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Don’t Hurt Her Just Because Your Ex Hurt You

Don’t Hurt Her Just Because Your Ex Hurt You

If your past relationship has scarred you and you feel like you still need time to process all of what happened and heal your broken heart, do not enter a new relationship. Do not hurt her just because your ex hurt you. It’s as simple as that.

Stay single until you’re ready to treat her the way she deserves because you know that she deserves to be treated nice and with care. Don’t even dare to kill her hope in love just because you’ve lost it yourself.

Don’t break her heart just because your ex broke yours.

Don’t think that you’ll be able to heal your heart only if you break someone else’s heart. Don’t think that you’ll get your revenge if you make her suffer. Her heart is pure and beautiful so don’t you think that it would really be a shame if that was disrupted?

Don’t you think that in a world as cruel as it is, her pure heart is something truly amazing and it deserves to be treated with special care?

Don’t break her spirit in an attempt to save yours. If you’re not ready to truly commit, stop giving her hope!

Don’t let her wait just because you can. If you know that your kind of toxic love will only hurt her, then stop giving her hope that you will change. Stop giving her false promises when you know that you’re not able to fulfill them.

Give her a chance to spread her wings and save herself from your toxic love because she deserves human treatment, which includes understanding, appreciating, making an effort and being there for her. If you know that you cannot give her that, then back off.

She did nothing to deserve your mistreatment.

Even though you have lost your faith in love and people, you have no right to put her into that category. She did nothing to deserve to be treated like someone who is there to ease your pain and then to be discarded.

She did nothing to be your punching bag. Her only wish is to help you restore your hope and heal your broken heart. She’s not someone you should be skeptical of believing.

And if you’re unable to see all of this, then let her go. Don’t waste her time by manipulating her with your constant leaving and staying. Sooner or later, she will get tired of your games and, wanted or not, you’ll lose her.

You’ll lose such a delicate flower and when you realize it, it will be too late. So, stop playing your shitty games and decide once and for all whether you’ll treat her the way she deserves or you’ll leave her.

Because it will hurt less if you leave her. And it will hurt more if you keep manipulating her.

Make the right decision and do what’s best for her. Don’t let your selfishness overwhelm you to think that she’ll be there for you whenever you need her.

And don’t think that she’s the one to blame for everything wrong that happened to you. Understand that she’s the one who’s there for you because she WANTS to be and not because she NEEDS you.

If she wanted to, she could have easily replaced you with someone else who would treat her better than you. But she didn’t. And do you know why?

Because she’s the one who wants to help you. She wants to be there for you and to give you her unconditional love because she knows how it feels to be loved so little.

So, don’t hurt her just because your past hurt you. She’s not your past and she has nothing to do with your mistakes. She’s someone who is willing to be there for you but you need to prove to her that you’re worthy of it.