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This Is Why & How To Embrace Fighting With Your Boyfriend

This Is Why & How To Embrace Fighting With Your Boyfriend

Do you sometimes feel afraid to speak for yourself in your relationship?

Do you think that it might harm your relationship? Arguing leads to a breakup, right?

No, and it’s really a big NO. You’re wrong. All couples argue, and having some little disagreements is actually healthy for your relationship.

It won’t ruin your relationship; on the contrary, it’ll deepen your connection.

But, I completely get you. I was like that once. I was so afraid of rejection that I kept all things that were bothering me bottled up inside me.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t aware of how big a mistake it was and it definitely was a huge one. Because of my fear, I created a toxic and unhealthy atmosphere in our relationship that almost cost me losing a person I love.

I thought that it was all okay, that I would be able to handle it and contain them inside until one day, I just couldn’t keep all those emotions and things that were bothering me inside, and they just burst out fiercely. To be more exact, they exploded.

This revealed so many unresolved issues in our relationship. Fortunately, our love was stronger than it and we succeeded in overcoming it all, and saved our relationship.

However, we promised that we’d never hide our feelings or try to bury them inside us. We understood that we should embrace and accept all of our differences and issues and try to deal with them in a healthy way.

Arguing is actually bringing us together

Every time we have a disagreement or we get angry at each other, we become aware, once again, that we can’t live without each other.

Every time we reconcile after a fight, we become more convinced that our bond is so strong that nothing can damage it.

Embracing quarrels has taught us to communicate more effectively

Do you really know the importance of healthy communication for a good relationship? Well, we weren’t at the beginning and it almost ruined our relationship.

We knew we had problems, but we chose not to speak about them as if it was going to make them disappear.

Now, we have learned to talk more effectively. We have learned to take responsibility for our mistakes. We have learned to apologize and to forgive each other for our mistakes.

These things didn’t just improve our relationship, but they made our bond stronger than ever before.

It helped us to listen and understand each other better

I didn’t know how to be a good listener and that was probably causing most of the problems in our relationship.

Fortunately, by embracing some small disagreements in my relationship, I also learned to listen and pay more attention to my partner’s needs. After all, they are as important as my own ones.

Those little disagreements helped us embrace some changes in our relationship

To be honest, before, neither one of us was satisfied with some things in our relationship, but we were afraid to speak about them because we both thought that it could ruin our relationship.

After we accepted the fact that having some little disagreements in a relationship is inevitable, we became aware of the fact that changes are actually good for the relationship.

We are now ready to make compromises, and satisfying each other’s needs is our priority.

We became more affectionate

Arguing also taught us to be more affectionate towards each other. I have to admit, it really helped us refresh and rekindle the spark in our relationship.

Every time one of us makes a mistake, we try to solve it in a healthy way and then the person who made the mistake apologizes and tries to prove that they’re really sorry for what they did.

It taught us to tame our ego for the sake of the relationship

Trust me, there was a constant fight going on and it was between our egos and our feelings. We weren’t even aware of the fact that it was slowly ruining our relationship.

Our relationship had become a competition where we were constantly trying to prove ourselves and be better than the other person.

Fortunately, once we learned to tame our egos, our communication and our bond improved, too.

Admit it, the make up after a fight is definitely the best one!

Do you agree that couples who love each other passionately also fight passionately? Yes? Me, too.

But, you know what’s the good part of it? They also make up after the fight more passionately and those kinds of reconciliations are the best.

We vowed that our love will always come first

Yes, I agree that arguing over some little things is simply an inevitable part of every relationship and that it’s actually healthy to have some disagreements.

We made a vow to never go to bed angry or with some unresolved issues.

Our relationship is and will always be our main priority. We know how strong our love truly is and that’s why we’ll never allow anything to jeopardize our relationship.

At the end of the day, the only important thing is that we have each other… all other things can be resolved.

Our love will overcome all obstacles because it’s truly the greatest force in the universe.