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One Day, You Will Meet Him

One Day, You Will Meet Him

One day, you’ll fall in love. Your eyes will meet his, and you’ll be helplessly in love.

You won’t have any idea how or why it happened. You’ll just know that you don’t want to go on living your life without this person in it.

Things will take place so easily and naturally. You won’t have to try hard to get his attention or come up with cunning plans to catch him.

Everything will go down naturally, step by step.

You won’t rush into getting to know him. You won’t make any reckless moves that might destroy your whole relationship.

You won’t make sudden decisions to speed up the process because you’ll enjoy every single minute you have with him.

You’ll wish for the minutes, hours you are together to last even longer. Your relationship won’t be a fling, a passion that is bound to extinguish itself after a while.

You’ll really want to get to know him and his deepest thoughts.

You won’t risk losing him, and you’ll take things slowly because you know there is so much time ahead of you.  

For some reason, you’ll trust him, and you know you won’t get your heart broken. You just know it.

You don’t doubt him, not even for a second, and you’re ready to share some things about you that maybe no one even knows.

One day you’ll meet a man who will keep choosing you over everyone else.

It’s almost impossible to find love in this crazy world. People are only interested in dating for a while, hitting something and leaving.

No one seems to trust anyone anymore. And frankly, if you look at what’s going on around you, they are right, and there is no point in trusting anyone.

But this will be the love that feels like home. A love that’s warm, pure and honest.

A love where you feel safe. He won’t pressure you into doing anything.

He will be patient because he really cares about what you’re like. He wants to get to know the real you, to see what’s hiding on the inside.

He won’t expect crazy things from you. He won’t set high goals which you need to fulfill in order to impress him.

He will love you exactly the way you are, with your craziness and your lovingness, simply all of you.

When he looks at you, he won’t see your physical beauty. He will love you beyond that. He will love you for your mesmerizing spirit and your beautiful soul.

He will stand by your side and support you no matter what. He will never talk down to you or discourage you when you want to do something.

He will support you to always be better and try harder. Your dreams matter to him as much as his own.

He will admire your strength and your determination, your stubbornness when you’re fighting for something you want. He has your back every single time.

His love is so pure and limitless. You won’t have to chase him and try hard to ‘deserve’ his love. His love is unconditional and unstoppable.

You won’t have to protect yourself and build emotional walls because you are sure he would never hurt you.

He is the one you’ll show off everywhere you go. He will be the one you’re proud to have by your side.

Your family and friends will love him, and they will be happy because they know he makes you happy. He is the one you were looking for.

He wants to do all the romantic stuff with you, even the things he didn’t use to like, but it’s all different now that it’s with you.

One day, you’ll meet him. You’ll meet a man who will fight all the battles and solve the hardest challenges just to keep you safe by his side.

But before you get this, you have to go through everything else. You have to experience love which leaves you when you are at your lowest.

You have to go through dealing with jealousy and selfishness. You have to go through almost everything to get to the one you’ve been waiting for.

He is the one who will put a smile on your face when life gets hard and complicated. He is the one who will catch you when you fall.

He is the one in whose arms you can rest and look for a safe place to be.

He knows you better than you know yourself. He is your soulmate.

He is the mystery man showing up in your dreams. He is the reason why you should keep on believing in love.

Love is real. You’ll see.