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Treat Her Right Or Let Someone Else Do It

Treat Her Right Or Let Someone Else Do It

You’re one hell of a lucky pall, you know? I hope you know what kind of girl has fallen for you and I hope you’ll know how to treat her.

Because all of your luck will be in vain if you don’t. You’ve got a good girl whose fallen for you. The kind that loves without holding back.

You’ve got the girl who’d do anything for those whom she loves.

The kind that wears her heart on her sleeve and gives her love to others so selflessly and so easily, never worrying what she gets in return.

She’s the type of girl who believes there is still good in people regardless of what she’s been through.

Regardless of the hell others put her through, regardless of how many times she was disappointed, regardless of how many times she was broken or let down, she chooses to believe.

She chooses to believe there are still good people out there and that she shouldn’t allow her past to dictate her future.

She doesn’t build walls—she builds bridges to other people’s hearts.

She’s one of the rare ones, you know? She doesn’t hide behind the bad things that happened to her.

She chooses to walk with her head high and her heart on her sleeve. She chooses to love despite the fear and she decides to trust despite the pain.

Take care of her, of her heart. Don’t make her regret falling for you. Don’t be one of the many who used her or took advantage of her kindness.

Know who you have next to you and be good to her. Don’t be like the rest. Don’t play her.

Treat her right. Don’t ever for a second make her feel alone when she’s with you. Value her. Show her how much she means to you.

Find hundreds of new ways to tell her how much you love her, find a thousand new ways to prove your love to her and never make her sad.

Don’t hurt her, don’t play with her feelings, don’t play games and don’t let anything come between you two.

Appreciate her. Don’t let her efforts go unnoticed. Never allow yourself to miss those little signs of her attention or those small signs of her affections.

Always know what she’s doing for you and always be the one to thank her for it, to acknowledge it and to reciprocate it. She asks nothing more than it.

And if by some chance you don’t feel ready to be there for her, don’t mess her up. Don’t destroy her because you don’t know what to do with her.

Don’t shatter her into a million pieces because you don’t know how to treat her right. Step up your game or let someone else do it.

If you aren’t ready to choose her, if you aren’t ready to make her your priority, if you aren’t ready to appreciate her and give her everything she deserves, then don’t engage.

Don’t walk into her life, don’t make her fall for you without any intention of catching her.

Don’t make her fall on her face when all she ever wanted was to fall into your arms.

Treat her right or let someone else do it. Because if you miss your chance, there will be someone else who won’t.

And I bet there is someone who’s just waiting for you to make a mistake. There is someone who’s praying each night to get a chance to be near her, to have someone like her in his life.

If you miss your chance, you won’t get another one.

Because someone who knows her worth will walk into her life. That someone will give her everything she deserves.

That someone will love her, make sure she’s taken care of, that she knows how much she’s appreciated and happy.

If you aren’t ready to be that someone to her, make space for the one who is.