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This Is How I Learned To Follow My Head Instead Of My Heart

This Is How I Learned To Follow My Head Instead Of My Heart

It’s an everlasting debate: Should I follow my head this time or my (who knows for how many times broken) heart? If we rely too much on our heart, it could influence us to make impulsive decisions that may lead to serious consequences.

I recently met a handsome stranger in the bar. We exchanged numbers and kept texting in the following days. At first sight, I knew that there was something fishy about him.

With his messy, black hair and tattoos on his arms, he looked like a bad guy (a really bad guy).fxv

But, his hazel eyes had that spark telling me: I’m just an innocent boy. I will never do you any harm.

He made his bad side so incredibly attractive to me that I couldn’t even think reasonably with my head. I instantly fell for him with my heart.

Although I knew he was bad, I didn’t let my mind interfere. I just wanted to feel carefree because I was sick of overthinking.

I just wanted to follow my heart.

Two weeks later I received a call. My friend told me that she saw him in a hospital. She told me that he OD’ed. I immediately went there only to realize that his WIFE was there with her 3-year-old kid.

I ran outside, standing frozen in disbelief. That is when I realized should have followed my head instead of my heart.

But, hey..At least others will be able to learn from my mistakes.

Here is my list of reasons why you should follow your head instead of your heart:

1. You are more reasonable

When you follow your head, you’re more likely to think reasonably and not impulsively. You will weigh all the pros and cons of your decision.

I know it kills all the joy, but that way, you don’t have to be afraid or insecure about the outcome of your decision. You have to learn to divide reason from your feelings, so that you can switch whenever you want to.

I know it’s hard, but once you master it, you will be amazed how much this strategy helps.

2. You see his bad and good sides more clearly

When you’re thinking with your head instead of your heart, you’ll more easily make a distinction between his good and bad sides. For example, if you know he’s bad, you will not find excuses for such behavior.

Your head will tell you to step away and think about your next move. You’ll like him as a whole person and will not have second guesses about his bad side.

That way, the bond will have more solid foundation, and it won’t be that easy to destroy it.

3. It’s easier to evaluate the situation (when you’re about to breakup with him)

When you’re in doubt whether to breakup or not, your head will tell you one thing and your heart another. If you listen to your head, you’ll evaluate the situation more easily.

You will have a better insight into everything that happened. You will not have a guilty conscience about breaking up with him because you will be one hundred percent sure that you’re doing the right thing for yourself.

4. You’re more stress-free

When you follow your head, if he tells you something insulting or hurts you one way or another, you will not take it too seriously. You will be more stress-free, and you won’t give a shit about what others think of you.

Being more stress-free helps you being more productive in your daily life. So, when you wash your dishes, you will not think about some not-so-nice things he has said to you in effect.

Bad things will not stick to your heart because your mind will immediately tell them to go away.

When something sticks to your heart, it is really hard to get rid of it.

Your heart has to digest every single thought that is going on in your head. That’s why you should be gentle with your heart.

5. Lower chances that you’ll end up with a broken heart

If you follow your head and all of the above you will decrease your chances of ending up with a broken heart. When you love someone with your head, you see things as they are.

But, when you love someone with your heart, you’re blinded. The phrase Love is blind exists for a reason.

Love is blind when you love with your heart. But, when your heart gets tired of being broken, you will learn to love with your mind.