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25 Of The Best Excuses For Hickeys You Can Use

25 Of The Best Excuses For Hickeys You Can Use

Oh no! Have you been fooling around, and all of a sudden, a hickey appeared on your neck?

Let’s face it, receiving and giving a hickey makes you feel mushy inside, but they are also embarrassing when worn to a business meeting.

Now that you have one, you will have to live with it for a few days. This is why you will have to come up with brilliant excuses for hickeys you can use to prevent people from snooping around your sex life.

So I have prepared some of my favorite hickey excuses that actually work. Don’t worry. You won’t have to say it’s an allergic reaction. Below you will find 25 believable excuses and some questions you might need answering.

25 Excuses For Hickeys You Can Use Right Away

Next up are 25 love bite excuses you can use:

1. Paintball

One of the most believable excuses for hickeys is this one. You got caught up in a paintball shootout, and you got hit with the paintball gun in the neck. I would believe it.

In fact, it is just a sensual neck kiss gone wrong. You can use this good excuse for love bites every time your coworkers ask about that patch on your neck.

2. Birthmark

This hickey excuse makes me lol, but if it’s too hot for turtlenecks, you have got to think of something.

This way, you can leave your turtleneck in the cupboard and say your hickey is a birthmark they’ve just never seen before. Carry on with your day like there is nothing wrong with your neck.

3. Curling iron

Another good excuse is that your hickey is, in fact, a curling iron pinch. Yes, people have fallen for worse.

In any case, a curling iron is the most probable reason you might have a neck bruise when you think about it. This is why I’d go with this excuse, but don’t forget to curl your hair as well.

4. Insect bite

Oh no, you’ve had an allergic reaction for a couple of days to an insect bite. You don’t know if it’s a spider or mosquito.

Of course, if you use this excuse, it will only work if it’s summer and you live in a climate where these reactions are likely. The truth is, you were just spending time with someone who makes you happy.

5. Temporary tattoo

If you have a small hickey that is barely visible, put a temporary tattoo over it. If this is not the case, say that it was a temporary tattoo in the place of the hickey.

People have believed less probable things, but don’t forget to act like there is nothing wrong with your lie.

6. Burn mark

Another thing you can do is use your curling iron and hairdryer to say that, in fact, you have a burn mark on your neck, not a hickey.

When you think about it, this is actually possible. After you got the burn, your thin neck skin released droplets of blood to deal with it.

7. Stung by a jellyfish

Only use this one if you live where there are jellyfish. Extra points if you really love swimming or doing water sports.

Say you were taking an afternoon swim when all of a sudden you found yourself surrounded by jellyfish. In reality, you were just thinking of new ways to be romantic with your partner.

8. Skincare routine gone wrong

You tried a new skincare routine, and it gave you an allergic reaction. This is why you have a purple bruise on your neck.

It is believable if you ask me. Especially if you say that now you know you’re allergic to glycerine (or any other ingredient).

9. Sports excuses

My favorites are sports excuses. You can say it is a volleyball injury on your neck. It can be from trying out archery when the bow hits you back.

Extra points if you say, “You should see my knees,” or anything like that. In fact, you were just being kissed on the neck on a first date.

10. Party stamp

Things were getting wild on Friday night. You were just experiencing the first signs of chemistry with someone.

But all your coworkers need to know is that you were partying last night and that you got a party stamp on the neck.

11. Toothpaste allergy

Just like the skincare or makeup allergy, a great excuse for hickeys is toothpaste allergy. In fact, the only reaction you had was asking yourself, “what does love feel like?”

Say you had a reaction to fluoride inside the new toothpaste you tried out, and a bruise is how your skin reacted.

12. Caught in something

Are you a well-known hunter, biologist, or hiker? Then say your neck got caught in a net or another prop your hobby of choice might use.

In reality, the only thing you caught was feelings for the person that gave you that hickey, but that’s not the theme of our discussion now.

13. Virus

Yes, you can say you have some virus or skin reaction that’s going around in school. The cause is unknown, and no one can catch it from you.

The truth is that the only thing you were exchanging was different types of love languages with your new love interest.

14. Apple to the neck

There is a myth that once you put a cold apple on someone’s neck skin, it gets bruised and appears like a hickey. Is it true? No one really knows.

This way, you say someone gave you a fake hickey to mess with you when your family, friends, or coworkers ask about it.

15. Animal attack

Oh, my favorite funny excuse is an animal attack. Like with an insect bite, it will cause people to bear with you.

You will also need to be prepared for more questions like “what happened?” so have a backstory ready when they ask.

16. Deny

Deny, deny, deny. The best way to deal with a hickey and feel the least embarrassed is to deny it is a hickey.

Don’t say what the story behind it is, but also don’t say it’s a hickey. Let them wonder what happened to your neck, and remember, it’s nobody’s business, and you don’t need excuses.

17. Fake it

Once you think about it, you realize that a fake hickey is the best way to go. Say your friends dared you or wanted to embarrass you.

This is why they gave you a fake hickey by using a vacuum cleaner set to the highest setting. In fact, there was no vacuum cleaner involved, just a new open relationship.

18. Punched by a sibling

A good excuse if you have siblings and you’re younger is to say that you and your sibling fought, and they hit you in the neck.

This is where you got the little bruise on your neck. Of course, it is not a hickey. In fact, you were just enjoying cuffing season.

19. Rubbing

I mean rubbing from materials like shoulder straps or backpack straps when I say this. Say you were carrying something heavy.

For example, it was a backpacking trip, and the shoulder strap of your backpack rubbed into your neck and shoulders as well.

20. Car accident

I hope this isn’t poking the devil, but you can say you had a minor car accident while you were in the car, and the seat belt chafed your neck.

The truth is you were trying out new dating trends and wanted to see what a hickey feels like. Remember, you will need a backstory as well.

21. Shaving cut

You can say you cut yourself shaving if you have a beard. While this might be less believable if your hickey is significant, you can also say you had an allergic reaction to new shaving cream.

While you’re saying this, you can’t help but ask yourself if these are good excuses for hickeys and how passionate your love is.

22. Perfume

This is possible and doesn’t have to be an excuse. An allergic reaction to perfume can cause skin discoloration on your neck if you spray the perfume directly onto your skin.

If you use this as an excuse, make sure you also have a backstory and choose a perfume ingredient that isn’t that common.

23. Be blunt

Honesty is the best remedy. Modern dating and ways of life teach us it’s bad to have feelings, but the best way to deal with a hickey bruise is to admit it.

Yes, it is a hickey. Does anyone have a problem with that? If they do, they can tell you. In any case, your love life is only your own concern.

24. Skin condition

It’s true. You have a yet-unknown skin condition you know nothing about. This was when the bruising on your neck occurred.

You went to the doctor to see what it is, but they said it’s nothing to worry about and nothing you can pass on to anyone else.

25. Makeup accident

You tried a new makeup routine that didn’t fit you, or you did Halloween makeup and didn’t like it. You tried to rub it off, and the makeup and makeup remover created chafing.

Poor you, this is a possible reason you have a blue spot on your neck because you rubbed your skin too hard.

Why Do People Get Hickeys?

Hickeys are a type of skin lesion caused by the sucking of blood from the skin’s surface. It is typically found on the neck, chest, and upper arm. A hickey usually disappears within a few days.

Hickeys are, in fact, just bruises caused by your partner. They occur when your partner sucks or bites your skin. This way, they break little blood vessels under your skin. These blood vessels release blood droplets, causing hickies.

People give other people hickies because they feel good and because neck kisses are sensual. Most people that give hickeys get carried away and unintentionally create hickeys. Of course, some intentionally make hickies on their partners for their own reasons.

Dermatologist Alok Vij says the only way to minimize a hickey is to wait for it to fully fade. Will you wait?

Most people use concealer or stage makeup to cover up the affected area. Others use a cold compress or lotion to make the hickey go away faster. These love marks will also go away after daily massaging.

Enjoy It!

I have to say, hickeys are fun! This is why most of us love making them and receiving them. You should enjoy them and not worry about what others might think of you.

Of course, I agree that when people bluntly ask what that thing on your neck is, you definitely don’t feel comfortable. Especially if they immediately say it’s a hickey. You would rather keep your sex life and broken blood vessels to yourself.

This is why I hope these excuses for hickeys will help you out in a sticky situation at work or with family. In any case, don’t worry, hickeys heal quickly, so there will be nothing to worry about soon.