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Every Boyfriend I’ve Ever Had Cheated On Me And They Are Not Even Sorry

Every Boyfriend I’ve Ever Had Cheated On Me And They Are Not Even Sorry

First of all, I want to make one thing straight: cheating is a choice, not a mistake. You can’t just come to your partner and tell them that you’ve made a mistake the other night. 

Like you accidentally slipped and bumped into a girl and once you were already there, you slept with her. No.

That’s not how things work. When you cheat on your partner, you do it consciously; it is never something you can call a mistake. 

There are many mistakes that you can correct, but once you betray your loved one in this way, I don’t think your relationship can ever be the same. 

I wasn’t lucky in my love relationships and all of my boyfriends cheated on me. 

I don’t know why, because I didn’t do anything bad. But that fact didn’t stop me from thinking that I was the guilty one.

I thought that the problem was in me the entire time. But after some time, I realized that the problem was in them all along. 

They were insecure and they did it all to make themselves feel better. Every one of them cheated on me to feel better in his own skin.

And the worst part was that nobody felt sorry about it. Not even one of them approached me and told me they were sorry. 

And you can just imagine how I felt after that. I couldn’t believe that all my boyfriends were doing the same thing and that I wasn’t capable of building a normal and a healthy relationship.

I thought that I would stay single for the rest of my life and that never find what I was looking for.

Every Boyfriend I’ve Ever Had Cheated On Me And They Are Not Even Sorry

I was a mess and I wanted them to see it. I wanted to show each one of them what I turned into after they broke me. 

But no matter how much I cried in front of them, no matter how much I was falling apart, they didn’t give a damn about me.

I guess they thought I was too good to them, so they took me for granted. 

Obviously, I wasn’t the girl who could make them do crazy things just to see me happy.

I was the one wearing her heart on her sleeve all the time, the honest and sincere one. But that cost me a lot in every one of my romantic relationships. 

But when I look at it all now, I don’t want any revenge. I don’t even wish that I could have been different toward them and give them what they deserve.

I am a smart girl. And smart girls never take revenge – they let karma do its dirty work. 

I hope that all my tears and suffering isn’t in vain. I hope that the right one will come along and show me why it never worked out with anyone else before him.

I want to be with someone who will never take me for granted,never cheat on me, and always be there. 

I know a man like that will come into my life. I also know it won’t be when I want it, but when heaven wants it. I will just be patient enough and let destiny do its work. 

I know that one day I will meet a guy who will just prove to me that everything is fine with me. I know he will show me that I am good enough, worthy, complete, and beautiful.

He will be there to remind me how special I really am. He will erase all my insecurities and kiss the place where others inflicted a deep wound. 

He will be there to embrace me and make me feel better with just one hug. A man like him will be special. He will be totally the opposite of all of those who cheated on me. 

He will say he is sorry if he makes a mistake. He will be proud of all my successes. He will take care of me like I am the apple of his eye.

He will show me what real love is and explain that it didn’t work out with anyone before him because I was too good for them. 

That man will be my guardian angel, my best friend, my human diary, and my lover at the same time. And you know what? 

I can’t wait for him to come! I can’t wait to melt in his arms, to listen to his soft yet mainly voice, and to find rest on his chest. 

I can’t wait to give him all my love, dreams, and hopes so he could make the most beautiful love story out of them.

I can’t wait for the one who will be all that I crave so much to be mine and only mine!

Every Boyfriend I’ve Ever Had Cheated On Me And They Are Not Even Sorry