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13 Powerful Ways To Change Your Life By Awakening Your Divine Feminine

13 Powerful Ways To Change Your Life By Awakening Your Divine Feminine

The Divine Feminine“. My first connotation of the concept “Divine Feminine” was American rapper Mac Miller’s fourth studio album called ‘The Divine Feminine.

My second connotation was a beautiful, colorful goddess with lavish hair and powerful, goddess energy that is able to capture even the hardest of hearts. 

I instantly connected the power of the divine feminine with the healing power of Mother Earth and the Great Mother‘s unconditional love for all creatures (including mythical ones) from around the world.

And boy, was I wrong.

I wasn’t completely and irretrievably wrong, but somehow I missed the main point of the Divine Feminine, indicating that every human being consists of both divine feminine energy and divine masculine energy.

So, just because it is called Divine Feminine, it doesn’t necessarily mean that only women are capable of possessing it, and it is definitely not just the latest New Age buzzword (silly me).

What exactly does “The Divine Feminine” mean? 

What is the Divine Feminine and are you capable of awakening it? 

Given that women and men consist of both Divine Feminine energy and Divine Masculine energy, I like to think of it as yin and yang.

The obvious reason is the need for both energies because they complement each other. 

While the Divine Masculine is linked with masculine aspects such as action, conquering, logical thinking, rationality, competition, survival, and strength, the Divine Feminine is the total opposite.

It is connected with Divine Feminine aspects such as nurture, intuition, empathy, creation, community, sensuality, receptivity, and collaboration.

Every person is a unique expression of the Divine Feminine!

This sacred Feminine consciousness is deeply rooted in all of us, and all we need to do is awaken it (experience Divine Feminine awakening) and surrender to our higher self

Divine Feminine essence is all about cultivating self-love and changing both your life and the lives of other people as well.

It is about improving every aspect of your life and making the world a better place.

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Why is connecting to your Divine Feminine so important?

We are living in critical times of darker masculine energy in which species are going extinct, famine is spreading, the capacity of our Earth is being weakened, toxification and contamination are prevailing, the number of raped victims are constantly increasing, and so on. 

We are living in times where our belief system is solely based upon the thought of being better and greater than others by earning tons of money, driving fast cars, and always striving for more and more.

And that is why Divine Feminine qualities such as empathy, community, nurture, etc. are highly welcomed and more desirable than ever! 

If every human being decided to bring out their Divine Feminine, our everyday lives, our communities and the entire world would become heaven on Earth because we would be in touch with our tender and sensitive sides that make us humans.

Our relationships and careers would be blessed with success.

“Change comes from within you”. 

Be the brave one who will dive into the realm of The Divine Feminine and absorb feminine wisdom and sacredness with an open heart.

Get in touch with your own power and change your life by bringing your Divine Feminine with the help of these 13 powerful ways that will turn you into the goddess Kali—the destroyer of evil forces!

1. Focus on cooperating with others instead of competing

Modern media tools and hectic lifestyles have instilled in our minds the idea of constant competition with others and the pursuit of fake ideals.

Many of us think if we buy that one T-shirt, that one car or something else that makes us “artificially” happy, we will be genuinely happy. 

Many of us envy others for having things we don’t possess yet, and all of this wanting and desiring puts us into the cruel competition game.

In order to tap into divine feminine energy, you need to reset your belief system, and focus on cooperating with others instead of solely competing with them. 

You need to look at other people’s successes as your own because they can provide you with helpful ideas and different perspectives that can enrich your life. And you can do the same for them.

No matter how successful and smart we are, we will always have room for improvement, and that is why it is important to look at others as individuals from whom you can receive a lot and to whom you can give a lot as well! 

2. Connect to the Earth Mother

As opposed to big, toxic cities, the energy in nature (the woods, the beach) has healing power because it is always in flow.

Spending time in nature is an essential part of the divine feminine essence and feminine wisdom, and that is why it is important to connect to the trees, flowers, and wildlife. 

Nature is known as the divine purifier, and the more time you spend in nature, the more your body will be cleansed from all the toxicity and negativity of the modern lifestyle.

Once you connect to the Earth Mother, you will awaken your divine feminine consciousness and connect with your higher self as well. 

3. Create art

Once you connect to nature, it’s time to connect to the Arts as well. Create music, draw, dance, sing in the shower, listen to relaxing music, paint, write, cook, etc.!

Whatever form of art you choose, it will help you bring out your sacred feminine consciousness and refill you with tons of positive energy.

The Divine Feminine is all about creating and not destroying.

It’s about doing simple things like gardening or just listening to inspiring music because these little things are the essence of creation.

These little things create our minds and help us tap into the realms of empathy, sensuality, nurture, and self-love.

4. Give in to your feelings

Both women and men sometimes have difficulties dealing with their feelings due to being scared of them or not knowing how to digest them.

And that is when suppressing feelings comes into play which can be extremely toxic for anyone.

When it comes to bringing out your Divine Feminine, one of the most important things to remember is to feel free to feel your feelings instead of being afraid of them!

When you give in to your feelings, you accept the reality and things that make you who you are.

Your feelings convert into energy that can create new worlds full of positivity, gratefulness, and appreciation.

Once you start feeling free to feel your feelings, you will start looking at things from a whole different perspective and mindset. 

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5. Meditate

Meditation will help you tune in to the frequency of the Divine Feminine energy.

All you need to do is find a quiet place, close your eyes, and calm your mind. There are plenty of positions on the Internet, and you can start with sitting in a quarter, half or full lotus position. 

Actually, any upright, symmetrical, and respectful seated position will work fine.

That includes sitting on the ground with your legs outstretched or sitting on a straight backed chair. 

Always choose your poses in accordance with how flexible you are. 

Whatever pose you choose, remember that meditation is all about being relaxed, focusing on your breathing, and connecting with your inner fears and emotions.

A good meditation session will cleanse your body and soul which is essential for awakening your Divine Feminine.

6. Focus more on listening instead of talking

We live in a world where everyone seems to want to be heard and fewer and fewer people are ready to listen.

But, if we focus more on listening instead of only talking, we discover new paths, new perspectives, and new ideas. 

When we’re ready to listen to others, we’re ready to learn, and by learning, we’re bringing out our Divine Feminine and connecting with our higher self!

7. Get in touch with your innate intuition

Intuition is a sense that is beyond our minds, and it is a gift to every soul. It is basically a feeling of knowing something without having any idea how you know, and that is why many of us neglect its existence.

To initiate getting in touch with your innate intuition, you need to work on developing your trust. 

When you start feeling the sensations of intuition, you need to block your reason and logic in order to fully absorb intuition impulses.

You need to trust your body, mind, and soul because only then you will be able to get in touch with the Divine Feminine.

8. Pick your role models wisely

We all have at least one role model—perhaps our parents, an actor/actress, a singer, a politician or another influential person.

We follow their every step, pay attention to how they think, how they dress, and even what they eat.

We admire their success and powerful personality, and we want to be like them.

But, sometimes the role models we choose are not necessarily good for us.

That is why it is important to pick role models who resemble the qualities of the Divine Feminine!

That way you will always be encircled with positive qualities, and you will be one step closer to awakening yours.

9.  Surrender to your higher self

Another important thing when it comes to bringing out your Divine Feminine is learning to surrender to your higher self. It is about practicing waiting and patience; believing that you’ll receive.

It is about setting your mindset in a gratitude mode and believing that you’ll receive more good in your life!

10. Focus on what’s right rather than what’s wrong

We all have bad days, and we’ve all witnessed difficult situations and bad things happening to us.

And some of us unknowingly get stuck in this negative mindset aka negative environment for your soul, only focusing on what’s wrong instead of what’s right.

No matter how difficult the situation might be, there are still plenty of nice things in your life, and you need to focus on them instead of on those that are draining you.

In order to bring out the Divine Feminine, you need to get out of any negative realm and jump into a positive one. “You are what you think!” Don’t ever forget that.

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11. Create ritual and sacred space

Creating ritual and sacred space will help you cleanse from all the negativity and keep you focused on positive things only.

This doesn’t have to be big. Your ritual can be simply lighting a candle every night before you go to sleep or before you meditate. 

You can also decorate your sacred space with fragrant candles, crystals, various elements of nature like stones  and divine images that remind you of the Divine Feminine!

12. Explore your sensuality and embrace your flaws

Explore your sensuality by indulging in things appealing to your senses such as long bubble baths, different intoxicating fragrances, massage, relaxing music—you name it.

Explore your body and soul, and enjoy embracing every second of it. 

Embrace your every quirk and flaw, and see them as something unique that make you who you are.

Look at yourself in the mirror, and tell yourself how beautiful you are.

These practices will stimulate the awakening of your divine self because feeling good in your skin and accepting that you’re perfectly imperfect is a prerequisite to awakening the Divine Feminine!

13. Spread the love and share the hope

Cultivate openness, love, and compassion towards every human you meet, towards every stranger you meet, and most importantly—towards yourself.

Spread the love in your own unique way, encourage those who are in pain or doubt, help heal the broken ones, and share the hope with the world.

Enrich the world with your unique mindset and nice gestures, and the world will, in return, help you awaken your Divine Feminine!

Your selfless practices and determination to make the world a better place will turn you into a god/goddess of the divine!

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Final Thoughts

The Divine Feminine consciousness is necessary and greatly desirable for both individuals and the entire world we live in—the world of imposed ideals and the dominant systems suffocating creation, empathy, sensuality and collaboration in all of us. 

The Divine Feminine is vital for cleansing our bodies, souls, and our world from the toxic pollutants of the society.

Remember that one sentence I mentioned earlier: “Change comes from within you”? 

Be the change. 

Follow the above ways that will help you awaken your divine self and introduce you to the magical worlds that abound in blessing and inner peace! 

Also, remember to stay patient because patience is a divine trait which bestows blessings upon those who wait.

And now, let the following words of one of the most beautiful Divine Feminine quotes be your motivation and inspiration:

“The future of the world depends on the full restoration of the Sacred Feminine in all its tenderness, passion, divine ferocity, and surrendered persistence.” – Andrew Harvey