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You Can’t Cheat-Proof A Relationship But Here Are 5 Ways To Turn Things To Your Advantage

You Can’t  Cheat-Proof A Relationship But Here Are 5 Ways To Turn Things To Your Advantage

From the beginning of time, people have been trying to find a recipe to prevent cheating from happening.

However, this is how long people have been unfaithful as well.

Therefore, it’s more than apparent that nobody can tell you exactly how to destroy the possibility of adultery in your relationship.

After all, no relationship is cheat-proof.

However, there are some tips and tricks which can help you reduce the chances of infidelity to the bare minimum and here are 5 of them.

Clear expectations

A bulletproof way to prevent your guy from cheating is knowing what you want from the relationship.

Don’t give him hints, expecting him to magically read your mind.

Instead, you should both be completely honest about the things that you demand from each other.

Set some clear boundaries and then it will be easier to respect them.

You can’t act like an open-minded girl who wouldn’t mind her boyfriend flirting with other women and then cause a big mess once you actually catch him doing so.

Being the best version of yourself

You don’t have to say this out loud but your final goal is to keep this guy next to you, right?

You want to do everything in your power to prevent him from going elsewhere.

Well, the first thing you have to work on in order to achieve this is to become the best possible version of yourself.

Be girlfriend material and become a woman he can’t afford to lose.

Basically, what you need is to work on some serious self-improvement. However, don’t concentrate on your relationship skills only.

Instead, work on your physical appearance, your social skills, your education, your hobbies, and most importantly, on your mental and emotional health.

After all, you’re not only becoming a great woman for him, you’re doing it primarily for yourself. This way, even if he happens to cheat, he’ll be the one who will lose out.

Listening to his needs

Also, ask him about how he sees the perfect relationship.

What are the things he requires from you and which you can do your best to give him if they are in consolidation with your desires?

Don’t get me wrong; if your partner is unfaithful, you’re always the victim, there is no doubt about that.

After all, if there are some things he doesn’t like about your romantic relationship, he is always entitled to leave like a gentleman.

However, most unfaithful men report that they had an affair because they were missing something back home.

Well, it’s your job to carefully listen to your boyfriend’s needs and meet them as much as you can.

Relaxing and giving space…

When you’re afraid of getting cheated on, you can’t help yourself but obsess about that.

You’re constantly worried about whether your partner will go behind your back and whether you can do something to stop him from doing anything.

Well, let me tell you a little secret; you attract what you believe you deserve, knowing that it’s apparent that deep down you think you’re not enough for your man and that he should be unfaithful.

This is where you’re wrong. Your overthinking is actually ruining your relationship with this guy.

Besides, if you keep on nagging him about cheating on you, you’ll just give him the idea. He’ll end up doing that in spite of you, even if he never thought about having an affair.

Another mistake women in your situation tend to make is suffocating their boyfriend or husband.

You’re so terrified that he will commit adultery that you end up becoming his shadow.

You try controlling every move he makes and you think that the only way to prevent him from doing something wrong is to demand that he spends all of his free time with you.

Instead of keeping him around by doing this, you’re actually only chasing your man away. You’re causing a counterproductive effect and you’re inspiring him to run for his life.

… but recognizing red flags

Nevertheless, just because you’re relaxed and easy-going, it doesn’t mean you’re stupid. You’re not blind and you have common sense.

Therefore, don’t stop recognizing the red flags that he might be cheating and most importantly, don’t allow him to treat you like a fool.

Instead, always call him out on his actions and let him know that you’ve noticed he’s behaving inappropriately.

However, make a firm distinction between true red flags and your imagination.