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20 Reasons Why You Should Go Ahead And Buy Yourself Flowers

20 Reasons Why You Should Go Ahead And Buy Yourself Flowers

Why not go and buy yourself flowers today? You totally deserve them, and you definitely don’t need to wait for a special occasion.

Today is the perfect day for some much-needed self-care, and a fresh bouquet of flowers has a way of instantly boosting your mood.

To me, beautifully put-together flower arrangements are the perfect pick-me-up. Having a bad day at work, fresh daffodils at my desk will make it all better.

My boyfriend is getting on my last nerve? Don’t mind me, I’m just going to pop around my local flower shop and get myself the biggest peony bouquet there is!

Honestly, I can’t articulate my obsession with flowers in order to do them justice.

Whether they’re neatly put on my dining room table, displayed at my work desk, or making my garden look smashing, there’s just nothing like them!

So, next time someone asks you who you’re getting those fresh flowers for, proudly say ”For ME” and get yourself the most beautiful wildflowers there are.

And if you need a reason, no problem – here are 20 of them:

To remind yourself that you’re doing (more than) okay

You know what? There’s nothing wrong with just taking a second to appreciate yourself, your work, unwavering dedication, and the effort you put into every single thing that you do.

Sometimes, life is simply too much to handle, and going to your favorite florist to get yourself a flower is a form of self-love that allows you to let go of your anxiety and just breathe.

Life can wait for a minute (or twenty).

Because you 100% deserve them

The most beautiful thing about buying yourself flowers is that you don’t need a single reason to do it.

Why shouldn’t the thought of going to a flower shop for some beautiful tulips be the same as popping by a grocery store? I mean, it totally is. 

So don’t let anyone make you feel weird for showing yourself some self-love. Fresh, beautiful flowers have a way of improving your self-esteem, and it doesn’t have to be Valentine’s day to show yourself love.

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Flowers can brighten up any room in an instant

Buy yourself flowers because every time you’re going through something and you look around the room, all you’ll see is beautifully-cut flowers everywhere around you, and it will immediately put a smile on your face.

Plus, how gorgeous does a home with a bunch of carefully selected fresh flowers look? 

It’s such a simple thing, but in the grand scheme of things, it means so much. And isn’t that kind of marvelous?

You saw a gorgeous bouquet on your way home that you just couldn’t resist

A few days ago, I was walking home from yoga practice, having had a particularly lousy day. It was starting to rain, I didn’t have my umbrella, and I was about to lose it. 

Then I walked by my local florist and saw a bouquet of flowers that took my breath away. I don’t normally impulse-shop, but that one time, I just had to go in and purchase it. 

And guess what? Immediately upon entering the flower shop, my mood just shifted and the flowers I got still make every crappy day I have a bit better.

You don’t need a guy to get you flowers

As chivalrous as it is when a guy gets you flowers (which isn’t nearly as often as it should be, but okay), it’s no reason to just wait around if you really want to buy yourself flowers

After all, you do have yourself, don’t you? You know where the florist is, and you know exactly what you like. 

Go ahead, and get the biggest bouquet of your dreams. Girls need to start doing kind things for themselves for no reason whatsoever. That should become a new norm.

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We all deserve more beauty in our lives

Life can be really difficult at times. And I don’t mean for you or me individually. 

The world in general can be such a chaotic place, and being near anything kind, beautiful, and uplifting is an opportunity that cannot be missed.

So yeah. Buy yourself flowers today. Buy two, even three bouquets if you want. Heck, give one to your best friend, and leave two for yourself. 

Beauty is something we all need more of today, so take any chance you can to be near it and soak it all in.

Because you’re often too harsh on yourself

I think we can all be our own worst critics at times. But trust me, nobody sees you the way you see yourself. 

The flaws and shortcomings you see are cute, unique quirks your loved ones appreciate more than you know. Even if you do have a flaw or two, so what? Who doesn’t? 

Buy some fresh flowers and just be kinder to yourself. You’re doing the best you can, and if sometimes that isn’t enough, at least you tried your best. 

There is no pleasing everyone, so just be kind and patient with yourself.

Because you’ve overcome every obstacle life put your way

Every single hardship life presents you with, you successfully overcome it, and today, you’re stronger and more resilient for it.

Every single thing you never in a million years thought you’d get over, you knocked right out of the park. And for that, you deserve to buy yourself flowers

You’re stronger than you think, and you can do so much more than you give yourself credit for! So go ahead and do whatever makes you feel happy. If it’s a fresh bouquet of flowers, so be it.

Flowers are one of the coolest unnecessary things in the world

When you think about it, flowers are kind of unnecessary, in a sense that we can totally live without them and not actually suffer for it. 

BUT, they also have this ability to improve your mood, brighten up your day, and put a smile on your face. And for that reason, I genuinely think they are one of the coolest (if not the coolest) things on this earth! 

Isn’t it so peculiar how something we can, logically, live without can be so beneficial to your life and well-being?

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Because you are so much more badass than you think you are

And a badass b**** deserves a flower. Heck yeah! Remember that one time you thought life was worse than it could ever possibly get? 

And look at yourself now. Totally fine, as if nothing ever happened (you go, girl!) And isn’t that the case literally every time you feel life couldn’t deal you worse cards if it tried? 

So buy yourself flowers because of your inner badass. You’re a force to be reckoned with – one who can do anything she sets her mind to. And today, it’s tulips!

Because you are loved

​​​​Your parents love you, your siblings love you, your significant other loves you, and God knows how much your best friend loves you. 

So why not love yourself? Didn’t you know that self-love is the most important kind of love there is?

I know that buying flowers for yourself might seem like a silly idea, but when you do nice things for yourself for no reason, you are showing yourself love and self-care. And isn’t that so necessary?

There is so much more ahead of you

You cannot fathom how much life you still have to live. The number of opportunities that await and the number of chances for a happy life is abundant. 

Stop to take that all in for a moment and just appreciate where you are. You cannot imagine where life will take you two months from today, let alone two years. 

So appreciate every moment you’re in without denying yourself any pleasures. And if you’re a flower fanatic like me, you know that a flower (or twelve) can do wonders for your mental health.

Fake flowers have nothing on fresh flowers

I used to buy fake flowers because let’s be honest, it’s just easier that way, and who has time to take care of actual fresh flowers

Or at least that’s what I used to think. As you can tell, I’ve kind of changed my tune. With time, I realized that nothing can replace gorgeous, freshly-cut, and beautifully arranged flowers from my favorite flower shop

And maintaining them literally takes a few minutes. So yeah, there’s really nothing to it. Go get the real thing and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

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No scented candle can replace the smell of a flower

I have nothing against scented candles – quite the contrary, I’m a big fan! But if I had to choose between them and flowers, I’d always go for the latter! 

And honestly, the reason is really simple. As cool as candles are, they have nothing on that fresh smell of a flower that was just recently plucked.

It’s as natural as it gets and yet it smells unrealistically amazing. Buy yourself flowers because you deserve that mesmerizing sensation every single day.

Because you’ve learned a lot along the way

You’ve learned that sometimes, sure, life will give you lemons, but that’s okay. You’ll just go pop round your florist and replace that horrid smell with some really nice peonies you’ve always wanted to get.

You get what I mean, right? Don’t deny yourself having something so beautiful because life can suck sometimes. 

That is actually all the more reason to make it all better for yourself, even for just a few minutes.

Because you love doing nice things for yourself

For a long period of time, I was boyfriend-less, and due to having just recently moved to a new city, I was kind of friend-less too. Yeah, it wasn’t so nice, but what was I going to do?

Was I going to let it get me down and wallow in my self-inflicted misery? No, sir. 

Do you know what I did? I went ahead and got myself some nice flowers and made my flat feel like home! Sometimes, the little things can have the biggest effect on you.

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Because you know what it’s like to falter and get back up on your feet

You’ve been defeated many times. Misery isn’t unknown to you. But getting back up on your feet isn’t either! 

You know all too well the feeling of not being good enough and how much it can drain you. But you also know that just because it may seem that way at the moment, that’s not the end of your journey. 

Every time you fall, you learn something new about yourself that ends up a valuable lesson. And you deserve a flower for every time you get back up.

Because you are as fearless as it gets

You’re not afraid to push the boundaries. You’re never the one to shy away from a challenge. You know that life is all about testing your limits and seeing how far you can actually go.

And you’ve gone far, but you’re nowhere near done. You are only halfway there. 

Fearlessness is in your blood, and you will never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. The same goes for buying yourself flowers. The weirder they make it out to be, the more flowers you’ll get!

Because you are authentically real

Do you know how rare that is in today’s world? How rarely I meet people who are genuinely true to who they are? 

I mean, being authentic isn’t easy, but isn’t it better than putting on a mask every day? You live your life guided by authenticity. You are not interested in being anyone other than your unique self. 

If you want to buy yourself flowers, then that’s what you’ll do. If you want to walk barefoot down the street, that’s exactly what you’ll do. No shame, no regrets.

Because you deserve a nice gesture today and every other day

You are perfectly imperfect in your own way. You don’t feel the need to apologize for the way you are, but you also are very mindful of never hurting anyone in the process.

You are kind, thoughtful, genuine, and smart. And you darn well deserve a nice gesture, even if it means having to do it for yourself. And what’s wrong with that?

People will disappoint you ever so often, but one thing’s for sure: 

You will never, ever disappoint yourself. And that’s one of the most beautiful traits of a strong, independent woman who truly doesn’t need anyone but herself.

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