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Some Friendships Aren’t Meant To Last More Than One Season Of Your Life

Some Friendships Aren’t Meant To Last More Than One Season Of Your Life

It’s funny how someone who was so close to you is a stranger now. That happens to a lot of friendships because they aren’t meant to last forever.

Even though the ending of a relationship and a friendship are two different things, ending a friendship can be just as devastating and heartbreaking. And it’s something difficult we need to cope with and let go of.

Sometimes you and your childhood friend grow up to be two completely different individuals who can’t get along so well anymore.

Hanging out and talking isn’t as easy as it used to be. Once you might’ve had a lot of things in common, a variety of different topics. Now the conversation is forced and you have a lot of moments of awkward silence.

You often meet new friends in school, in your studies, at work or near to where you live. Your timetables are similar and it’s convenient and easy for you guys to spend time together. When things change, friendship changes too.

You drift apart because it’s not so convenient to spend time together anymore.

Now timetables need adjusting and you have to make time for your friends. This is where you see if she was just a convenience and not a true friend.

Of course, if she was a true friend, you would make an effort, you would stay in touch and give the best of you to make it work. If not, then it’s just not worth crying over.

Relationships can also get in the way of friendship. When some of our friends fall in love, they choose to spend all of their time with their significant other, so they tend to lose sight of you.

They just don’t have the time, unless they are having troubles in their relationship.

In that situation, they will come crawling back to you, because there is no shoulder to cry on like yours. This situation gets real old real soon. You feel like you are being used and the friendship is bound to end.

There are times when you don’t really know the people you are friends with. They show their true faces after a while.

Or you discover they are two-faced and you can never get to truly know them. You trusted them with everything and they betrayed you.

Even though you might feel like the biggest fool, you weren’t just good friends in this case. They were meant to be in your life to teach you a lesson and make you grow. Be grateful for the experience.

Friendships needs work. Friends aren’t the ones who are there only when it’s convenient or when they have nothing better to do. They will find the time and make an effort and they will expect the same from you.

Friends are there through your hardship and pain. They are there through your bliss and happiness. They are there to share everything with you. If not, then they were never your true friends to begin with.

Never regret any of your past friendships. Don’t burden yourself with what you could’ve, should’ve, would’ve done to change things or make a friendship last.

Some people are not meant to be with you till the end of your days.

They were supposed to be there as a passing season in your life and nothing more.

Only if you are lucky enough will you find at least one friend who will be there through all of your seasons and you will have a friendship that will last a lifetime.