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Don’t Look Back, You Aren’t Headed That Way

Don’t Look Back, You Aren’t Headed That Way

There’s no going back so stop looking back. Stop wasting time wishing you’d had a different beginning, it’s the ending that counts.

I feel you. I know your past is as alive in your mind and in your heart as if something was happening at this very moment. I get that.

The truth is, replaying the past will get you nowhere. Why, you ask?

It gets you into this vicious cycle of sadness and grief. Mourning the old times stops you from moving forward and living the life you deserve.

There’s so much potential in you, don’t let it go to waste.

If you have your mind full of your past, there’s no room in it to embrace everything that’s happening right now and everything waiting for you in the future.

Are you willing to live in this scary, emotional prison for the rest of your life? Of course not, no one deserves that kind of punishment.

What’s gone is gone. Accept it.

When you constantly focus on all the pain and loss from your past, you only give it more power to rule your life.

Get a hold of yourself and stop giving it a chance to ruin your future. The past belongs in the past, leave it there.

I get that things happened that changed your life. I know that they changed you too.

Recreating that moment, that very turning point, won’t change you back but it will make you lose your chance of living in this moment.

You deserve to be fully alive, give yourself a fighting chance.

Open up. I know change hurts. Molding yourself to accept your own life and your future is not easy. Still, it’s necessary.

You choose who you become. You adapt. Go through this transformation, it’s the only way.

Stop focusing on your fears and start focusing on who you will become. Think about what you want for yourself in the future.

You can never forget your past. It’s filled with your life. It’s filled with you. It’s filled with everything that brought you here. You don’t live there any longer though.

Don’t let yourself rot in turning events from the past in your mind over and over again. Your present and your future bring you the most amazing gifts, accept them.

Nostalgia is real. There is no greater sorrow. Your past is right there but still not close enough for you to find comfort in it.

There comes a time in life when you simply need to close the book you were reading and start a new one, no matter how great of an impact it made on you.

Regrets are real. I know. Always remember that YOU are not YOUR MISTAKES. You are not your struggles. Stop punishing yourself.

Stop thinking about everything that went wrong and every way you could have prevented them from happening. If you could have, you would have.

Come on, say goodbye to your past. It hurts, I know. Be brave. Better times are coming. Let it go.

Thank your past. Cherish it. Still, let it go. New people are coming. New experiences are waiting for you.

You know better now. You’ve learned so much from being hurt, from making mistakes. You’ll learn even more from moving on. There’s strength in you to do this now.

Keep in mind that this very moment will one day be your past too. Make it count. Don’t let it be one of those moments you look back on with unease and sadness.

It has all the potential to be magnificent. You’re the only one who can make it that way though.

It’s you who counts. It’s your decision and your power to change the things that count. Let this be your motivation.

Start looking forward and stop looking back before you ruin your whole life.

There’s so much in front of you but there’s no way you can reach it because you’re holding on to something that’s behind you.

Have you ever heard of anyone who made progress by remaining in their past? I think not.

This, what you have right here, is a whole new shiny freaking chance to do things your way. It only makes sense to use it.