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Chase Her Even When She’s Already Yours

Chase Her Even When She’s Already Yours

Love has a nasty habit of wearing off if we don’t take care of it regularly. It’ll slip through your fingers if you don’t hold it tightly when life tears it apart.

The one you love is the same. She will disappear in front of your very eyes if you don’t give her something worth staying for, if you don’t give her kind of love she truly deserves.

So, chase her even when she’s already yours.

Chase her when life pulls her away. When she starts drifting away, thinking that she’s not good enough for you, make her believe that she is.

When she starts doubting herself, show her that she’s more than she ever thought she could be. Be the man who will cherish her heart and guard her back.

Be the man who will not be afraid of sacrificing for her because you know that she’s worth it. You know that she would do the same for you in the blink of an eye.

Even when there is fear all across her face, she would do it because she loves you.

Chase away her demons from the past. When memories from her past come back to break her, protect her.

When memories of pain, rejection and neglection come knocking on her door, be there to chase them away.

Be there to hold her tight and wipe away the tears from her face. Kiss her until a smile comes where sadness once was.

Kiss her until her face lights up brighter than the Sun itself. Chase away the cold, so she can warm you up with the fire she has. Chase away the dull, so she can give you the passion.

Chase her when she doesn’t feel like she’s worth it. With all of your power, strength and will, because that’s the moment she needs you to chase her the most.

That’s the moment she lost her confidence and worth. That’s the moment she no longer feels like she’s worthy of your love and affection.

That’s the moment she no longer loves herself. Show her the woman you see, the woman you love.

And show her that just because she was broken, it doesn’t mean she’s not worth it. It only means that there are more pieces of her for you to love.

Chase her when she no longer believes in tomorrow. Show her that even a second with her means more than eternities without her.

Because life is hard. Life gives you tests before it gives you lessons, and keeping hope and faith is like fighting windmills.

There are moments when it seems pointless and moments when it’s the only thing keeping you alive.

Be her own faith and hope. Show her that there is something worth fighting for and that something is tomorrow with her. And every tomorrow that follows.

Chase her even when she has it all. Because without you, it means nothing. Without your love, she will freeze. Without your embrace, she’ll be naked.

Not because she depends on you, but because she gave herself to you. The moment she decided to let you in was the moment you two became one.

Two individuals who never knew pieces of them were missing until they met the other one. Be there for her to create new memories and new happiness.

Be there to multiply the joys you share, so you can get through the despair.

Chase her even when she’s already yours. You know that she is and she knows it, too. She’s the woman who holds nothing back.

The woman who loves wholeheartedly or doesn’t love at all. But taking her heart and love for granted is the worst thing you can do for your love.

Taking her for granted will only push her away, so keep on chasing. Keep on fighting for her because she needs you to.

She doesn’t need your words and promises; she needs to see you care. She needs to feel your heartbeat when she’s falling asleep on your chest.

She needs to hear your sleepy voice in the morning when she’s fighting to open her eyes. She needs to know that you’ll fight for her like she fights for you.