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Despite Everything, A Piece Of My Heart Will Always Be Yours

Despite Everything, A Piece Of My Heart Will Always Be Yours

They say you never get over someone you truly loved. At least, it never happens completely.

When the person you love leaves your life, the devastating pain you feel tears you apart.

You are certain that you will spend the rest of your life feeling this way, and that nothing and nobody could ever take you out of your misery.

You are positive that you’ll always remain heartbroken and ruined.

That you could never move on with your life and that you’ll spend the rest of your days missing this person and trying to get them back.  

But eventually, you get over the pain they’ve caused you. And in a way, you move on with your life.

Eventually, you get out of bed, and you stop crying yourself to sleep every single night.

Eventually, this person stops being the first thing that comes through your mind every morning as soon as you open your eyes.

After a while, you start dating other people. And you start liking some of them.

Yes, at first, you carry a lot of emotional baggage . You compare everyone to your ex who has brought you pain.

But after a while, step by step, you start falling in love. You even grow to love other people, and you learn to function in the world.

And everyone assumes that your heartbreak is something you’ve left behind and that it is a part of the distant past.

After all, you never mention this guy to anyone. And you look like you are completely happy with your life, as if he never even crossed your mind.

But the truth is completely different. The truth is that you never forget all about the person you’ve once loved.

The truth is that a piece of your heart always stays stuck with that special someone.

And this is exactly how I feel about you.

I can’t say I love you the way I loved you when we were together and when you first left me. I can’t say I miss you the way I did.

To be honest, sometimes you don’t cross my mind for weeks or months.  

But whenever I see someone looking like you or driving a car similar to yours, everything comes back to me.

Whenever I see a guy who has something of you in himself, I think of you. Whenever I smell a scent that reminds me of you, I feel you right next to me.

Whenever I hear a song that used to be ours, I remember all of the times you sang me that song.

Whenever I pass by a place that used to be ours, I feel like I can see you there, waiting for me, with a big, wide smile on your face.

Although years have passed since you and I are no longer together, I still haven’t forgotten about your birthday.

And I still remember it exactly at midnight every year. I haven’t forgotten any of the dates which were important to us.

And I have the urge to call you every time—but I know it wouldn’t have a point.

After all these years, I still know your phone number by heart—even though I don’t know if you still use it.

I still know your home address and number, and I know I could find it with my eyes closed.

Sometimes, I still sleep in your shirt, which I use as pajamas. Sometimes, I still put on that necklace you bought me, and I vividly remember the day you put it on my neck.

And sometimes, I get nostalgic about everything that could have been us. There are days in which I think about you all the time and in which every little thing reminds me of you.

Initially, I get surprised by you reappearing in my mind. But I like to believe that we are still connected in a way and that this is the time when we both think of each other.

I wonder where you are and if you are OK. I wonder if you are happy and if you ever think of me or I am just imagining that I’ve stayed someone special to you.

I wonder if you ever miss everything we had if you don’t miss me.

I wonder if a piece of your heart has stayed mine.