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The Reminder Each Zodiac Sign Deserves At The Beginning Of This Year

The Reminder Each Zodiac Sign Deserves At The Beginning Of This Year


“A person can say they are sorry, but if they still don’t change, they are playing you.”

You’ve been through the same shit so many times by now. It would be a shame for you to make the same mistake once again.

Don’t let this year start off on the wrong foot. Cut loose the people who are all talk and no action.


“When a person sees the worst side of you and still decides to stay, that’s the person who deserves you at your best.”

Don’t forget that everyone makes mistakes, even you. You’re not perfect either.

And if someone would ask your partner what it’s like to be in a relationship with you, there’d be some things you’d find hard to hear.

Keep in mind that putting up with someone when they are at their worst behavior and still loving them is not an easy thing to do.

Only a person who truly loves is capable of doing so.


“Remember that you’re still standing. After all that’s happened, you’re still here, fighting and waiting for better and happier days to come.”

You’re without a doubt the one to blame in your case. You assume the worst thing to happen in every possible situation.

What you’re not aware of is you’ve survived so many situations that were probably even worse than this one.

After the struggle, after the fighting, you’re still here. You’re still fighting and you never gave up.


“Make your dreams come true, but don’t neglect yourself along the way.”

You shouldn’t ever give up on your dreams. They can’t be sold for anything in this world. But there is a line you must respect.

Respect the timeline in which your dreams come true.

You can’t have everything all at once. Therefore, honor yourself, take good care of yourself, and stay patient. The rewards are coming your way.


“You have to love yourself first in order to be loved.”

You are a perfectionist and that is your biggest flaw. All these years you’ve been driving yourself crazy by setting ridiculously high expectations that you are unable to fulfill most of the time.

That’s led to self-hatred and the feeling of not being good enough, which is, once again, far from the truth.

Learn to love yourself. Stop underestimating yourself and start valuing yourself. Appreciate what you do and how much effort you put into doing it.

Only then will you find peace.


“Working all the time will lead to burnout.”

We all have a limit. When we reach it, we shut down. Some manage to find their way back and some never do.

The point is and the biggest reminder for you this year is to find your boundary.

Working hard is a part of who you are, but not taking a break will drive you insane.


“Embracing vulnerability and accepting weaknesses, as you do for others, is the key to healing properly.”

You’re always strong for others, but when it comes to situations that are connected with you directly, you always put it last.

Your reminder for this year is to accept that you are a person, too.

You hurt, laugh, and cry like everybody else. Try putting yourself first for a change and see how that goes.


“To be able to appreciate, respect, and love others, you have to love yourself first.”

It all starts will self-love. How many times have you heard the same thing? It’s an ever-present statement because it’s true.

You can’t show appreciation nor love to anyone if you’re not happy with yourself. It all begins from within, from your heart and your soul, then it spreads like a domino effect.


“Stop chasing what’s wrong. Only then will the right things find their way to you.”

When you get preoccupied with things that are unimportant, you lose your precious time.

Time that you could have used to do something meaningful, or time that something “meant to be” would happen to you.

Stop wasting your life on things that are impossible for you and create your happiness by allowing it to come to you.


“You’re talented enough without the so-called necessary suffering.”

You have it in you. There is no need for pain and despair for you to create something meaningful. A

rt is not necessarily connected with wounds, heartbreak, or sadness.

Art lives within you and is present –… all the time. You can decide how to express it.


“Your soulmate is someone who calms you down and isn’t all over the place all the time.”

So, don’t waste your time with people who are constantly partying or can’t stay in one place for too long.

You’re destined to be with someone who’ll always rather stay at home with you, snuggling on the couch, watching a Saturday night movie.


“Stop neglecting yourself for everybody else’s sake. You don’t have to manage everything all the time.”

Remember this more often. And every time you see you’re juggling your life and somehow handling everything, although it seems impossible to handle, take a break.

You’re probably neglecting yourself, which will sooner or later result in a disastrous outcome.