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Drinking Games For Two- 23 Games For An Unforgettable Date

Drinking Games For Two- 23 Games For An Unforgettable Date

Playing games with your boo or your best friend is always fun, but with a couple of beers it becomes even more amusing.

Drinking games for two are an enjoyable way to get drunk, but also an opportunity to get together with a friend or your partner and learn something new about them.

It’s an activity that’s relaxing for both of you. Plus, it’s the best kind of date – one you spend in the comfort of your own home.

Many people think that these fun drinking games are for a group of people. And many of them are designed for groups, but there are also many that can be played in a twosome.

In fact, it is more interesting when there are only two players, as it is an intimate activity for a couple of people that would like to get to know each other better.

Here, we bring you the best drinking games that are completely free, with detailed instructions for every game. So, put on your coziest clothes, call your loved one, and be ready to have the best date ever!

Oh, but be careful with the alcohol – we cannot be held responsible for the following morning’s hangover.

Drinking games with cards

1. Drunken Uno

Drunken Uno is a modified version of the classic game, Uno. The only thing that’s different is that Drunken Uno is played with alcohol.

The rules are very simple. First, both players should know how to play Uno.

Every time your opponent plays a reverse card, you have to take a drink. And when one of you plays the card that changes the color, both of you take a shot.

You have to take a drink for every draw, until you draw a card that can be played. If one of you forgets to call Uno, you must draw five cards and take five shots.

The winner is the one who calls out Uno, of course. Although, having drunk that many shots, you’ll both be winners in some way.

2. Higher or Lower

Higher or Lower is the simplest and funniest game you can play with your partner. All you need is alcohol and a deck of cards.

One person is a dealer and they start the game by turning over the card on the top of the deck. The second player guesses if the next card is going to be higher or lower than the previous one.

If they are right, then the dealer drinks, but if they are wrong, then they have to drink. See? It doesn’t get simpler than that.

3. Horserace

Get a deck of cards and remove all four aces. First, line up ten cards (face down) in a vertical line. Then take the aces and line them up horizontally (face up) – these are the horses.

You start by betting on any horse you like. The dealer should start turning the leftover cards from the deck over.

If, for example, they draw a heart card, the heart ace moves up one place.

The winning ace is the one that reaches the end of the vertical line first. Now, the fun part is that if your horse wins, your partner has to drink, but if you lose, you take a shot for every bet you placed in addition to the drinks that were passed to you.

4. The lady has the deck

This is a really simple and good drinking game. To start, you should remove three queens and leave only one.

You need to shuffle the deck with just one queen remaining. Both players start drawing cards until one of them draws the queen.

Before you start the game, make some drinks from different types of alcohol and spices. The player who draws the queen picks one nasty drink that the other player must drink.

5. Bologna

Another great game that is improved by adding alcohol. The dealer deals out the entire pack of cards.

Both players should have an equal amount, and the dealer takes one card and puts it in the middle.

The first player draws a card and puts it on the card in the middle. It must be facing down, because the other player shouldn’t see it.

The new card must be the same as the one in the middle, or one higher or lower.

Sometimes you’ll have to pretend and lie that you have the appropriate card and put it on the pile. If you think that your opponent didn’t put the right card down, you should call out “bologna”

However, if you are wrong, you have to take a shot, and if you are right, the person that lied has to drink. So, if you don’t know how to lie, you will get drunk for sure.

6. Red or Black

This is one of the simplest two player drinking games. The game requires standard playing cards and it can be played with any number of participants, including just a single player.

Each player draws a single card from the top of the deck. They shouldn’t see the card because they must call either “Black” or “Red” first, guessing the color of the card.

If they guess correctly their turn is completed and the next player draws. If they guess incorrectly they must drink.

The game can be finished when the deck is exhausted, but you can also keep going – you’ll just need to recycle cards back into the deck. You can have a lot of fun by tracking your score as well.

Drinking games for two with dice

1. Pig

Pig is a simple dice game, and when you play it with alcohol, it becomes one of the most fun games for couples or friends.

Both players take turns rolling the dice. You can roll as many times as you like, but you must add each roll’s number together.

The first player to reach 100 or more points is the winner. However, you should be careful with rolling: you must decide carefully when to end your turn, because if you roll 1, your score will be set to 0 points. So, don’t get greedy or you’ll lose it all!

Every time you roll a 1, you must take as many drinks as you rolled the dice during your turn.

2. Higher or Lower

With just 2 dice and your favorite alcoholic drink, you can have the most fun date ever.

One person rolls the dice and the other person guesses what number will be rolled. Then the roller has to guess whether the roll will be higher or lower than what their opponent said.

If the roller wins, then the other person has to drink as many drinks as their guess was away from the actual rolled number. If the roller loses, then they have to drink the difference.

Occasionally, the roll is the same as the guess, and then the roller has to drink, but only one shot.

3. Cups

You’ll need one dice, 6 solo cups and your favorite alcoholic drink. Label all six cups with the numbers 1-6.

Arrange the solo cups in a beer pong rack. Fill three of them halfway with beer.

Each player has to roll the dice once and if they hit a cup with beer, they have to drink it. If the dice hits an empty cup, the player has to fill it up with as much beer as it fits.

Other popular drinking games for two

1. Never Have I Ever

Of all the drinking games, card games, board games, and party games out there, Never Have I Ever presents the BEST opportunity to learn hilarious facts about the people you want to get to know better.

All you need is a drink of your choice.

The goal is to discover as many things about the other person as you can.

The person that starts the game says something that they’ve never done in their life. If you want the game to be more interesting, then you should say something quite funny and/or crazy.

If the other person has done that thing, they have to drink. If they haven’t done it, then they don’t have to drink.

2. Two Truths and a Lie

This is also a game for couples or friends that want to get to know each other a little better. If you already know everything about the other person, then this won’t be fun to play.

One person has to list two facts and one lie about their life. They must ensure they say it confidently so their opponent can’t guess what is true and what is false.

The task for the other player is to guess. If they guess right, then the first person has to drink, but if they are wrong then they have to take shots.

To make it more interesting and fun, choose some interesting facts from your life that’ll be hard to guess. Your lie should be believable in order to confuse your opponent.

3. Power Hour

This fun drinking game is a chill way to drink and hang out with your friend or your boo. You need one shot glass, a couple of beers and speakers.

First you have to pick a Power Hour music mix. That means, you have to choose 60 songs with a consistent sound and the aim is to note when the song changes.

The songs should be played over speakers so that both of you can hear it. You need to take a shot of beer at the end of each minute.

The Power Hour champion will be the player who is able to make it the whole 60 minutes without quitting or missing a shot.

4. Flip, Sip or Post

This great game only requires a coin and shots of your favorite drink. It’s like an improved version of the classic ‘heads or tails’ game.

One player should flip the coin first. The other player has to guess on which side the coin will land – heads or tails.

If they guess right, then it’s their turn to flip the coin. But if they don’t guess correctly, the first player can continue flipping.

If the second guess is correct, then the second player must answer any question the first person asks them. If the guess is incorrect a third time, the first player can flip again.

Now, this is the most interesting part. If the guess is correct, the second player must take a shot, but if it’s incorrect then the first person can choose what post the loser will share on their social media account(s).

Just don’t make the post too embarrassing for your friend.

5. Speed Facts

This is a great drinking game for two people. It only requires your favourite drinks and your BF or your loved one.

You’ll find out how much your significant other knows about you.

Both of you have to say some true facts about your relationship and about one another. Each time one of you gets three statements wrong, you have to take a drink.

And remember, this game is for fun only, so don’t get mad at your partner if they forget something, or get something wrong.

6. Quarters

A shot glass, some quarters and some type of alcohol are the only requirements for this game.

You need to put the shot glass in the centre of the table. Both players should have some quarters.

Take turns bouncing the quarters off the table with the aim of landing one in the glass.

Whoever makes it first gets their opponents to drink.

7. Truth or Dare or Drink

Most people are familiar with the classic Truth or Dare game. This is way better, though.

It will help you to find out more about your partner or you can test their limits. The only requirement is fun.

The first player starts the game by asking the second player ‘truth or dare’? Then that player has to decide whether they want to answer a question (use these embarrassing questions to make it extra fun) about themselves or be challenged to do something (that’s probably going to be strange).

If the player refuses both choices, then they must take a drink. If they do what their opponent tells them, then the opponent has to drink.

8. I’m Going on a Picnic

This is a great memory game. All you need are some drinks and a person you love. You’ll have fun for sure.

Players name items (alphabetically) that can be taken on a picnic. Each person has to repeat everything that has been said and add something new at the end.

For example, player one might say “I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing apples”. Then, player two has to repeat that and add something new, like “I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing apples and some bananas.”

The first person to make a mistake or forget one of the mentioned items has to take a drink. The game will be funnier as you go further down the alphabet, and the more drunk you get, of course.

9. Tic-Tac-Toe

For this game you need at least 5 glasses for each player, a piece of paper and a pencil. Use the piece of paper and pencil to draw the game board.

You’ll have to label the glasses with an X or O.

Both players must fill their glasses before the game. One player has to pick the glasses with the ‘X’, and the other has to take the glasses with the ‘O’.

To start the game, one of the players must place one of their full glasses on the board. In other words, the glasses are the Tic-Tac-Toe tokens.

Afterwards, players can place one of their own glasses on the board or drink one of their opponents to remove it from the board.

The goal of the game is to get 3 of your own shot glasses in a row. The losing player must drink every glass on the board.

10. Match

Match is a simple but fun game for two people. You only need one dice and two sets of playing cards.

Both players get a pack of the cards, which they need to shuffle before the game starts. One player rolls the dice and the players have to find in their deck a card with the same number on it that was displayed on the dice.

The winner is the one that finds the right card first and the loser has to take a drink. It couldn’t be easier.

11. TV Show Drinking Game

If you like to watch TV shows or if you and your partner have the same favorite TV show, then this is the right game for you. All you need to play is your favorite type of alcohol, a pen, a piece of paper and a TV.

Before the game, both of you should write down some themes from the show you have chosen. Or you can find some quotes on Google that commonly pop up in the show.

Then it’s time to play. Put on your favorite TV show and your task is to drink every time the things you wrote down pop up in the show.

Both players must drink. It will be a great relaxing night for both of you.

12. Flip Cup

Flip Cup is a very popular drinking game. You need your favorite drinks, two plastic cups, and a table.

You need to fill two plastic cups with some alcoholic beverage and put them on opposite sides of the table. Then both of you should stand on these opposite sides of the table right next to your cup.

Then you must grab your cups and chug the alcohol as quickly as possible. When you have finished the drink, place your cup upside down with a small part of the cup hanging over the edge.

From where the cup is hanging over the edge of the table, you must try to flick the cup over, aiming for it to land on the table the right way up.

If you fail, put the cup back in the same position and try again. The winner is the person who manages to flip the cup the right way.

13. Battle Shots

Battle Shots is a rendition of the traditional game Battleships, but now it includes alcohol. You need a Battle Shot board (you can make one from cardboard), six glasses, and your favorite alcoholic drink.

Sit opposite your opponent, facing each other. Assemble your Battle Shot game unit, attach your privacy shield, and get ready to play.

The first step is to place ships on your shot board. You should have three glasses for the battleship; two for the destroyers, and a glass for the submarine.

Now the battle can start! If you hit your opponent’s ship, they must drink the shot. The last person with at least one ship left is the winner.

14. Beer Pong

This is definitely a creative idea for a date. For this game you need 20 solo cups, 2 ping pong balls, a table, and beer.

Fill 10 cups with beer and put them in a pyramid form on the table. Your opponent should do the same. Don’t fill the cups to the top.

Try to throw one ball into your opponent’s cups. When you sink a ball, you must remove the cup from the pyramid and drink the beer from it.

The person with any remaining cups wins the game.

We hope you’ve found some drinking games for two that you like on our list. We want you to have the most fun date ever playing these games. Cheers!