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Boys Are Afraid Of Love – Men Are Afraid Of Losing You

Boys Are Afraid Of Love – Men Are Afraid Of Losing You

Boys will chase you because they see it as fun but men will chase you because they want to win your heart.

It’s true. Boys are afraid of everything that has anything to do with love.

They are afraid of commitment because they don’t know the real value of it.

Boys will chase you only to prove something to themselves—to prove how mighty they are and capable of winning you.

But they don’t know that the only thing they prove with it is their immaturity. They prove that they are still boys, unsure of what they want and whom they want.

Boys will TELL you they love you but men will SHOW it to you.

Silly boys. They will rely only on their words because they are afraid to show you real love.

By saying, “I love you,” boys think they’ve done everything they could because they don’t know the real weight of those three words.

They forget to follow it with their actions. They forget that simply saying something doesn’t mean they don’t have to fight to prove it.

Unlike boys, men are aware that actions speak louder than words and they will do anything to show their affection and make you feel appreciated.

They will never say one thing in order to prove another. When a man says he loves you, he will make damn sure to show it to you and he will stick to it!

Boys always complain but men take action.

Boys will always complain and find excuses for their behavior. They will always find a way to make themselves a victim, even when they know they’re not right.

Boys will let you wait for hours for them to show up or to answer your texts and they will always have the same lame excuses.

Boys will always complain to cover up their selfishness but men will go out of their way to do what’s expected of them.

Men are always ready to surprise you and they always make sure to be available when you need them most.

Even if they do something wrong, they will not try to cover it up with excuses. Men will admit their mistakes and seek forgiveness.

Boys are narcissistic and self-indulgent; men are selfless and sacrificial.

Boys are too in love with themselves and that is why they are not able to love others. Their narcissistic nature doesn’t care about other people’s needs.

Boys only see themselves and they are their number one priority.

They will manipulate you only to feed on your love but men will love you only to feed on your happiness.

Boys have no intention of loving you back, whereas a man’s priority is your happiness.

Men don’t expect to receive if they didn’t give. They believe in reciprocity and mutual affection.

Boys will want to change you; men will love you the way you are.

Boys will try to create the perfect version of you according to their standards.

They will play with your mind and pretend that they are not satisfied with whatever you give them.

They will always ask for more. Boys will never thank you for staying up late worrying about them because they expect you to do so.

Boys will always want to change you to appease their egocentric selves, while men have the guts to love you the way you are.

A man will never make you feel less important or less loved than you deserve.

They will love all of your quirks and flaws because that is the main reason why they fell in love with you in the first place.

To men, your imperfections are what makes you truly beautiful.

Boys create problems, men solve problems.

Boys will give up on you at the first obstacle because they are too weak to fight for you. They create problems and expect others to fix them for them.

Boys will cheat on you because they are afraid of love. They are afraid to choose you and fight for you when any problems arise.

Boys will let you go but men will fight for you.

Men will fight for you because they are afraid of losing you.