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Don’t Forget Your Worth, Even When He Does

Don’t Forget Your Worth, Even When He Does

Have you ever felt like you weren’t enough just because the man you loved more than anything never saw your true value?

Just because he could never appreciate all the sacrifices you were making for the sake of your relationship and because he failed to give you back the effort he was getting from you?

Have you ever questioned yourself just because some guy couldn’t see how beautiful, smart, attractive and interesting you actually are? Have you ever compared yourself with other girls around him, wondering what they had that you didn’t?

If you did, this one is for you. This is for all the girls who fail to see how amazing and strong women they are. For all the girls who don’t see their worth.

For all the girls who allow some douchebag to undermine their worth and to make them believe that they aren’t enough.

For all the girls who think about changing their true selves just to fit some man’s standards or to be more likable to someone who never deserved a place in their life in the first place.

Please, don’t be one of those girls. Instead, always try your hardest to remember how valuable, special and unique you are.

Please, don’t forget your worth, even when everyone else does and especially when the guy you are hooked on does.

Even when he treats you like you are worthless and even when he tries to make you feel like you are good for nothing. Don’t forget your worth even when he acts like he is above you in any way and on the days when he does his best to make you feel bad about yourself.

Don’t wonder about your worth when you see him checking out other girls or even cheating on you. Even when he doesn’t answer your phone calls or texts and when he clearly wants you to chase him.

When he leaves you hanging or when you wait for him to come to his senses.

Remember your value even when he doesn’t give you back the love you deserve and when he tries to treat you like shit. Please, don’t let this toxic man get into your head, by telling you that you are not enough.

Please, remember your worth every time he tries to belittle your successes, just because he is intimidated. Every time he tells you that you are too much to handle or that you are not meant to be loved.

Don’t question your value even when he disrespects or abuses you in any way. Don’t think less of yourself for not choosing better or for not walking away sooner.

For not being smarter or for not following your gut, which kept telling you to run from him from the start.

Don’t think that you are weak for following your heart blindly and for always putting your emotions in front of your reason. Actually, it just means that you were strong enough to do the thing you wanted to do, even if it turned out to be the wrong choice.

Don’t forget your worth when you are the one who loves more, the one who got hurt or left behind. Don’t do it even when your heart is broken into a million pieces or when you feel like you’ve reached your breaking point and that you simply can’t take it anymore.

Remember that this is exactly what this guy wants. He wants to tear down your strength so he could control and manipulate you with more ease.

He wants you to feel worthless so you start considering yourself lucky for having him in his life.

Remember that he is only doing it to boost his ego and to improve his self-confidence. This guy is very well aware that he doesn’t deserve you and he is convinced that the only way to handle you is to drag you down to his level.

However, you are the one who should never let that happen. The one who needs to understand that you are the only one who was the right to determine your own worth.

When you get stuck in a situation like this, just try hard not to forget that you are strong enough to leave behind everyone who is holding you back or putting you down and stronger than everything bringing you down.

I won’t lie to you — cutting ties with someone you care about, even when he treats you awfully, is never easy.

But you have it in you to do the right thing and to walk away, without ever looking back. And you will survive, I guarantee you that.

Just remember the girl you were before this man started messing with you. Remember that you are capable of anything you set your mind to and that you will get out of this more powerful than ever.