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Everything You Need To Know About Family Oriented Person

Everything You Need To Know About Family Oriented Person

To me, finding a family oriented person to ultimately settle down with would be like stumbling upon a goldmine. 

At some point, you realize that family life is what it’s all about, and all those days of debauchery start fading in comparison. With that in mind, let’s dive into what family-oriented means.

Basically, it’s putting family relationships and your family members first. It’s having their well-being as a priority and remaining committed to them through thick and thin.

It’s having a perspective that’s beyond just you and learning to work as a team amongst loved ones who have your back no matter what.

High-school kids and even some young adults don’t really get this whole family orientation thing, and that’s okay.

The shift happens once you start seeing family time as your favorite part of the day, instead of something to just “get over with.”

And if you’re eager to find a person just like that, here’s how you’ll easily spot one.

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What Makes A Family Oriented Person Stand Out?

They are into group activities as a means to bond

Other than fostering one-on-one quality time with each other, family-oriented people are the biggest group activity fans you’ll meet.

It can be a whole thing with the entire family present, or just a few close-knit family members meeting for some fun extracurricular activities.

The whole premise of this is strengthening close bonds and creating memories that will be something they can pass onto the next generation.

It’s not uncommon for a close family to have game nights that are all about teamwork, and binging on their favorite tv-shows so that they can discuss them in detail later on.

It isn’t so much about the activity per se, as it is about being all together, appreciating every opportunity to increase the level of closeness, and just be around one another.

They seek a relationship that will eventually end in marriage

To family-oriented people, marriage is the ultimate goal. They possess strong family values and seek to find an equally family-friendly person to share that with.

They are not interested in mere flings that will wither within weeks. To them, wasting time on a meaningless relationship isn’t an option.

They won’t shy away from letting you know that they are on the market for something more serious than a mere summer hook-up.

By no means does this mean that they will pressure their partner into marriage prematurely.

It means that they know what they want, which is why they refuse to waste time on someone who doesn’t fit the profile.

Finding that perfect work-life balance and having family support throughout it all is the ultimate dream.

It’s extremely likely that if they sense you’re not into a serious relationship, they will make it clear how they feel about that. For your sake, and theirs, they will move forward toward someone with aligned dreams.

And that is one of the many amazing perks of family-oriented people. They put their cards on the table from the get-go. Not to push you away, but to help you see if your futures are meant to be intertwined or disentangled.

They are open about wanting children in the future

To a young person, children can sometimes be the furthest thing from their minds. But when you’re family-oriented, you know what you want regardless of your age.

Child care is the biggest responsibility there is, which is why not all people opt for it – at least not until they’ve lived a fulfilled life.

And that’s okay. You’re not expected to change your mind or be pressured into anything.

This is more about them assuring you of their preferences so that you know in time in case this is not how you’ve envisioned your future.

At the same time, this means that they are completely open to accepting your kids and caring for them as if they were their own.

Simply put, children are a clear part of their future, and they don’t intend to budge on the matter.

Family events, carpools, extracurricular activities, and PTAs are what they are ultimately driven to, no matter how messy and exhausting it might be.

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They are dedicated to spending quality time with their S/O

Here’s the deal about a family-oriented person. As much as they are dedicated to spending time with the entire clan, they are just as dedicated to spending time with you one-on-one.

They always find a perfect balance between having enough quality time so that everyone is happy, and without suffocating any one part of the family.

They are committed, loyal, reliable, and will always carve out time just for you. Regardless of work, errands, hobbies, and whatnot, you always come first.

And in a way, that is one of the most reassuring things about family-oriented people. With them, you’ll never feel alone or invisible. Isn’t that what we all want at the end of the day?

Having a partner who looks forward to seeing your face at the end of a dreadful day? Having somebody you can always come home to, knowing that you can bare your soul to them?

Because that’s what you’ll be getting. They are your best friend, co-worker,  and partner in crime all in one. And you’ll never have to beg for their attention.

15 Reasons Why Dating A Family-Oriented Person Is The Best

If you’re still not convinced, here are 15 badass reasons why someone with strong family values is the best person to end up with!

They will never lead you on

We live in a world where people play games and take advantage of others as if it’s nothing. And the dating world can be such a dark place sometimes, which is why family-oriented people rock.

With them, you will always know where you stand. They are mature, ambitious, and genuine from the get-go.

There are no mind games or superficial values. They know what they want and they will make it clear. Not for the sake of scaring you away, but the opposite.

They want to be fair in a way that they will give you an out in case you get cold feet. And they will never hold it against you.

They are completely ready to raise a child

Not everyone is, and again, that’s totally fine. We aren’t all meant to be parents, and that shouldn’t be a stigma.

But what you get with a family-oriented person is an individual who doesn’t scare easily. They know what parenthood is and they are prepared to tackle it.

They will get up at 3 AM for feeding sessions and change diapers in a full store if the circumstances demand it.

They don’t have a problem with the mess of it all. They have lived a full life and now, all they want is to settle down and raise children to pass on their wisdom to.

They understand that love is far from perfect

Their mindset leaves nothing to be desired. Their expectations are perfectly in accordance with their level of tolerance.

They don’t seek a partner who’ll check all of their impossible boxes. They merely want someone who’ll show effort and perseverance. Someone who won’t leave when it gets tough.

They want someone who’ll weather the storms with them, and not run away. Because love is anything but perfect. It’s messy, complex, hurtful, and everything in between. 

But when they find someone they want to share all that with, they stay. Because anything worth having is worth fighting for.

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They believe in commitment and loyalty

In a world full of broken ideals and shattered dreams, it’s difficult to find somebody who believes in loyalty until the end.

But family-oriented individuals do. They wouldn’t dream of breaking your heart and leaving you in the dust. They aren’t the type of people to pull out when something better comes along.

If they’re in, they are ALL in. Committed through mistakes, fights, misunderstandings, and all the rest.

They respect you enough to work on your relationship and fix the problem. They won’t run off to someone else. The only person they will always run to is you.

They would rather have a family night than hit the club

Clubbing until the early hours of the morning isn’t what it used to be. A while back, they were the first person in and the last one out. But things have changed.

Now, they consider a family game night the perfect idea of fun. And nobody can tell them otherwise!

If they had to choose between spending a quiet night in with you or going for an unpredictable adventure with their friends, they wouldn’t think twice. It’s always you.

And to me, finding someone who finds such solace and comfort in your company is the dream. It’s the ultimate proof of their love.

They will always come through for you

Having someone you can always count on is priceless. And I’m talking about calling them at 3 in the morning, needing them to pick you up and them arriving without questions.

That’s the type of person they are. They will always be there. Even when you’re in the middle of a fight. Even when they’d just had the most awful day. If you need them, they’re there.

How many people do you know that would drop everything in a second to come through for you?

When you stumble onto such a rare specimen, it’s like winning the lottery. A family-oriented person is a keeper in all the ways that matter.

They firmly stand by their beliefs

Being family-oriented means sticking by your belief system and not letting anyone mess with it. And at the same time, being perfectly respectful and appreciative of others.

To me, finding a person who’ll always be loyal to what they want, without always opting for the easier route, is so necessary.

Just going wherever the wind blows is easy. But paving your own path, regardless of the challenge it presents? It’s hard.

And that’s why I’ve always been drawn to family-friendly individuals. When you stick by what you want even when the opposite is so much easier, that’s when you know you’ve really matured.

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They are nurturing and loving

Somebody who values family time over anything else is a loving person by default. And you know what that means: They are likely to be an extremely dedicated, loving parent.

Their entire personality will translate into their role of raising a child, and if you think you’ve hit the jackpot now, wait until they are a parent.

Family relationships are everything to them, and they will make sure to pass that on to their child one day.

One should only be so lucky as to find a family-oriented person to raise a little one with. Only then will you see all of the beautiful colors on their spectrum.

They know their place in the world

So many people I know are perpetual wanderers. Not sure where they belong, where the wind will take them, and least of all where they wish to find their happily-ever-after.

And for some people that works. Some are born to wander, explore, and find themselves along the way. 

On the other hand, with a family-oriented person, you’ll find that the exact opposite is the case. They are firmly put and know exactly where they belong.

They understand what they want and they know how to find it. They are comfortable with their place in the world, and once they find the missing puzzle piece, they’ve reached the ultimate goal.

They value the input of others

And that is all due to their close-knit family relationship. See, in order for a family to mesh perfectly, everybody needs to be heard, seen, and acknowledged.

There needs to be a way for everyone to express their opinions freely and judgment-free- And that is precisely why they will always listen and take your point of view into consideration.

Because they are used to sharing the spotlight and bouncing ideas off each other. To them, it’s all they know. And that also means less fighting and more understanding.

They will always value your input and genuinely care about your outlook. And that is a unique rarity these days.

They offer excellent advice

And the best part is that they will never just offer their words of wisdom without being asked. They aren’t pushy, but when you need them, they’ll always deliver.

Family members have each other’s backs and that is their entire motto. If you are struggling in any area of life, rest assured, a family-oriented person will come through.

They won’t just say what you want to hear. They will tell you the harsh truth without sugarcoating anything. Honesty is the best policy, and with them, you’ll always get just that.

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They can still have a good time

Let me burst your bubble. Just because they are so family motivated, does not mean they can’t show you a good time!

I mean, they are still human. They still care for fun, laughter, and adventures. And having been raised in a way that always emphasized family values, they mesh great with others!

With them, a fun night out is a guarantee. The more, the merrier! They love people and sharing experiences with those they love.

So if you need someone to boost your mood, call this person and they’ll arrange the best night of fun and excitement filled with friends, love, and laughter.

They have a solid group of people around them

Surrounding yourself with good, genuine people is so necessary in order to make it through life in one piece. What good is a friend who won’t lend you a hand in a time of need?

And a family-oriented person knows just how to keep their circle small, but trustworthy. People come and go, but the real ones will always stay.

And they are happier having 3 close friends, rather than 10 flaky acquaintances. And that’s why they are so reliable. 

The people they surround themselves with are a reflection of who they are in their essence. Someone you can always count on and who won’t let you down. 

Their life isn’t dictated by the latest trends and appearances

They don’t care about the latest trends on social media. They couldn’t be bothered to appear as anyone other than who they are.

So what if people keep posting photos from their glorious vacations, with their seemingly perfect significant others. They wish them well, but they’re too busy being real.

They don’t need to flash their good times in order to get others’ approval. They are happy just being who they are.

Staying home, caring for their kid, getting groceries with their partner, and picking up their dry-cleaning. That’s real and that’s what they want today, tomorrow, and every day thereafter.

They work toward something bigger themselves – a family

At the end of the day, a family-oriented person is focused on just that – a happy, healthy, functioning family.

They know that their needs no longer come first, and they’re perfectly happy with that. Having a family means tons of opinions, needs, considerations, and challenges.

And they wouldn’t have it any other way. Why? It’s simple. Because sharing their life, all of the messiness and little joys included is the dream!

Sure, there will be challenges along the way. But without the occasional hardships, how can you truly appreciate the beauty surrounding you every single day?

Anthony Liccione summed it up perfectly: 

Everyone needs to live within a house. But, having the love and support of your family? That is what makes your house a home.”

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