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Masculine Energy: What It Is And 13 Ways To Embrace It

Masculine Energy: What It Is And 13 Ways To Embrace It

Do you feel like you’re lacking in masculine energy? Are you more the feminine energy archetype who’s ruled by their heart? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

If you keep reading, you’ll find out all the ways you can get in touch with your masculine side, how to balance it with your femininity, as well as what masculine energy is in the first place.

You’ll realize that all you need to improve is a little balance between the two universal energies. How? Well, read on, and you’ll know.

What Is Masculine Energy?

Masculine energy is all about action. In a battle between your head and your heart, your head always wins.

Your logical thinking guides you through life and doesn’t let your emotions get in the way.

You’re not the sensitive type who can be easily affected. You hold all the power in your hands, and nothing can drag you down.

Of course, there are still feminine aspects to your personality, and you shouldn’t be ashamed of them. Both are needed for your ultimate self-improvement.

How Do You Release Masculine Energy?

It all starts with positive affirmations.

When you change your self-talk, you change your life. If you keep convincing yourself that you’ll always stay the same, then you will.

But, if you’re determined to become a better version of yourself who will embrace their divine masculine energy, then you will definitely succeed.

The key to success is in your mindset. As Dr. House says: ”Doing things changes things. Not doing things leaves things exactly as they were.”

So, just be in love with the idea of self-improvement, and everything will start looking up sooner than you realize.

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13 Ways To Get In Touch With Your Masculine Side

If you want to know how to activate your masculine energy, take a look at the following 13 tips:

1. Go after what you want.

The most important masculine trait is the inability to stay in one place. If you’re filled with masculine energy, you will always be action-oriented.

You won’t ever slow down and whine about how you can’t have something. You’re aware that all it takes to achieve a goal is determination and self-discipline. And you have plenty of that.

If you want something, you go and get it. It’s really that simple.

2. Don’t let your emotions rule over you.

Feminine energy can easily find its way to you, so it’s no surprise you’re sometimes overwhelmed by your feelings. You are primarily a human being, so it’s inevitable to have a little bit of both.

HOWEVER, you never allow your emotions to be your master for long. You let it out for one moment, but the next, you’re the one who’s in control.

Your head guides you through life because you know that following your heart never does you any good.

3. Say what you mean.

When you’re in touch with your masculine side, you never allow anyone to shut you up.

You have no problem expressing your opinions and standing up for yourself. You value what you have to say, so you make sure that everyone listens to you.

Your assertiveness also helps you defend those who aren’t as self-assured as you. So, make sure that you use your masculine energy not only for your own good but for the good of others, too.

The more you share your thoughts, the more masculine you will become.

Suppressing yourself is a feminine aspect of your personality, and it’s not good for your well-being. So, never let words stay stuck in your mouth… regardless of your gender.

4. You’re born to be a leader.

A masculine man never plays a passive role in any relationship. He’s always the one in charge. He never doubts his abilities and knows what to do at any given moment.

Despite his natural leadership skills, dominating others is never his goal. He cares about their wishes and needs but is just aware that he’s the one who can fulfill them.

He’s filled with masculine energy that allows him to be in control of any given situation, but he’s still in touch with his feminine side, which makes him considerate of other people.

5. Your confidence is through the roof.

Of course, you have insecurities as much as the next person, but when you embrace your masculine energy, you don’t let them get to you.

You silence the thoughts that tell you that you’re not good enough. You fight your own self-doubt, and you win every time.

So, the next time you think you aren’t a masculine man just because negative thoughts sometimes overwhelm you, remind yourself that that’s normal.

The masculine part is going forward no matter what’s stopping you.

6. Don’t let your problems discourage you.

Problems will always exist. But, when you learn how to release your masculine energy, you won’t ever let them stop you from achieving your goal.

In fact, they will motivate you even more. You’ll be thrilled by the challenge, and the reward will be all the more satisfying. Nothing that’s good comes easily.

So, whenever you feel like you have too much on your plate, remember to focus not on the problem but rather on the solution.

When you’re too negative, all you see are the obstacles. But, when you start thinking about what you can do about it, all you see are ways to fix it.

Have enough self-awareness to notice these negative patterns, so you can change them.

7. Hit the gym.

Is there any better way to release your masculine energy than through physical activity?

Changing your mindset does wonders, but you can’t neglect your body.

The two are always connected, and when we focus on both, we change ourselves in ways we couldn’t have imagined before.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and enroll at a nearby gym and make some changes!

But don’t just take selfies so you have something to post on social media. Remind yourself of your actual motivation.

Trust me, doing regular physical exercise is extremely empowering. It helps you gain strength, confidence, and determination to do anything you set your mind to.

8. Never miss an opportunity.

Ah, fear! How many good things has it ruined so far! How many opportunities have passed us by because we thought we didn’t have what it takes.

Well, when you embrace your masculine energy, you don’t have these problems!

Sure, fear is still present. It always will be. But, it is never stronger than YOU. Whenever you feel like something might improve your life in any way, you go for it.

Even if you’re trembling, even if the voices in your head keep telling you you’ll fail, you keep going.


Because you care about yourself enough to do what’s right for you. You love yourself enough to live the life of your dreams.

9. Don’t let anyone control you.

Let’s say you still live with your parents. You’re a grown-up man, but they still treat you like a child. They feel responsible for you, so they sort of still control every aspect of your life.

What do you do? Do you allow them to wrap you around their little finger, or do you make your own decisions?

No one in this world should have power over you. It’s your life, and only you can decide how to live it.

No matter who the person in front of you is, if they don’t respect your choices, you have to stand up for yourself. That’s how you increase your masculine energy.

10. Have a good sleep schedule.

Looks like nothing good can ever happen without a good night’s sleep! Your body produces testosterone only while you’re sleeping, so imagine how important rest is for your masculinity.

If you have abnormal sleeping patterns like myself here, it will negatively impact your masculine energy. You may find that you’re not as confident and strong-willed as you used to be.

But, worry not! As tough as it is to change your habits, it isn’t impossible.

You can start by not staring at your phone for at least two hours before going to bed. Unplugging can truly do wonders!

Still, what will help you the most is reminding yourself of the purpose of it all.

A good sleep schedule = increased masculine energy

11. Protect what’s yours.

Masculine men love being heroes. If a woman triggers their hero instinct, they will love her forever.

That’s because the feminine (Shakti) and masculine energy (Shiva) work as yin and yang. One is protective, and the other is protected. That’s the basic idea of sexual polarity.

It’s precisely their reversed roles that make their relationship work. Of course, sometimes the woman is the one with more masculine energy, and that’s fine, too.

What’s important is to not have an excess of it. Too much masculinity makes you want to be in control of the other person.

So, be protective, but also remember that no one is your property or vice versa.

12. Hang out with masculine men.

Who you surround yourself with is really important. Being a feminine man and being around feminine men is alright, but you can’t expect to activate your masculinity among them.

You don’t have to abandon your friendships, but you should still devote more time to men who have already embraced their masculine energy.

Observing their behavior and how they carry themselves will only inspire you to do the same. It’s impossible not to pick up some of their traits if you hang out often. Their company would be a truly sacred space.

But, make sure to choose wisely. If these men have too much masculine energy, their goal won’t be to motivate you but to use the feminine aspects of your personality against you.

13. Practice self-defense.

You never really know what might happen tomorrow. What if you find yourself in a life-threatening situation yet don’t know how to defend yourself?

I’m not trying to awaken feelings of anxiety here. I just want to motivate you to work on yourself.

If you feel like you’re strong enough to handle a fight with anyone, you will feel more confident, and that confidence will show in all areas of your life, not just the physical one.

Masculine Energy Traits

If you’re interested in becoming more masculine, these are the masculine qualities you should pay attention to:


• assertiveness

• confidence

• leadership


• rationality

• strength

• domination


• protection

Why It’s Important To Balance Your Masculine And Feminine Energy

Even when you activate your masculine energy, you will still have feminine traits. And even if you’re a feminine man, that doesn’t mean you have no masculine qualities.

Yin and yang, remember? One energy can’t exist without the other. Your feminine energy is the necessary supplement to your personality.

You shouldn’t strive to change that.

What you SHOULD try to do is find the balance between the two.

If you are too feminine, your gentleness will allow other people to walk all over you. Your happiness will never last because every minor inconvenience will get you down.

On the other hand, if you are too masculine, you will be the one to use others like toys for your own agenda.

You won’t ever consider their feelings because all you care about are your own needs.

If you want to find the balance between these two energies, you first need to accept that it’s okay to have both. Only then can you become the best version of yourself.

Final Thoughts

To be honest, regardless of our gender, we should all strive to increase our masculine energy. As you can see, it can benefit our lives in so many different ways.

But, we should still be careful not to become toxic in the process.

The goal isn’t to have others under our control but rather ourselves.