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To The Girl Who Needs To Know She Is More Than Good Enough

To The Girl Who Needs To Know She Is More Than Good Enough

Life is a bitch honey, but you’re a bigger one.

Without any question, you have know that you’re good enough. In fact, you’re the best you can be and no one has the right to say any different.

No one has the right to put you down or make you think you’re less worthy. You’re not. You are good enough .

There is nothing wrong with you. I know that you don’t believe right now. I know you won’t believe anyone who says anything nice about you because you are in a bad place right now.

Your self-esteem has hit the zero, you don’t love or respect yourself.

But that’s okay. It’s normal to feel that way after everything you’ve been through. This will pass too, trust me.

You’ve always been the girl who cares for everyone else no matter how they treat you back.

You’ve ignored your own problems because you’ve felt someone else needs your love and your help.

Every time you felt this way, you’ve ignored and hurt yourself. You can’t keep putting yourself last. You can’t pretend that you’re fine because you’re not.

This will take a toll on you. All the neglect you’ve done to yourself was about to come back to you and the time has sadly come.

Now, you’re broken, alone and sad having no idea where to go from here or what to do next.

You always overthink everything. In any situation, when the clock is ticking and you have to make a decision, you’re torturing yourself with dozens of different scenarios in your head.

worried woman in deep thoughts sitting on the bed

You’re coming up with solutions but none of them seem to be good enough for you. Your overthinking always finds a flaw in the plan.

You love with your whole heart. You can’t deny love to someone who looks like they need it.

You can’t turn your back on someone who just needs a soft word and a warm hug.

But darling, the love you have in your heart is responsible for getting your heart broken.

The trust you have and give to others makes you never trust anyone again.

You are good enough. You see that you’re giving your best. You’re kind and loving and you never deny anyone of love. You’re always putting everyone else before yourself.

Can’t you see that you were never the problem? You’ve met someone and you loved them from day one.

You’ve put up with quirks, you embraced flaws because no one is perfect and neither are you and you know it.

You did more than you were supposed to. He was the one who took your love for granted.

He stomped on your heart because he didn’t care if it will hurt you or not. A guy like him doesn’t deserve you or your love.

And all you got from making him a priority was the feeling of not being good enough but it’s the other way around. He isn’t good enough.

Let him go. I know it hurts like hell, but it will hurt even more if you stay.

worried woman sitting on the foor at home

You’ll calm down and you’ll wake up one morning missing him . You’ll be tempted to get back to him because the bad memories fade and the good ones stay.

But, if you go back, nothing will change. It will be even worse because you’re stacking more pain, new pain on top of the old pain.

You’re making a pile that gets bigger and bigger each day until it falls apart until you can’t take it anymore.

Let him go because even if you don’t believe it now, one day someone great will walk into your life.

Someone will give their heart to you and they will help you clean up the mess you’ve been piling up inside your head.

Someone will show up who’ll treat you like you’re more than enough.

Believe in yourself and stop comparing yourself to other women.

Some of them may be prettier or taller than you, but do you really think they are completely satisfied with themselves?

Do you really think there is nothing they wish they could change?

We all carry a dose of insecurity in ourselves. Some of us show it and some of us hide it. That doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Your flaws and your imperfections make you interesting. You’re born to be different and there is a man out there who was born to love the imperfect beautiful you.

Be proud of who you are. And, every morning when you get up and look in the mirror, appreciate yourself.

Stop looking at your flaws, don’t think about whether you should lose some weight or not.

happy blond woman looking at mirror

That won’t make you happy. Be positive and when you look at yourself see the beautiful woman you are.

You have to love yourself if you want someone else to love you.

Walk away from his life and slam the door behind you. Don’t look back because he is not worth it.

A man who has made you feel like you’re not good enough has no place in your heart.

Be kind to yourself. Treat yourself as you’ve treated people you love. You owe it to yourself.

Every day your strengths outrun your weaknesses.

You aren’t even aware of how strong you are.

Even though you’re hurt and broken, you get up every morning, you do what you have to, you try to function, you put on a smile and you go forward.

You’re beautiful and unique. You’re a naive soul with s much love to give.

Start believing in yourself and stop listening haters.

Darling, you are more than good enough.

To The Girl Who Needs To Know She Is More Than Good Enough