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Don’t Go Back To Your Old Love – You Already Know How It Ends

Don’t Go Back To Your Old Love – You Already Know How It Ends

You miss him. I know you do.

You miss his cute, boyish smile and the way he would adorably grin from ear to ear when you would try and stay mad at him for annoying you with something that seems so ridiculous now.

You miss those precious, little moments with him, after having had a long day, and him making you light up the moment you walked into the house. You miss how just the thought of him waiting for you on that couch made you so happy.

It’s all those small things that you may have taken for granted at the time, but that now make you feel so empty and hollow. You feel like there is a genuine part missing from yourself, and you don’t know how to fill that void that is churning in your chest.

And you’re sick and tired of feeling this way. You just need it to stop.

Let me tell you something. The thing you miss the most is not HIM. It’s how you felt when you knew you had him around. But remember this. You broke up for a reason. A good reason. You just need to remind yourself of all the ways he made you feel insufficient and inadequate and stop idealizing him in your head. If it were REALLY that good, don’t you think you would still be together?

You tried your best. You did everything you possibly could to save your relationship, and ultimately, your best just wasn’t enough anymore.

Don’t beat yourself up now that the story has come to an end. There is nothing left to be written. Let it go; give yourself a chance to heal.

When you find yourself wanting to text him, please don’t. When you feel yourself wanting to talk to him, call your bestie instead! But whatever you do, don’t give him so much space in your head and your heart.

He no longer belongs there.

This current feeling of frailty is not going to last forever. This is just how you feel right now. That is completely understandable, but you need to know that it will pass. You just lost something that was an integral part of your life, and you need to give yourself time to learn to live without it.

It is insane to think that going back to him would change anything. Don’t be tempted. He is still the same person that made you feel so shitty at times. He’s still the same person who couldn’t find the time for you when you needed him the most! And he is still the person who didn’t FIGHT for you when your relationship was going to hell. It was all you and your effort.

Aren’t you tired of always being the only one giving it your all?

It is normal to miss him sometimes. After all, you spent a significant amount of life together. You were so used to having him by your side that now you just don’t know how to function any other way.

But don’t live in the past. It’s there for a reason. For as long as you keep clinging onto that tiny glimmer of hope that things MIGHT get better someday and that he might change, you will be doing yourself a huge disservice by not allowing yourself to live your life in the present, and continuously reliving moments from the past, moments that are really just highlights of a relationship that just no longer made sense.

Darling, you deserve so much more than he could ever offer you! You deserve to live your life NOW and find your happiness in your present.

He doesn’t deserve to have you still hung up on him when there are so many guys out there that could be your ONE.

Don’t let memories of your past diminish the light that you deserve in your present.

The future can be so bright. You just need to let it shine through again.

HE is your past. Leave him there!