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Don’t Allow Someone To Treat You Poorly Just Because You Love Them

Don’t Allow Someone To Treat You Poorly Just Because You Love Them

Everyone’s common sense tells them they shouldn’t tolerate people hurting them.

If your friend was in a bad relationship where a guy treated her poorly, you’d be the first to tell her to call it quits.

No matter how much she loved the guy, you’d know that her place is not next to him.

Why is it so hard then to notice that the person you love is treating you badly, and why is it even harder to stop allowing that from happening?

Love can make us blind, that’s true. Loving someone can make us idealize everything good they do. And then when they do something wrong, we end up making excuses for them.

You weren’t born into this world to waste your energy, good heart, and love on someone who doesn’t appreciate you.

Start loving yourself and caring for your own well-being, and things will begin to unfold for you.

Let’s take off the blindfold love has put over our eyes and try to see things clearly for once.

If they don’t answer when you call them and never even apologize, that’s not right.

If you wait for hours before they answer a simple message, that’s not right.

If they’re never there for you, no matter the reason you need them, that’s not right.

If they can’t find the time or energy to participate in your life, that’s not right.

If the person you’re with can’t seem to respect, support, and love you the way they’re supposed to – that sure isn’t right.

We don’t want to think badly of the person we’ve given so much to. We want them good, pure, and perfect in our minds.

That’s why we never let ourselves confess they are actually treating us quite poorly.

Realizing and confessing that someone is hurting you with their behavior is step one in solving this huge issue.

No matter how much you love someone, you can’t let them break you apart.

Love can’t be one-sided. If you love them, they should love you back, right? If they loved you, would they hurt you? Absolutely not.

The person who truly loves you will always have your best interests at heart. The one who cares will never intentionally hurt you.

If someone keeps treating you the way you would never treat them and you keep forgiving them, now is the time to break that vicious cycle.

No one gets to hurt you, no matter how much they mean to you.

Would you ever do bad things to someone you love? Sure you wouldn’t. Then, why do you let someone do that to you?

I know you find many reasons to explain them hurting you in a way that makes it seem less important and like it’s not even their fault.

Not only are those malicious actions important, but they are also crucial to your self-esteem and for your future happiness.

They take your trust and sincerity and they toss it all away, making it seem like you’re the less important person in the relationship.

I wonder how they would feel if you did the same thing to them?! Would they forgive you? I’m pretty sure not.

I’m quite sure they’re constantly apologizing to you, asking your forgiveness. Well, let me tell you something: An apology that doesn’t come with changed behavior is just lip service.

I’m also guessing that if by any chance you choose to actually stand your ground and show them you’re no longer putting up with their shit, they will make you feel bad for being angry at them.

This is the kind of toxic person you don’t want in your life. They might have you believing they will change, but they won’t!

You might be thinking about giving them a second chance, but I can tell you right now that any chance you give them will be wasted.

Someone who claims that they love you yet still decides to treat you poorly isn’t worth a second chance.

Yes, forgiveness is a beautiful path to choose, and sure you can choose to forgive them for every way they’ve harmed you.

I’ve said forgive, not forget.

Don’t let them treat you like you are unworthy of love, and don’t let them ever harm you again.