneaky In A Relationship

Let’s start with the consequences of being sneaky in a relationship because they’re the best way to emphasize the seriousness of this issue.

1. It harms communication between partners

If a partner behaves sneaky in a relationship, it means they’re doing something behind their partner’s back and that there is something they aren’t telling their significant other.

And the truth is, if you don’t feel free to talk about everything with your partner, you can call your relationship anything but healthy. If you don’t communicate regularly and healthily, you won’t be able to understand each other’s needs, which means you won’t be able to fulfill them either.

A shy person may also have a sneaky personality, and it may be more difficult for them to open up to someone, no matter how much they love that person.

However, if they don’t start working on their communication skills and try to overcome that fear of bonding with someone on a deeper level, they’ll never be able to maintain a healthy relationship with another human being.

2. It leaves space for unnecessary doubts

Whether you have doubts about each other or not, this will definitely make you have some. When a partner is sneaky, it leaves so much space for the other partner to play various scenarios in their head.

It’s really unnecessary and can damage your relationship more than you think. No matter what you did, you should admit it to your partner and hope they’ll appreciate your truthfulness and try to understand your actions.

3. It completely ruins trust between partners

When one partner is sneaky, the other will soon start having doubts. Either they’ll think their partner is cheating on them, or they’ll think they’re trying to break up with them.

Of course, a partner might be sneaky because they’re planning a birthday surprise party for their better half, but, of course, even if that’s true, we’ll never think of that.

The bottom line is that if they don’t talk about it, doubts will soon start eating away at their relationship, and it’ll start falling apart. Even if they’ve already built trust, it’ll be destroyed, and even if they overcome this and move on with their relationship, they’ll never be able to trust each other the way they used to.

And I think this goes without saying… Without trust, no relationship will ever be able to prosper and last.

4. It affects your emotional and mental well-being

Both partners will start questioning their own mental health, that’s for sure.

The sneaky partner will be tired of keeping things to themselves. They have been suppressing their emotions for too long, and they’ve been lying to their partner, and now, it has all come to the surface.

Now, they need to face all of those things, and they don’t know how. They think they aren’t brave enough, which means they will doubt their own self-esteem.

On the other hand, their other half will question everything all the time, and they will try to put the blame on themselves, but they won’t find a reason to do so. They’ll doubt their partner’s fidelity and, more importantly, their love, which will harm their emotional well-being.

As you can see, being sneaky in a relationship doesn’t only harm your relationship – it also endangers your general well-being. I hope you’re now aware of the seriousness of this issue and that you’ll work on fixing it immediately.

5. It allows other people to talk bad about your relationship

And I’m not just talking about your best friends, family members, or co-workers. I’m also talking about those who hate or envy both of you.

Those people would like to see you breakup more than anything else. And this way, you’ll only give them that pleasure.

You’ll give them the pleasure of talking about how your relationship is toxic and unhealthy and how you should break it off. And all of that, all of those unpleasant comments will only make you both start thinking about how breaking up is really the best solution for both of you.

That’s why you need to fight this together, overcome it, and come out of it as winners. You need to save your relationship, stand by each other no matter what, and show the rest of the world how tough your love truly is. You need to show them all that they’ll never be able to separate you.

6. It creates a totally toxic atmosphere

A sneaky partner won’t be able to relax, they’ll feel like they are walking on eggshells all the time, and it’ll eat them up inside. On the other hand, the other partner will go crazy trying to understand their other half.

The fact is, neither one of them will be happy. They’ll be aware that their relationship is toxic, but they won’t have the courage to end it because of the feelings they have for each other.

However, with time, they’ll start disconnecting more and more, which will make their love smaller and smaller. If they don’t start working on fixing their relationship soon, it’ll definitely reach the point where it won’t be fixable at all anymore.

7. In the end, it leads to an inevitable breakup

If partners don’t work on fixing this issue, unfortunately, the only result will be a breakup. With time, it’ll lead to a break in communication, destroying trust between them.

As much as they both love each other, if they aren’t able to communicate openly with one another, their relationship is doomed to fail. The truth is, without regular and healthy communication, you can never maintain any kind of relationship.

Either the sneaky partner will get tired of their secrets and hiding things from their partner, or the other side will get sick of their sneaky behavior. It’s irrelevant, but the important thing is that one side will end up hurt.

The only way to avoid this scenario is to talk to each other. Figure out what brought you both here and work on finding a solution to your problems. If you care about each other deeply, you’ll fight for your relationship.

How Do You Deal With A Sneaky Partner?

If you see any potential red flags that you’re in a relationship with a sneaky person, these things will help you deal with them and stop them from ruining your emotional and mental health.

• Talk openly with them

If they’re sneaky, at least you shouldn’t be. The first time you notice they’re behaving sneaky, you should be the one to lay all the cards on the table and start a serious and direct conversation.

Let them know their behavior is seriously bothering you and that it could damage your relationship.

Ask them what the reason for their sneaky behavior is. Maybe you unintentionally gave them a reason for being sneaky, and they didn’t have the courage to confront you. On the flip side, maybe they’re hiding something from you and can’t help but behave in a sneaky way.

• If it’s part of their personality, try to understand it

If you aren’t dealing with a cheating boyfriend/girlfriend after all but a partner who has a sneaky personality, you should try to understand them. Maybe you also have some flaws they don’t quite like but learned to accept because they love you.

After all, that’s what true love is based on. Being able to accept and understand each other’s differences, imperfections, and flaws.

And no, don’t worry. They won’t stay sneaky forever. If they love you the way you love them, they’ll try hard to change. In the name of that love, in the name of keeping you in their life.

And if they don’t take any steps to change their sneaky behavior, that will be proof of how much they (don’t) care for you.

• Give them an opportunity to change

If you have found out that sneaky behavior is a part of their nature, you shouldn’t give up on them that easily. Especially not if you have romantic feelings for them.

Talk with them about it. If they’re ready to work on changing that part of themselves for the sake of your relationship, you should give them another chance.

Be there for them and help them open up to you more. The only way they’ll end their sneaky behavior is if they understand by themselves how bad it can affect their relationship.

• Try to figure out their reason for that sneaky behavior

You also need to understand that your partner wouldn’t be sneaky if they didn’t have a good reason for it in the first place. Well, that is, of course, only if they don’t have a sneaky personality.

Maybe you’re dealing with a cheating spouse/partner, and you aren’t even aware of it.

They’re most probably hiding something from you, and it’s up to you to figure out what. This is especially important if this is the first time your partner is behaving sneaky.

Look around their social media. Pay attention to the people they hang out with too. Keep at it, and I’m sure you’ll find all the proof you’re looking for.

• Don’t allow them to harm your self-esteem

I know you love them. However, you also need to understand that you’re dealing with a manipulative person, a narcissist, and a liar, someone who’ll try to invalidate your feelings and make you think less of yourself.

They know that it’ll be easier for them to manipulate you if they succeed in destroying your self-esteem and mental health. And that’s exactly why you shouldn’t allow them to.

If you can’t let go of them, then you need to set clear boundaries. This will also be a great opportunity to test their feelings. If they sincerely love you, they’ll respect your boundaries, and if they don’t, they’ll break them and continue trying to manipulate and hurt you.

• Know when to give up and move on

Calm yourself down, take some time to focus solely on yourself, and just listen to your gut feeling.

Is it telling you that your partner will change and that you should fight to keep your relationship? Or, on the other hand, is it telling you that you should quit and move on from them asap?

How much does your relationship mean to you? Do you really love them? Do they deserve you? Do you deserve a sneaky partner?

Think about all of these things. And if your partner clearly shows they have no intention of changing, you should think about giving up. The more you stay and keep those false hopes alive, the more it’ll hurt you in the end.

What Are The Signs Of A Sneaky Person?

So, how do you know if a person is sneaky? The first way you can recognize a sneaky person is by their nervous body language. As much as they try to hide something, their hand movements, fidgeting, intense eye contact, and body shaking will always expose them.

Another warning sign of a sneaky person is frequent mood swings. They don’t know how to cope with their lies, or they get caught up in it all, and it results in those mood swings.

Of all the sneaky signs, this one is by far the worst: Patterns of manipulative and narcissistic behavior. They always need to feel like they’re in charge, like the whole world revolves around them. They also tend to tell others how they should feel.

A manipulative person is almost always sneaky because they use their tactics, lies, and fibs to manipulate people and turn them against one another.

What Causes A Person To Be Sneaky?

Well, the most common cause of sneaky behavior is hiding something from their partner. For example, cheaters tend to display sneaky behavior because they lie to their partners and live double lives.

Another cause may be self-esteem issues. When someone has a bad self-image and isn’t aware of their possibilities, they may struggle with sneaky behavior.

Being in an unhealthy relationship may also cause sneaky behavior. In that kind of relationship, partners aren’t able to communicate in a healthy way, which leads to them being sneaky and doing things behind each other’s back.

In The End

I really believe that no person ever has a good reason to be sneaky in a relationship. If you have doubts about something or if something is bothering you, you should talk about it with your partner directly.

If you don’t have anything to hide from your partner, you’ll have no problem putting all your cards on the table. After all, healthy communication is always the best way to solve your issues in a relationship.

If your partner is cheating on you or vice versa, the truth will be exposed sooner or later. Your sneaky behavior will only annoy your partner and harm your relationship deeply.

So, instead of being sneaky and lying to your other half, you should talk to your partner. If you’ve made a mistake, they’ll understand and forgive you. In the end, there is absolutely nothing that true love can’t overcome.